009 Apple iLife iPhoto 09 Fix red eye

redeye happens because the human pupil can’t close fast enough to stop camera flash from reflecting off the interior of the eye it’s a common occurrence with point-and-shoot cameras luckily reducing red eye is a snap first select the photo and then click Edit now click read I first try clicking the auto button if I photo has detected the faces in the photo it will find the red eye problems automatically and remove them if auto red eye doesn’t completely fix the problem you can do it manually you may want to zoom in first to do that click the photo in the area of the eye that you want to edit and then press two on your keyboard you can drag the size slider to adjust the pointer size to approximate the size of the red eye mark move the pointer over a pupil and click the mouse button press the shift key to compare before and after then repeat these steps for the other eye to turn off the red-eye tool click the close button if you zoom din on the photo press 0 to zoom back out if you want you can make other edits while an edit view when you’re finished just click done

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