10 DISTURBING Things Found Inside Living People!

– Hey, I’m sorry that I
missed two videos in a row, I had to get a gerbil
removed from my butt. No, I’m just kidding. I actually moved to LA, but
I am open to new things. If you’ve ever met a
nurse, they’ve probably been able to tell you more
than one nightmare story of something or someone
that they’ve dealt with. I once had a nurse friend
of mine tell me about a patient that ripped their catheter out. (dry heaves) Let’s keep it together, Matt. But as gross as those stories are, they’re day to day
occurrences, nothing that would go down in the history books, not like the following stories, anyway. From things being
swallowed to things being crammed into unsunny places, to creatures finding a new home within people, gerbils, there’s really no limit
to the amount of “huh” that you’re about to experience. So, without further ado,
let’s get right into it: These are the 10 Craziest Things Found Inside Living People. For the record, I was joking
about the gerbil thing, please don’t make memes. Number one is a plant. Ah, plants, they make oxygen for us, provide us with nourishment, and sometimes they’re pretty good at
defending our phones from zombie apocalypses, am I right? However, they’re also very good at finding a way into the human
body in disturbing ways, which could literally
leave you dying for air. In early August of 2010, 75-year-old Ron Sveden of Cape Cod, Massachusetts was at his wits end with a nagging cough that he had, so, fearing
that he had a tumor growing inside his lungs, he had a series of x-rays and tests done. And as it turns out, there
was something growing, but it was no tumor, it
was actually a pea pod. That’s right, kids, one more reason not to eat your vegebles! Ron had somehow inhaled
the seed while eating a meal and with the warmth and moisture inside his body, the
pea actually sprouted. See, pea plants actually begin growing by germinating under the soil, with no need for sunlight, so Ron’s lung provided the perfect place to begin the process. Luckily, a surgeon actually
was able to remove it, and Ron continued eating
vegetables like a champ! Probably less peas, though. Number two is a nail. Hey, here’s some free
advice, if you ever have yourself a little
accident while working and wind up with any foreign
object in your brain, do yourself a favor
and go to the hospital! It’s okay, you can finish
building that birdhouse or installing that drywall,
whatever you’re doin’, just take a break and go
get it removed, okay, okay. That’s advice that
32-year-old Dante Autullo could’ve used on January 20th, 2012, after he accidentally
shot himself in the head with a nail gun while building a shed. The Orlando Park, Chicago
resident initially thought that doctors were joking when they said what they found in his x-rays, but soon realized that it was actually a miracle that he survived,
and this was no small nail, it was actually seven and
a half centimeters long, and tore right through the
middle part of his brain, just millimeters from
hitting the part which controlled his motor functions. The thing is, is that
the accident actually occurred days prior, as
the man thought that he had just been grazed by the
nail, so he cleaned the wound and finished the shed. It spent an incredible
36 hours in his brain before nausea finally
brought him to the hospital, where the embedded nail was discovered. I’m happy to say that the
surgery was a success, in fact, you could say that the doctors… Nailed it! (laughs) I quit. Number three is a fish. Okay, there’s ow, and
then there’s ouchie, mama! And the latter is definitely
the case with this one. In 2007, a 14-year-old
boy from India entered a hospital complaining
about pain and the inability to go pee-pee, well,
doctors soon discovered why when x-rays revealed that the teen had a two centimeter long fish in his bladder. According to the boy, he
was cleaning his aquarium, and needed to pee, so he
did the logical thing and brought the fish with him. But somehow, while emptying his bladder, the fish wiggled free and
somehow swam up him, um… Peehole. Now, first, doctors tried
using special forceps, but Nemo was just too darn slippery. So they actually ended
up resorting to using a device reserved for
removing bladder stones, which actually managed
to free the fish and let the boy pee free again! After the fish was removed,
the boy was actually admitted into counseling
in an attempt to deal with any trauma that he endured. That kid is never gonna
eat fish sticks again. Fish sticks. Fish dicks. What were we talking about? Number four is a knife. Okay, first off, real men don’t complain or even go to the hospital when they get stabbed in the face, apparently. Nah, they just live with
it for four years until people start complaining
about their bad breath, and it gets so hard to
eat solid foods that they finally have to do something about it. Well, in February of
2011, 30-year-old Li Fuyan from Yunan Province,
China went to the hospital complaining about headaches, bad breath, and trouble breathing and swallowing. That’s when he discovered
that he was not only a walking miracle, but
that he had been one since an altercation
during a robbery in 2007. In the fight, Li was
actually stabbed in the head with a 10 centimeter
long blade, not funny, which entered under his jaw, broke off, remained undiscovered for four years, and then finally forced
him to go to the hospital. Unbelievably, no scar was even visible, and there was no other evidence
that the blade existed, so Li went on with his life. During a long, strenuous
surgery, doctors were able to remove the object
from the man’s head, which they said could have
hit his carotid artery, or many of the other
parts in his head that would’ve instantly killed him. But somehow, this blade found a perfect path through his face. Obviously, this guy doesn’t fly very much, ’cause that could’ve been
discovered at the airport. Number five are bugs. Earmuffs, children! Earmuffs! Unfortunately, bugs are not strangers to living in human bodies. Spiders, ticks, and other parasites have been known to burrow in for the long haul, creating all kinds of problems. Well, one man in India
went to the hospital with scratching sounds
and pain in his head, only to have an eight
centimeter long live cricket pulled out of his ear. (heaving) Then, there’s Hendrik Helmer of Australia, who had a two and a half
centimeter long cockroach removed from his ear. Okay, Matt, that’s enough,
I don’t wanna hear no mo, oh, there’s one mo! Neither of those stories
compare to the bizarre story of Michael Gorman, who,
on September 26th, 2014, had a moth fly up his
