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hello everybody the International is on its full boom and I’m I have a pleasure to talk to its host Paul toner mostly known as red eye hello how are you doing very good thank you for us to bidding to have an interview with useful how you been enjoying the international so far it’s amazing what is there not to enjoy you know it’s a it’s great dozer there’s great teams players venues incredible valve a really cool you know helping us out with stuff and the fans are amazing so yes it’s amazing experience and once you’re enjoying the most also on a host of and always desk no cuz then we’ll rubbish no no I’m joking now they’re great I mean it’s really easy to that because you have so many bit with you know great knowledge of dozer and chemistry and former pro players and come and play players so it’s really easier the desk but I don’t know I mean um I think I’m just enjoying the fans and the atmosphere is amazing are you looking forward for our today’s all-stars game yes yeah I mean I I love the competition so I want to see the matches I want to see the serious stuff but once you’ve been here for four days the fans are kind of you know they’ve had long days as well I think it’s really nice to have something fun have you been following the previous the international yes yeah so unfortunately from well I think I probably watched I watched some of TI too and i think i was working away for the final ti3 i watched most of and then ti for we were I was in China last year what’s the iphone was on but we all we were getting all my laptops out and trying to tune into streams and you know doing anything we could to watch it while we were doing a starcraft ii there sorry just the international he’s the biggest thing in eSports so everyone choose it does matter what games you play sure how you been preparing to this one um so i started about four maybe five weeks before coming up when I finally knew that I was definitely doing the event and I have a full-time job with gfinity so how to combine that a little bit and use all my sort of spare time kind of spent that on preparation and it hasn’t stopped I just carried off for the last few weeks you know maybe the last month or so so it’s been long speaking about your job in divinity I can you tell us a little bit more about that is it overlapping somehow with your daughter TV no really i mean it’s its head of broadcasting so it exactly everything we do for broadcasting from you know managing the staff to hiring the talent to writing the shows and managing the production directing the show as well so it’s it’s very involved very involved job and it it just needs a lot of my time so it was very it’s very difficult to coast shows on a regular basis or comment on what games on regular basis which is and it’s difficult just with the amount of time of day there’s not enough hours if there were I probably try to do both but the International is that you know it’s a special event and it’s something that I would you know in the past I would look at them and think I would love to do that you know it’s one of those events where you there’s a hosted one you want to host the best events you’re on mostly big events this is the biggest one exactly so it’s been I think I wouldn’t say you know a long dream hasn’t been around for very long but certainly after I was ti3 I was like I’m when I think that’d be amazing something became a little bit closer last year but I had I had other commitments last year and then this year it just sort of fine to play so I could come and do it so you know get the opportunity to come and do it and I want to do it oh you recognized by the community as a host of numerous sports related events so but since you announced your stuff back from from active shell casting was you expect did you expect to get invited by valve for for hosting the biggest dota event in the world what was your reaction what feelings did you have like them um it was very strange i mean when i left dsl it was it was because I wanted to work on something different with gfinity I didn’t say that I would retire from hosting or commentating that just that the role is so busy that you just it’s just natural I wouldn’t be able to do very much hosting if any hosting or commentating so I haven’t really thought about it too much and I do miss it because it you know to a fun job I’ve had for a number of years and so when valve originally they asked me it was for the whole you know the whole event and I couldn’t come out for that long it’s just too long I mean you’ve been here for like three years or something you know ages Victor lower you did away from Oprah ages and I couldn’t do that because of the job that I had with you phonetic so I thought that was it I thought that’s it we’re done you know I’ve said no and can’t do it and that’s it and then they came back I think maybe a week later and move to exciter and and simple can you do the main event yeah hopefully yeah great that’d be that’d be easy to do because it’s less time so that’s how it came about and obviously i was i was thrilled and they said you know you can you can announce it you can put it on Twitter or whatever so I did and the reaction was really cool and then I went to bed that night and I was really excited about it you know just thinking about how call it was and I get to do something amazing and then I actually had a dream about being invited to host the international in my sleep I actually woke up dreaming about being asked by valves if I could come and do the International and then woke up you know that night I had to sleep after i already knew so well so I woke up and I was like oh it’s the weirdest dream I’ve ever had and and then of course it daughter me I’m like it’s not a dream i actually am going to it I she did that did happen last night so yeah just you know it’s a huge honor you know when you get invited to those things when it’s a huge intel extreme masters or gfinity event or a dream a corn MLG or whatever it is you know it’s just fantastic it’s indescribable how you feel because it’s such a responsibility entrusted in fact that people put in you and so when Blizzard asked me to do blizzcon same feeling you know really proud but also slightly nervous as well this is your responsibility and the same with the international unit soon as you got asked we’re excited but at the same time my stomach cristal you know feeling really sick because every time someone says bhai it’s really cool you gonna be doing is earnest oh yeah I am yeah because even with your experience yeah this is nervous and it’s and you don’t want to miss anything up and it’s it’s a relatively new community for me as well you know I haven’t done a huge amount of dota 2 and the fighter Frankfurt New York last year I watch a lot of dough saw online that I haven’t played a lot and I’m not really with the community of SATA so it’s you know it’s a huge responsibility for me to get it right and do it properly for them for the community well community was really excited to have you as a host here