100 DONUTS CHALLENGE! (ft. FBE React Cast)

– I should’ve skipped lunch. – Ew, no!
– I’m ready. – Stop it!
– No, he dunked it in the water! – You’re ruining
the sanctity of donuts. – Why is this gross to you?
– I can’t. – You were like–
– This is art. Howdy, YouTube. My name is Tom.
– And I’m Alex. – And welcome to Challenge Chalice. I am with my
College Kids React crew. We got Madison, Chelsea, and Tori.
– Woo. – And Alex.
– Yeah, well… A bit above college kids.
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– Wow, there it goes. – Whoa.
– We’ve got a couple episodes there. – So who wants
to pick this challenge? – Ooh, god.
– No, Alex. You gotta leave. – NOOO! (laughs)
– I forgot. – You almost forgot!
You almost forgot! I was like, “Shhh.”
– Who wants to pick the challenge? – I can do it.
– Okay, Tori. Let’s go. – I don’t want it to be
my fault whatever happens. – The 100 Donut Challenge…
– Oh, that sounds great! – …suggested by Ramanjit purewal.
– Oh. – Are these normal donuts?
– (Alex) I felt very bad for how I’ve treated you guys…
– (Tom gasps) – Yay!
– (Alex) So this is a normal donut. But there’s still punishment!
– Aw. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – We did something similar to this
with the Merrell twins. We did 100 chicken nuggets.
However, we’re putting a little twist on it.
You guys are gonna be split up into two teams. We’re gonna
have one team going at one time, and they’re gonna have 10 minutes
to eat as many as they can. We will then take the remaining,
put ’em in a bag, and we’re gonna count them
after the other team does. Who wants to go first?
– Do we get water? No?
– Ah yeah, you guys go first! – All right, if you guys need water. – Oh, thank you.
– All right, sweet. – I would like to say
when I was little, we would do
cupcake-eating challenges, and I would always win.
– I’m so glad we make a team. Me and Chelsea are gonna
start this off strong. – (Alex) Team Green,
we are giving you 10 minutes to eat as many donuts as you can. Ready… set… eat! – Okay.
– I’m gonna chew three at a time.
– Oh my god! – Chelsea going in.
– This is hard! – Okay, the one thing about this
is big bites is hard to swallow. I’m gonna go in for another three
on the other hand. – (laughs)
– As long as I just keep on eating, I’m good. We’re doing this.
– This is something that should happen at the fair.
– Right?! – It’s like a burger.
– (Alex) Nine minutes left. – Ahhh! – It’s only been a minute.
– (all laugh) – I’m having a good time.
– Tastes so good. – Aw, don’t put it back!
– I need my water. – (Alex) Eight minutes left.
– I’m going on five. – This is harder–
how many have you eaten? ‘Cause I’m still working
on this three-at-a-time type of thing.
– I got five. – Da [bleep]?! Holy shit. – I’m trying to win.
Sorry I’m not talking much. I’m trying to win right now.
– (Alex) Seven minutes remaining. – Wow. This is a long time.
– It doesn’t feel good at all. – (Tom laughs)
– Oh no! When they’re going,
I’m just gonna be sitting here. – I am proud of both of you guys
double fisting these donuts, ’cause that is talented.
That is dedication right there. – The body’s not meant
to handle this many. I regret everything.
– (Alex) Six minutes remaining. – Oh, jeez.
– So Tom, what are you thinking… Strategy?
– I have no idea. – I think I’m just
gonna do one at a time. – Yeah, maybe I’ll
just go one at a time. I gotta study Chelsea more,
’cause she has, I feel, the approach.
– You know what? I’m offended. – (laughs) I’m sorry,
but she’s going ham. – I’m really hoping that Chelsea
can pull this team through, ’cause I am not
doing well right now. – (Alex) If you guys give up,
you can give up whenever you want. – Mm-mm.
– Excuse me? – Ohh.
– (Alex) Just putting that out there. – The challenge they’re
gonna give up on is the donut eating challenge
out of every challenge? – I know. There’s
so many worse things. – (Tori) I wanna go to sleep now.
– (Tom) Pffft. – It’s like the after
Thanksgiving meal, when you just wanna knock out.
– How do people do this in eating competitions?
This is too much. – I want Matt Stonie to burst
through that door right now… – Right? He’ll just finish it for us.
– …and be like, “Chelsea, Tori, I’m gonna help you guys.”
I have to look away from my own team member now,
’cause I can’t be looking at her While I’m trying to eat donuts.
– I should’ve skipped lunch. – I know. I literally
just had lasagna. – Ah, no!
– That was a bad decision. – Wait, does this
count as a donut? – (Alex) No.
– What? Yeah. – (Tori) Sick.
– (Tom laughs) Sick. – (Alex) Two minutes remaining.
– (Tom laughs) – I haven’t bit into this. This is
more of a tearing type of thing. – Yeah, Chelsea!
– Yeah, teamwork! – I’m getting scared they’re
gonna puke on me now. – (Alex) Five, four, three, two, one.
