रात को होने वाली खुजली (स्केबीज़) का पूरा इलाज || Treatment of Scabies

Hi friends, today I will be talking about Scabies – A disease which causes a lot of itching I will give you the complete information and treatment about it. This is a very common disease which causes itching Scabies is caused by a small microscopic mite The organism is called the “Scabies Mite” This mite is microscopic and not visible with the naked eye This mite burrows into the top most layer of our skin and then resides there and the chemicals which are secreted by this mite cause allergies in our skin which in turn leads to severe itching What are the causes of Scabies? Scabies is a communicable disease People who do not bathe regularly And those who do not keep their clothes and bed linen clean often suffer from this disease Countries like India, Pakistan & bangladesh where the population is large and there is poverty also and where there are water shortages, as well as cramped living conditions and also a lack of hygiene – People living in such places are very susceptible to scabies In hostels, and in people living in large families where people are in close contact, share beds or even share clothes, this disease is easily spread. People who don’t bathe for many days get severe, full body infections of Scabies What are the symptoms of Scabies? The most distressing aspect of Scabies, is the severe itching which accompanies it The itching is severe and can happen all over the body The itching is particularly intense during the night time Sometimes the skin gets red and inflamed due to severe itching and it can also lead to the formation of small yellow pus filled blisters Due to the severe itching present, many people mistake Scabies for Fungal Infections, or Eczema and then begin to wrongly treat it with anti-fungals or anti-eczema medicines The net result of this improper treatment is that the itching intensifies instead of coming under control The main difference between Scabies, Fungal Infections & Eczema is that Scabies can occur all over the body EXCEPT for the scalp and face. Scabies infects the space between our fingers and on the side of the hand It also occurs on both the palm, as well as the top of the hand also on the soles of the feet And men often get the infection in their inner thighs and groin area How to treat Scabies? Now we will speak about the treatment of Scabies Scabies is a very distressing problem due to the itching but it’s treatment is actually very simple In order to treat it, you can purchase 5% PERMETHRIN CREAM from the chemist shop Before sleeping at night, this cream must be applied properly from the neck downwards, till the soles of the feet, covering the entire body. And in the morning, have a thorough bath with warm water and NEEM SOAP. After 1 Week, again use 5% Permethrin Cream to apply it from the neck down till the soles of the feet in the night prior sleeping and then again have a good bath with warm water and neem soap Following this routine will cure your infection But the itching caused due to scabies may take a while longer to finish To control the itching, for 10 days, every night before sleeping, you can consume 1 tablet of LEVOCETRIZINE – This will help to give relief from itching. Along with Permethrin Cream treatment You will have to wash all your clothes, bed linen and towels with detergent and dettol very thoroughly and properly After washing and drying, you will need to iron all your clothes and linen with a HOT CLOTHES IRON Doing this will ensure that the Scabies mites which are in your clothes and linen, will also die Otherwise, you can get infected again through your clothes, bed linen and towels All the affected members of a household should carry out their treatment simultaneously. This cream can be applied to small children as well Children below 6 months of age SHOULD NOT be treated with Permethrin Cream, however, for 6 Months and above children, it is safe. The important point to note is that this cream should not be applied to the face and neck And the eyes should also be protected from this cream Many times this disease infests the entire body and in this condition, you should consult your doctor first and based upon their advice, you can consume IVERMECTIN Tablets which can treat this disease quite effectively Friends, I hope you have found the video useful If you have any questions about Scabies then please leave it in the comments below and I will try my best to answer you Thank you.

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