БОКСЕР против Терминатора !!! Ударный Бокс

So..who’s against you? How many wins or losses? 1-1 To the middle! Listening attentively,keeping in mind the rules To the corners! Are you ready? Doctor..Pay the attention.. Winner! Boxer..come here! I don’t know what was going on but it was a great hard knock-out Thank’s tournament organizators It’s on pretty high level Thanks my fellas for coming here to support me My opponent was a bit heavier I was pretty confused after one of his kick but somehow I’ve won As I see you already have some fighting skills Yeah..I’ve been practicing boxing How do you feel on sand?How was your movements Surly they are completely different It’s a lot harder But it surely pushes your inner state of mind Let’s applaud the fighters! Congrats! The last kick kind of knocked me out I don’t feel the ground under my feet Generally.Huge thanks for the administration.. Thanks everyone for coming! The coolest guys are the fighters!Who’s coming winning but anyway keep pushing!


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