✔ Minecraft: How to make a Hidden Monster

How to make a Hidden Monster Hi everyone! Today’s video is about another silly idea! We’ll start off by making a redstone clock. This is a silent hopper clock.. The cycle speed is determined by the amount of items in these two hoppers. Use this torch to get a short pulse every once in a while.. Now connect this torch with out (The) monster! It should look something like this.. Here’s a redstone overview.. Once your done with that, it’s time to make some scary eyes! The success of this monster illusion depends on your ability to disguise it. I’ve had the best results with jungle environments. The goal is to hide the fact that it’s torches while letting the red shine. I’m just improvising a bit here, you should be able to do better with a bit of planning.. I’ll show a good example at the end of the video! Kind of works actually! It probably look better at night.. You can also place the eyes like this. It can make them seem closer together. Might also make it look less obvious that it’s torches. Time to show it in action Viewer discretion is advised JK (Just kidding) Closed captions made by Minergamer1inonly. Make sure to subscribe to me. Thanks. 🙂 All credits to MagmaMusen for the video. Like, Comment (No hates please), and Subscribe. See you’ll next time. Peace


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