‪5 Best Neck Pain Relief Treatments‬ – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today
I’m going to show you the top five ways to relieve neck pain and tension. so
let’s get started. So the first treatment is going to be a chin tuck. chin tucks are my favorite because
they’re easy to do and if you’ve got a lot of tension in your neck and a lot of
pain all around the front and the back, it’s just a good way to help relax the
muscles and kind of reset the muscles. so it’s not a chin tuck going down, but it’s
a chin tuck actually going back behind you. so what I like to do is sometimes
just use my finger as a target. and the reason for doing that, is it helps give
you an idea of how much your muscles really need to reset. so what I usually
do is I just start with my finger on my chin here, and then you’re gonna take
your whole head and go backwards, but try and keep your head in a neutral position.
so not down like this, not up, just straight forward. finger on your chin and
then pulling back. so then you have lots of little chins right there. and try and
hold it for about three to five seconds, and then relax, and you can see usually
you’ll have a little space in between. I know my fingers moving a little bit, but
it just kind of shows you that you the muscles are resetting themselves. so just
start off with about five of them holding for three to five seconds. and so
this really just kind of helps get rid of some of that tension in there and
helps relax and kind of reset those muscles, and then relax. and then so again
total of five of those holding it for three to five seconds and then that kind
of helps get that tension out of there. so the next one is going to be isometric
exercises. and the great thing about isometric exercises is you’re not
actively moving the muscle, you’re contracting the muscle. but you’re not
moving it so if you’ve got a lot of pain a lot of tension in your neck, it’s a
really good way to kind of put those muscles into contraction and really
contract them, and then relax and that usually takes a lot of stress tension
pain off the neck area, the shoulders, and even the upper back area. so the way to
do that, we’ll just do the side bending for this one, is you’re gonna do the
motion of taking your ear towards your shoulder this way, but for isometrics
you’re not actually doing the movement. so just kind of place your hand on the
side of your head, and then push into your hand. so you see
my head’s not really moving, but this is the motion I’m doing. so again this is
going to be like a three to five second hold. so you’re just pushing in, hold it
for about three to five seconds, and you’ll do it a total of five times on
each side. I like to switch back and forth just to
get the other side a little bit of a break. so again putting my hand on the
side of the head, and then just pushing into my hand. so I’m not really making a
movement I’m just pushing in that way and then with that sometimes you might
feel a little pop in your neck, and that’s just almost like a self
adjustment. so as long as it’s not painful, that’s fine, that’s just your
your spine and your neck, the cervical spine, kind of readjusting, so again five
on each side. don’t push as hard as you can. start off
with I would say maybe like a 50% push, and then you can start pushing a little
bit harder from there as long as it’s not painful.
so the third treatment is using a massager, some vibration, some heat, any kind of
thing to relax those muscles, and that tension in your neck. the folks at
Zyllion sent me their ZMA 13 in black, and this is a shiatsu pillow massager. this
is really really great to help relieve tension in your neck, your shoulders, your
back, you can even do it anywhere on your body. that’s why I really love these kind
of things because you can put it on your thigh, your lower back, and everything.
this one is really great because it does massaging and it also does heat with
massaging, so you have both of those options. it’s a really nice size that
fits right in the contour of your neck, or along down on your spine, or even on
your thighs and your legs, so I really like that component as well. so I’m gonna
plug it in and show you what it looks like. and when you plug it in, make sure
you get the little click. I don’t know if you’ll be able to hear it, but that just
makes sure it’s all the way plugged in. so when you turn it on, just hold it down
for a second, let it up. if you can see those red balls, see the two are going
this way, the two are going that way. when they’re red, that’s the heat is going as well.
if you don’t want the heat, just press the button really quickly once,
and it’ll go off, and then if you’re getting the massage and you want some
heat, then you just hit it again and the heat will come back on. after about a
minute, then they will rotate the other way, so it’s really nice. it just kind of
gets in deep to those muscles and really helps relax that tension and that pain
and your neck, but with this it can be anywhere else. so that’s why I really
like it a lot. so as you can see when I’m lying down it fits right nicely in the
neck area there. I’m lying on it a little bit so it’s higher up, so it gets right
at the base of my skull that’s where we hold a lot of tension and pain in our
neck, and so this is just right where those muscles are. it’s doing a great
job of just really getting deep into those tissues and relaxing them, and
getting some of that pain and tension out of there. you can also just move it
down a little bit, so if you want to get the upper back as well. so that that’s
nice this is probably would be a little bit better if you’re on your couch so
you can support your head, but the great thing about this is you can move it
around and put it anywhere you want to. if you’d like to purchase the Zyllion
ZMA 13, make sure and click on the link up here. so the fourth treatment is going
to be an upper trap stretch. with the upper traps, they go all the way up the
neck here and then come down into the shoulder. so if you’re having some neck
pain, if you’re having some upper back or shoulder pain, a lot of times the traps
are involved. so this is a great stretch to do. I like doing the stretch where if
I’m stretching this side I’m going to kind of sit on my hand, and what this
does is it helps keep my shoulder down. you don’t necessarily have to do that,
but if you’re stretching with it out, a lot of times when you stretch over your
shoulder will come up too. so this just kind of sets it down. some people just
take their fist and kind of push it down that works too, but then sometimes I feel
like then you’re contracting some muscles in there and you want to be
really relaxed when you’re stretching, so just kind of put that hand underneath
your leg, and then take your other hand and just put it on the side of your head.
you want your head to be straight forward in a neutral position, so not
down, up, around like that, just straight ahead. and then just pull your head over
almost like you’re trying to touch your shoulder and your ear
together, and then just nice and relaxed and hold that stretch. so since this is a
full stretch, you want to hold that stretch for 30 seconds, and then you’ll
do a total of 3 on each side. I like to alternate back and forth just because
then it gives the other time the other side time just to relax and reset. so
then hand underneath the leg on this side, hand up, over, and then just pulling
that head over where you’re trying to get that ear towards that shoulder. and
when stretching you shouldn’t be feeling pain, stretching should always be just
tension. I call it that hurts so good feeling where it’s not a great feeling,
but it’s not painful it’s like a oh that hurts, but it feels good. so 30 seconds 3
on each side. the last treatment is going to be some strengthening a little bit of
the upper back muscles, the neck muscles, and a great way to do that is just a
scapular squeeze or shoulder squeeze. and the way to do that is you’re taking your
shoulder blades in the back there, the scapula, and you’re just trying to
squeeze them in together. imagining almost if somebody’s hand was
right on your spine and you’re trying to squeeze it together. so you’re using
those muscles to squeeze it. I usually tell people first demonstrating to use
your elbows, too, but you’re not just pushing back with your elbows, you’re
activating those muscles to squeeze it together. you’re just kind of using those
elbows as a guide to really get it together. I know some people like well if
you’re moving your elbows you’re just pushing them back, but you want to
squeeze those shoulder blades together to get those muscles activating, not just
pushing them back. also make sure that your shoulders are down. so you’re not
squeezing up like this, you’re really coming down and squeezing back. so just a little squeeze back, hold it for about three to five seconds, and then do about
five or ten of those. so see you can still do it without your elbows, and just
squeeze back and hold it. but I think when people are doing it for the first
time it’s a little bit easier to figure it out by using your elbows to go back
as well. so again holding it for three to five seconds, do about five or ten of
those. so there you have it those were your top five ways to relieve neck pain
and tension as well as the upper back shoulders. if you’re interested in
purchasing the zyllion ZMA 13, make sure and click on the link up here, and don’t
forget to subscribe by clicking down here. And remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.


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