🇳🇱 Red Light District 🇳🇱 | Things To Do in AMSTERDAM

Yeah, you can go in but it’s not the cleanest
place in Amsterdam! Oh god.
Oh, there are tissues. I was like oh, wonder why there aren’t tissues…there are. Our walk with AmsterdamRedLightDistrictTour.com was definitely the most memorable experience we had while in Amsterdam. From
just €15 per person for a 90 minute tour, local guide Elard will show you all of what
the area has to offer. And we mean all of it… Here are six of the craziest facts and sights
from the tour. The tour kicks off in Dam Square, before quickly
taking you to the first stop, the world’s first condom shop. It was founded in 1987, in the late 80s, in
the time when there were more STDs in the city. Nowadays I would say that people here
in Holland are much better informed. The Dutch have a quite liberal and Dutch approach when
it comes down to sex education. The Red Light District is known locally as
De Wallen and it’s the oldest part of Amsterdam. The church at its centre, Oude Kerk, or the
‘old church’ is the oldest building in the city. The church is surrounded by brothels
and is one of the only places in the world where you’ll find them in such close proximity
to religious buildings. Concern about the growing size of the Red
Light District has led to the government looking to reduce the number of brothels and cabins
in the area. “There’s a big decrease in brothels and there’s the goverment’s plan
to change the neighbourhoods, add more variety.” Many forms of brothels have been converted
into cafes and bars. One has even been turned into a hangover cure centre. One of the weirdest places the tour took us
was the last peep show in Amsterdam. Elard explained that this used to be a place that
people could come to watch videos and live shows but the internet has pretty much ended
the trade in places like this. It was empty inside and quite a bizarre experience. “It’s
totally empty, nobody is here.” Hollands largest chain of coffee shops got
its start in the Red Light District. Bulldog was founded in 1975 and is now a tourist favourite,
with ten shops spread across Amsterdam. Of course, the craziest things in the Red
Light District were off-limits for our cameras. The sex workers do not like being filmed under
any circumstances, so there were many times that we had to stop recording. We need to
put the cameras away. Open brothels and the narrowest alley in Amsterdam
are two examples of the sights that we just can’t show you. To see more, you’ll have
to visit for yourself! For more guides, tips tricks and travel advice,
visit our channel.


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