so do you have time to follow their feedback do you interact with your fans do you have an opportunity to to reply to them um I mean I try to I don’t I didn’t get to reply to everyone you know I think a lot of tweets that day about the announcement and the majority of them were positive but Nord of them were you know everyone was happy and I I understand that I respect that everyone’s gonna like what you do it’s a possible stuff yeah but it seemed like the majority were happy so that was cool I’m pretty active on reddit most of the time until I decide that you were playing by yourself yeah oh but sometimes I take a break from it because it’s just too much you know it’s it’s too extreme sometimes you know one minute they love what you’re doing and it’s been a bit what you do and there’s just no middle ground so you can’t really learn anything from it the majority of the time so yeah sometimes all really sometimes I want yeah i’ll always find replied that’s that’s nice to hear well as a as a veteran of eSports what future do you do you see for for this for this field how do you see it the broadcasting in fact work for everything for eSports does it have to strive to to real sports or does it have to develop its own unique concept in terms of in terms of production value in terms of knowledge meant in terms of I don’t know even like tournament systems or league as an explorer’s I think I think we can learn an awful lot transports broadcasting I think we can can definitely learn more from them because they’ve been doing it for 50 60 70 years or whatever different sports I definitely think we can learn it learn production value from them and how to do things better but we’re already very good production you know as any sports collective we’re very good at it I still think this in room for improvement I think we can do better but I’m sure if you ask a sports channel they’ll they’ll tell you that they can do better to when they do the super bowl will they come with the FA Cup final or whatever so there’s still room for improvement as far as being accepted as a sport or you know being accepted mainstream I think it really matters too much what we’re called or what we do but I think we need to keep our identity I think we’re good with this but this is nothing underground anymore oh no but I think we used to be a of course but we have years ago and we have our roots it now but I think we’re we’re very unique and I don’t think we should lose that you know someone said to me the other day why do you have nicknames what do you all have nicknames nice balls because that’s what we call ourselves in game it’s like an alter egos when do you have this nickname yeah one red eye yeah I don’t tell you okay top secret oh no no that’s good but it not me a bit but it’s part of our heritage it’s part of who we are and I think that’s nice I think we should keep that kind of stuff so I don’t think we should necessarily pander to mainstream TV or sponsors or whatever because ultimately the reason we enjoy sports so much is because of what it is now and you know what it was over the last few years so I don’t think we should change too much I think unfortunately players will need to get a bit more professional and media people will have to get more professional because you know that’s that’s where the money comes in and swears sponsorship comes in but as far as what we actually do and how we enjoy I think that’s up to us I don’t think we need mainstream TV to enjoy or the olympic committee to recognizes us more to be successful we’ve already proved we’ve got millions of viewers does that mean that you need to be I mean meta personalities need to be less fun as they are now and the analyst asking about costing it was professional oh just I think we yeah a lot of people get confused between professionality and and they think that the two are exclusive and the you can’t blender too I would argue that most of the stuff that we’ve had on on the analyst s this week has been professional but we’ve also had a lot of fun so I don’t see that the two is mutually exclusive at all i think you can do both some people might want to have even more fun and be even looser but then i think there will be other people that want it to be more professional as well i suppose the more professional route is preferable if we want you know other TV stations to take us seriously and i do care about them because they should be taking us seriously but it doesn’t need something we have to take ourselves seriously does it I think we should still have fun sure that’s what actually its ranks the fans do this well speaking about um I mentioned it’s been an underground a couple of while ago so that time you could be treated by shout cluster as as a first step towards a career in a big sport what about now do you can you claim that the strands have been changed um i don’t know i think esports is still very relatively easy to get into you know it has a low entry level so if you’re if you want to be a shell caster you can go to which or energy or YouTube and you can start an account and you can be discreet and if you’re popular and people enjoy what you say or how you say and you learn about it you want to be a full-time shelf caster then you can you can do it very quickly if it’s something like oh do pixel who wasn’t even around you know two years ago and yet now here is doing the internet top yeah yeah so I think it’s still got that kind of entry level that’s that’s one of the beauties beautiful things about his forces that you can just go and do it if you want to be a journalist you can start writing a blog and spreading advice social media and if people enjoy then who knows the daily dot come along or the school will come along and they hire people so that again that’s something we shouldn’t lose do you see any innocent in your features in eSports that could be potentially useful for for a real sport shout custard to be to be taken over that’s a good question i don’t know i think we’re all relatively inexperienced when it comes to you know commentary so it’s difficult to say we could teach the sports guy’s things a thing or two but i think they can definitely teach us on you know over the years I’ve listened to a lot of sportscasters to learn how they cope with dead air or how they do throws properly or how they work with a colleague and how they hand off in a verbal way without actually you know doing it physically and saying hey is your turn so I’ve learned an awful lot from sportscasters I’m not sure that we’re in a position just yet to be able to say sportscaster should learn from us but hopefully one day that would be cool there would be great well thank you so much there was really interesting to talk to you any last words I just thank you for the interview thank you for doing what you do the International and obviously outside the international dota 2 as well thank you to well I’m not gonna hold you longer well thanks for watching us make sure you subscribe our YouTube channel and see ya you


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