10 Effective Ways to Protect Your Eyes in Technology Age

Studies have shown that most people spend a time looking at the screen on the average from 3 to 5 hours per day It’s hard to keep up with eyes away from the screen because now they’re living in the edge of technology But let me spend too much time on the screen we have expose ourselves to the blue light and what is blue light blue light is a part of visible light spectrums and Richly put into the eyes and it’s produced highest amounts of energy. So how does blue light we Pat you? The studies have shown that exposure to the pool I can cause eye strain affective headaches and sleeplessness and blue light is found on TVs smartphones computers Laptops tablets and gave me system and fluorescent light So, how can we protect our eyes from the bloom light So it’s tougher the first solution is blue light filter blue light filter is the end point out but you can use it to reduce the blue light and adjust the screen into natural colors so that you don’t get affected much from the house of blue light in iOS There is a built in feature called night shift, which you can use it to filter the blue light Which is very helpful for ice protection And number two is flux flux in the Soviets on PCs, which make the sweetest most orange It makes the colors of the screen displays adapt to the times of the day It burns a night and like sunrise in the day so you can just flux to reduce the ice trains and have your seat better at night And the next one is night war as we learned that blue light is a major problem that interrupts the sleep cycle and Cause eye strain that’s been a night mode coming my blog on that mode is the black and white screen Which help keep your eye sight surf and when it image when you juice the device in the dark and now we could see some features from the apps like telegram which allows a user to anyone the night mode so that you can text longer at night without the ice ring and YouTube as well it just updated the duck theme which allows you to toast down The screen is clear and it’s ring you tube with a dark background The next one is glasses SM college students I spent a lot of time in front of the confidence like researching or editing the videos my eyes I saw so much to the screen So to protect my eyes I use a potential class that is called blue blocking class which prevents eye fatigue and headaches by looking out the hostel right from the screeners and UV rays and then this glasses whenever I look at the screen Especially from the projector and also from my laptop if you are going for outdoor is better for you to wear sunglasses so that you can protect your eyes from Sunlight do be raised and dust as well And unless is the look at the screen in the dark Is it harmful to look at it squeaking add up the studies have shown that? Looking at the screen in the dark and cartoon – blameless and that caused your eyes to try it out and the trainer’s lead to Irritation and eggs, so it’s very helpful to look at the screen in the brightness rather in the dark It is obvious that looking at the screen so close can really cause us to blink less and sufferance of a vision so the right attitude is to adjust the distance of watching and Also adjust the brightness of the phones or computer screen so that you can avoid the isolation Next is Rick a book with Kindle a new book lover Some of us chose to read a real paper book and some chose to with a digital book my iPad are in the phone But spending a lot of time reading on the iPad is not safe our eyes because of its brightness and blue line So I recommend you to read with Kindle Kindle is an e-book device We is designed to be like a real book a real pepper even take your eyes in the dark and it is not clear in the bright sunlight so you can really comfortably for hours without the ice cream a Little research has shown that looking at the planets may have reduced the stress and enhance productivity Grandshaykh has a great healing power. It is the most restful color for the sugar high it can improve vision The green color has a positive effect on our eyes and may have the brain relaxed So it’s beneficial to take a 5 apprai to look and the Queen plans when you feel that your eyes are hurt or getting tired The next one is having enough sleep Actually, I always talk about it Anyway, as we are in the technology age nowadays We start to get a lack of sleep games movies medias are the most reasons that promote our sleep which affect our precious eyes and Suggested that you should sleep enough force when to eight hours so that your eyes can be happy I’m still watching your phone with your eyes are hurt. You’re gonna notice out You’re gonna know the Libyan you feel that your eyes are getting tired or getting hurt You need to allow yourself to take a break from the screen and let your eyes rest No, playing games no scrolling and no watching anything and this equals a sub disciplines to stay away from a swing So I’m going to reduce the screen time and make your eyes Press 4. If you want to learn yourself and learn your eyes All right. He had a nose of 10 effective ways to protect your eyes in energy age so if you want to watch our next video, please hit the subscribe apart so that it’ll read standings of my videos and See you in next video. Goodbye


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