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So how do you apply eye ointment? Well in
this video I’m gonna be showing you exactly how to use Eye Ointment so you can
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about how to use eye ointment. So there are different types of eye ointment right
there’s ones with antibiotics in them usually used for like corneal abrasions
or infections or there’s ones that are just lubrication ointments kind of like
this retain nighttime PM that I have here but really they’re very thick and
that’s why they’re great is that they act they really provide some excellent
protection for the eye if they’re either extremely dry irritated or maybe your
eyes don’t close all the way while sleeping and so some type of a nighttime
p.m. appointment like this one here will give you the really the maximal
protection to prevent your eyes from drying out but because these points are
so sick so much more thick than just the regular lubricating eyedrops they can be
a bit messy and a little bit more difficult to get into the eye so I
wanted to have this guide so that you can get the most benefits of getting
these in the eye okay so now actually to apply the i anoint mint there’s really
two different methods one is this actually using the applicator tip to get
it directly in the eye and the other method is actually putting the actual
element on your finger and getting that onto the eyelid now there’s a couple of
benefits pros and cons of each method using the applicator tip can sometimes
be more direct you can get it in the eye with actually touching your eyelid
however there’s a little bit of the risk that if you’re not super coordinated you
could actually end up poking your eye with the applicator tip or you could get
like if you have a some sort of let’s say infection the bacteria could get on
the applicator and then you contaminate the ointment so yeah that’s no good the
other method is putting it on your finger and this is method I find most
convenient and we’ll go over exactly some demonstrations of how to do that
but you do have to make sure that your hands and that your eye
are perfectly clean because again you’re gonna be touching your eyelid and you
don’t want to give yourself an eye infection so with either method you want
to start off by again washing your hands and washing your face make sure
that nothing’s on there second part is inspecting the actual applicator tip and
making sure that one it’s not expired and to that it’s not dirty if somebody
is a laborer or they work in a dusty dirty environment then you know a lot of
times that dust gets in the eye and gets irritating you want to put something in
but you want to make sure that it’s not covered in grease or anything because
you could potentially get that on your finger or on your eye and again cause
some major problems that’s just a matter of removing the lid now this first
method we’re going to go ahead and get the applicator tip to the eye the best
part is just using your non-dominant hand to hold the eyelid the lower eyelid
down use your dominant hand to hold the applicator and then basically I you know
you look in front of a mirror which I prefer because it helps me guide that
where the applicators actually touching the eye or if you have a friend or
family member to help you out that works too but you hold down the lower eyelid
and then you squirt about one fourth ribbon onto the lower eyelid
as you can see it’s very very thick and sometimes it is difficult for the
ointment to let go of itself to get on to the eye so that actually worked
pretty well getting it into the eye through that applicator method is pretty
difficult and as you can see it’s very goopy thick stuff so it’ll blur your
vision a little bit then once you’ve done you can just recap the recap the
applicator and then make sure you put it someplace where you remember where to
find it the next step is if you want to try it with a just using your finger
again make sure your hands and your eyelids are perfectly clean because
you’re gonna be touching your face now again it’s kind of the same thing you
put about a 1/4 inch ribbon on your finger and then with that 1/4 inch
ribbon you pull down that lower eyelid using probably your middle finger makes
it a little bit easier and then go ahead and get that on that lower eyelid and
there we go it’s in but yeah this stuff is a very very thick and goopy and
because it’s so goopy again you know blur your vision so it’s gonna be
tougher to see but it feels good I don’t really feel any sort of irritation or
dryness to the eye again it’s excellent if you have either an abrasion maybe you
just need some some lubrication for dryness or maybe you sleep with your
eyes open and this will actually give you that extra layer of coating
protection so that your eyes don’t dry out at night now again because this
stuff is so thick that means that when you wake up in the morning this again
this is a nighttime p.m. ointment from ocusoft but you go ahead and put
that in the eye the next morning the eyes going to be really blurry and you
may still have a lot of this ointment on the eye so you may still have to
clean the eyelids really really well to make sure that it’s not just all stuck
in there so as you can see applying i ôm it can be a little bit difficult so
hopefully it works out well for you otherwise if you also have trouble
getting eyedrops in I have a whole other video on how to put eyedrops in and a
whole series about the best eyedrops to use so if you’d like to check that out
I’ll go ahead and hook that up here in the playlist up above as well as in the
YouTube description below otherwise I have some other pro tips about using my
appointment so let’s go over those so tip number one is that this stuff is so
thick if you’re using other types of eye drops make sure you use the other eye
drops such as your medications and things like that
first because this stuff is so thick that it’ll prevent those drops from
actually settling in and absorb into the eye and helping you so yes I
always put the ointment in last tip number two is don’t use augment with
contact lenses unless recommended to you by your doctor for something like a
corneal abrasion or a bandage contact lens otherwise it’s just gonna ruin your
contact lenses tip number three is that if you do touch the applicator tip
something – like your eyelid or your finger and it you want to make sure it’s
not contaminated go ahead and get some like rubbing alcohol like 99% and go
ahead and just clean the tip of the applicator make sure that it is nice and
clean so ten number four is that most of the time you can find these at your
pharmacy but sometimes they are a little bit difficult and keep in mind that you
can of course shop online these are available over-the-counter and I have
some extra links to those in the description below if you want to check
those out tip number five is that if you visit your eye doctor at the eye clinic
most clinics do actually have some type of manufacturer coupon to save you a
couple extra bucks so make sure to use that as a resource so eye health
question of the day have you been using eye ointment or other eye drops? which
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