✔ Minecraft: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Enderman

(Music) Things you didn’t know about: Enderman Endermen stuck in cobweb won’t teleport away while idle. While you are in spectator-mode, you can click endermen to see things from their perspective! They apparently see all colors as inverted! “The End” looks like it’s made from cobblestone with white pillars! Do you know how hard it is to make videos with endermen? Technical Difficulties – Please don’t teleport away! As you probably know, endermen don’t care if you look at them if you’re wearing a pumpkin. but did you know that endermen can remove it from your head if you’re standing next to them? A group of endermen is called a haunting! It’s impossible to hit a enderman with an arrow! The same applies for eggs and snowballs! The sounds an idle enderman makes are words reversed and/or pitched! The words are probably: “Here” – “hiya” – “what’s up?” or “this way” – “forever!” – “uh oh!” As you might also know, endermen are inspired by the slenderman.. In the early days of endermen, they would have green eyes and emit black smoke! They would also burn in sunlight and have the same sound as a zombie! Making an enderman invisible will leave the particles as well as the eyes visible.


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