– I can’t do it! – Holy shit. You guys
put in a big dent. – (Alex) Oh my god.
– I’m proud of myself for how much I ate.
– (Alex) Now I’m gonna toss these into my bag,
and we’ll count ’em later. – You know what?
Chelsea, I’m proud of you. – I’m proud of you too. Sorry, Alex.
– (Alex) All right. Team Blue, you ready?
– (Alex) …50. All right, ready, set… go!
– All hype and no strategy. – Do it.
– Actually, I was gonna cheer ’em on, but no.
– Oh, he’s taking off the frosting! What?!
– (Tori) Are you kidding? That’s cheating. Alex!
– It ain’t cheating. What is that? – (Tori and Chelsea) Alex!
– Chelsea was doing the same thing. It’s all in your clothes, though. – Mm. – This one tastes great.
– No way. – Just enjoy the first one.
– You guys are happy now. Wait until…
– Yeah, wait until you get on the 10 donut.
– Give it two minutes. I’m gonna keep on talking shit.
Bad technique. (toy gun clattering)
– (Tom screams) (Tom screaming in slo-mo)
– (Alex) What the [bleep] was that? – It’s the donut god.
– (laughs) It’s saying stop. – (stately voice) Leave the glaze
on the donut, Tom. – (Alex) Seven minutes remaining.
– What?! – This is the best mess ever.
– Tick, tick, tick, tick. Tick tock. – That’s gross.
– I can’t. – What do you mean?
– I can’t look at you. – Why is this gross to you?
– I can’t. – You were like–
– This is art! – God, I really hope we win.
– (Chelsea) I know. – (Alex) Six minutes.
– What?! – Oh god.
– Come on. – Six minutes!
– Six. – Oh, we should take
their waters away from them. – Yes.
– I forgot I had water! – Damn it!
– I’m ready– – Ew, no!
– No, he dunked it in the water! – Eww!
– You’re ruining the sanctity of donuts.
– This is a job, Tori! I’m going for a W today.
They just hit my stomach. – Yeah. Okay, you start
to feel it and you wanna go ahh. – It like goes down,
it just slides down. – (Alex) Four minutes.
– Should we just give in and do the punishment now?
– No. I’ve already eaten six. I didn’t eat those for nothing.
– I’m really slowing down. I’m right around seven, too.
– It’s okay. You can stop any time. – Do people actually eat 100 donuts?
– (Tom burps) Look at the sweat on my forehead.
That’s just my body trying to digest, being like, “What
the [bleep] is this?!” – I don’t think I could
eat this one. – That’s okay.
– (Alex) One minute remaining. – Just put it down.
– [Bleep] it. – I feel like I’m twitching. There’s
so much sugar in my body right now. – (Alex) 30 seconds.
– [Bleep]. – God.
– I’m finishing it. – No, Tom.
– Yeah. – Tom.
– Here, finish that one, and finish this one for me.
– Are you [bleep] kidding me? – (Alex) 15 seconds.
– Tom, come on. – 13, 12…
– (Tori and Chelsea) 11… – (Tori, Chelsea, and Alex) 10,
nine, eight, seven, six, five… – (Alex) Four, three, two, one. – That doesn’t count.
You gotta spit out. I’m just kidding. (laughs) Ew!
– (Alex) I’ve come for my donuts. – (Tom laughs) – (Alex) What if it all just
falls on the floor? – How do you know which bag is–
– (Alex and Chelsea scream) – Oh no!
So we got Team Blue and Team Green.
I’m about to do a count. Team Blue. One…
– All right! 49! Oh, it’s all over me. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – The last one: 35.
So you guys had… – 15?
– 15 donuts. – Damn.
– Shit. – Hey, that’s pretty good.
– Reverse dab. – And for the Green Team.
– That’s a two! ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ – I don’t think I ate 10. – (gasps) – 37.
– No! – 13, by two donuts!
– (Tom and Madison cheering) – (Alex) Challenge
Chalice champions. – Oh god.
– (Alex) Congratulations. – Anyone want any seconds?
– (Tori and Alex chuckle) – This punishment comes
from Kathleen Pittman. Next punishment, “Loser
has to eat a piece of paper. Boom.”
– What?! – Is that even safe?
– You guys hungry? – These are so weird.
– (Alex) So we got some paper. – We have to eat paper?!
We’re stepping away from foods now, and we’re just gonna start eating–
– You have to eat paint. – Joke’s on you. I used to
eat paper in kindergarten. – (Tom) Ah, yum.
– Some fiber to offset the sugar? – (Madison laughs)
– I hate this. – That is our papier à la mode.
– Yeah, I had paper for lunch. I’m good. Thank you. Though. Time for some
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so come say hi. (paper tearing)
– (Tom and Alex laugh) – I think I speak for all of us
when I say we do-nut wanna see anymore donuts ever again.
– (Alex groans) – Bye! Make sure to
submit your challenges with the hashtag #ChallengeChalice
on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. – Yeah.
– Ah, who needs this– oh, sorry.
– (reactors gasp) – Oh my god! – I almost sliced him in the eye.
– The [bleep].


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