👣 Pedicure Tutorial Ingrown Toenail Treatment At Home How to Recut Nail Groove to Eliminate Pain

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in today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to recut your nail groove and
get past an ingrown toenail so stay tuned so if you’re trying to get your toenail
to recut a nail groove this is what we need to remove out of the nail groove sometimes get like little callous stuff
you need to pull all of that out so you can tell that this side of a nail
groove is a lot lower than the side of the nail groove and we want this
toenail to cut this groove right into this skin here if you get out the
build-up a lot of times you won’t have a problem but I’m going to show you a
picture here where someone’s skin is actually way far back and there’s not a
nail groove cut into it at all so I’m going to show you how to cut them out
recut the nail groove into the toe so it’s not a painful ingrown toenail the
skin on the tip of his toe is impeding the nail from growing up any higher
without it becoming painful there needs to be nail grooves cut through that skin
so the toenail can grow without running into any skin so in the video I
say to leave the cotton in for a week but he may need to leave this cotton in
for two to three weeks depending on how long it takes to grow up through that
skin you’re going to get all of that skin out
of there and you’re going to take a little tiny sliver of cotton spin it and you’re going to saturate it in
something that’s going to kill germs to make sure that nothing is going to get
impacted down in there I’ve suggested that people use hydrogen
peroxide this is decolorized iodine then you’re going to take a metal
implement or you can use a toothpick and then you’re just going to tuck it
underneath the nail and the reason for this is that you want
to keep this whole area soft and as this nail grows up into this skin it’s going
to hurt it’s because it’s going to be trying to cut into the skin to make that
groove so you going to want a little bit of a cushion so tuck that under cut the
rest of this off oh darn it so now that that’s in there it’ll be
cushioned and then you know every morning or every evening just drop
another drop of hydrogen peroxide or decolorized iodine so the cotton absorbs
it again so it stays moist if the skin stays moist and the nail plate will cut
the groove into it easier keep this in there for about a week and then as it
grows up you can pull this out once it starts to cut it into and then just keep
it moisturized with a little bit of vaseline and that is how you re cut
your nail groove so your ingrown toenail no longer hurts have a great day
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