head and into his ear. This is basically what
happened, the moth flew at him, he smacked at it, but
instead of pushing it away, he pushed it up into his ear,
where it crawled in deeper! (moans) But, it gets
weirder, because that’s when friends went after
it with a tweezer and found another surprise! A black tick had already claimed
Gorman’s ear as its home, but the moth had found its way past that. Removing the first tick,
Gorman’s friend then spent two minutes trying
to remove the moth before finally getting it and
relieving the big man’s pain. I feel for this guy, but he needs a lesson in personal hygiene. First there was a tick, then a moth. Bugs be takin’ residence in yo head, son. Number six is a hairball. (gags) Some people have to be
reminded on occasion that they’re not a cat. Well, I can think of at
least one person who does, and that’s 18-year-old Ayperi Alekseeva from Kyrgyzstan, who, in mid-2014, was hopsitalized when she was
having severe stomach pain. She literally could not
eat a single thing or drink anything without being sick. Even drinking water ended
up with her throwing up, which has led doctors to
discover that she had a severe blockage in her stomach. So, surgeons ended up
operating, and removed a trichobezoar, which is a
scientific name for a hairball. Oh, but you probably think
it was just a tiny little cat-sized hairball, no,
it weighed four kilograms! The disgusting mess was on
the verge of killing her. She was badly malnourished and dehydrated due to the blockage. The hairball itself was
made up of the teenager’s own hair, and various
hairs and fibers that she lifted from floors and
carpets of her home. According to the surgeons,
as soon as they cut into her stomach, the
strands almost ended up immediately popping out. There’s a nice visual for ya! The condition that she
had that made her do this is called tricophagia,
and compels the person to eat hair, however, she ended
up making a full recovery. Although, in seeing what
that hairball looks like, I’m not sure that I will. (shudders) Number seven are worms. We live in a world of
delicacies where some, if prepared improperly, can kill you. Such is the case with eating
improperly cooked meats or accidentally ingesting
feces of infected animals that are used to grow some vegetables. And these conditions can lead you to have a parasite inside you called a tapeworm, a creature that often
measures several meters long by the time you realize
that it’s even inside you. Many people have had
giant tapeworms removed from them, the longest being
over 25 meters in length. But for one unnamed
50-year-old man from China, the size mattered far
less than the location. In June of 2012, the man
had a tapeworm removed. From his head! According to x-rays
dating back to July 2008, the parasite had been living comfortably, enjoying meals consisting of the man’s brains for four years! During that time, it moved
completely from one side of the brain to the other,
enjoying all the little food scraps along the way. To this day, the man still
deals with the side effects resulting from the creature
living inside his brain. The moral of the story here,
kids, is to cook your meats, wash your vegetables, and wash your hands, ’cause you never know
what you gonna be eatin’. Number eight are utensils. Hungry, why wait for the meal to come? There’s silverware right there! At least I suppose that’s
what Margaret Daalman was thinking when she was
out for dinner one night. In October of 2009, the
52-year-old Netherlands resident was in the hospital complaining about severe stomach aches. So, doctors took some
x-rays and discovered what, at first, appeared to be a squid-shaped object inside of her. But, as soon as they cut
into her to remove it, they realized that what
seemed to be a cephalopod was actually multiple pieces of cutlery. Surgeons removed 78 spoons and forks from her stomach, 78! Ironically, she had no choice
but to go under the knife for forks and spoons. She was quoted as saying,
“I felt the urge to “eat silverware, I could not help myself.” That’s how I imagine she spoke. Number nine is a vibrator. Oh boy, okay, uh, while
normally, a vibrator may not seem like it’s something
that would be on a list of odd things to be removed from
people, this one makes it on account of what happened
after the vibrator got… Lost. See, a man who asked not
to be named because of what I can only imagine would
be severe embarrassment, was enjoying the company
of an artificial stimulator when it became lodged deep in his bum bum. So lodged, in fact, that
it almost killed him. Now, clearly being a genius,
self-taught general surgeon, the man grabbed the nearest
sterile clean operating room instrument, a pair
of salad tongs from the utensil drawer, and
went to work attempting to pull out the vibrator. Salad, anyone? However, after getting a
hold of what I’m now going to call Buzz Buzz
McWangerton, the man quickly realized his error, as the salad tongs became lodged as well. Looks like the medical
training that he received watching Grey’s Anatomy
must’ve been pretty basic. He ended up going to
the hospital and getting both said items removed
from his butt butt. And number 10 is a sibling. I’m going to close out this
list with what has to be the craziest thing that could be actually inside you right now. And that is your own
biological sibling! Yep. Now, don’t freak out, but
your baby brother or sister could be stealing your nutrients
from your body right now. Okay, well, you probably
would’ve noticed by now, but in June of 1999, a man
in India named Sanju Bhagat lived for 36 years
ashamed of his big belly, which he believed was
just that, a big belly. Doctors assumed that
he had a tumor when he couldn’t lose weight, and decided to do a surgery to remove it. Almost immediately, they
realized it’s not a tumor! Nope, not a tumor, instead,
it was another man. It was his twin brother,
complete with feet, hands, and even hair that
was removed that day! The mutated boy survived
by acting like a parasite, absorbing much of the nutrients that he took in with each meal. To make it even more
disturbing, the twin even grew fingernails, which
were several inches long by the time that he was taken out. Bhagat recovered fully, and
is now living a normal life, though, while he was initially
teased for looking pregnant, he’s now teased for having the baby. So those are the 10 craziest
things found in living people, if you guys have any other
stories, keep ’em to yourself! No, I’m just kidding,
leave ’em in the comments, I wanna know, ’cause I’m weird like that. But as always, thanks you
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