11 Unexpected Uses & Benefits Of Vicks VapoRub You Must Know

11 Benefits to Vicks VapoRub If you’ve ever had a cold, then you probably
understand the instant relief of applying some Vicks VapoRub. However, did you know that the remedy has
far more uses than just helping your cold? Vicks VapoRub can also be used for sore muscles,
home improvement, cosmetic purposes, ear pain, and more. That’s right, Vicks VapoRub is a very helpful
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use VapoRub that you probably didn’t know about! 1. Aromatherapy. Why apply VapoRub to your nose when you can
freshen the entire air with it? If you have a humidifier, add some to circulate
around the room. Not only does it clear congestion but if freshens
the room as well. Aromatherapy uses natural plant extracts to
promote health. The essential oils used in aromatherapy can
help improve our minds, bodies, and spirits. Aromatherapy products work through our sense
of smell as well as our skin absorption. These types of products include diffusers,
aromatic spritzers, inhalers, bathing salts, boil oils, facial steamers, hot and cold compresses,
and more. There are many different benefits associated
with aromatherapy. Not only can it help manage pain, fight off
bacteria, and reduce stress and anxiety, but it can also boost your immune system and improve
the quality of your sleep. It can also be used to treat many different
conditions. These conditions include asthma, insomnia,
depression, inflammation, arthritis, and more. Vicks Vaporub offers products like aromatherapy
balms which can help ease you at night with aromatic scents. The scents in essential oils that are used
in aromatherapy products stimulate our mood sensors and ease symptoms of illness. It is a great way to help improve a cold and
make you feel better when you’re sick. 2. Soothes sore muscles. Vicks Vaporub isn’t’ just for colds! Have you ever gone a bit too hard in your
workout class? Applying some VapoRub to your muscles after
a workout is a good way to ease both soreness and inflammation to help get you back to workout
shape. It can be used to treat all sorts of different
types of aches and pains. The menthol and eucalyptus oil in vicks vaporub
products can help soothe your sore muscles while increasing circulation. If you have sore muscles, rub some on the
affected area before bed. You’ll be feeling good as new in the morning! In addition to soothing sore muscles, Vicks
Vaporub also soothes tennis elbow. If you find your elbow throbbing, rub some
VapoRub on it to soothe the pain and have you serving on the court in no time. Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis,
is a common injury which occurs on the elbow, and is related to the tendons and muscle in
your forearm. The condition occurs as a result of repetitive
or stressful motions at the end of the elbow, resulting in small tears on the extensor carpi
radialis brevis (ECRB) muscle. These tears can cause inflammation, making
it difficult to lift things. Repetitive stress can lead to this injury. When repetitive activities which strain the
muscle surrounding the elbow continue to occur, the muscle begins to tear. By rubbing Vicks Vapor Rub on your elbow,
you can help relieve the pain and discomfort associated with tennis elbow. 3. Stop a squeaky door hinge. Having a squeaky door hinge can be a real
annoyance. Thankfully, VapoRub can help remedy the issue. Rub a little on the door hinge and it should
do the trick. This is because the substance contains petroleum
jelly (or Vaseline) which should stop the squeaking. Did you know about any of the life hacks in
this video so far? Keep watching for some even more amazing benefits
of Vicks Vaporub! 4. Ease earache pain. It you’re experiencing an earache, place
a cotton ball with some VapoRub on it in the cup of your ear. It won’t treat the ache but it should ease
the pain. Ear aches can be extremely painful and uncomfortable,
affecting the quality of your sleep and leaving you in pain. Although this method will not heal the earache,
it is a good treatment to use for temporary relief. 5. Use it for fuller lips. If you’re interested in getting fuller,
softer lips, try adding a bit of VapoRub. One of its ingredients is menthol which is
a natural lip plumper. 6. Covers up bad smells. One of VapoRub’s defining qualities is its
overwhelming smell. So of course, if you’d like to not smell
something more unpleasant, place a little under your nose and voila. 7. Cures toe fungus. It has been proven that the ingredients in
Vicks Vaporub have antifungal effects. Studies have concluded that one of VapoRub’s
ingredients, thymol, is effective at treating toenail fungus. Simply wash and dry your feet before thoroughly
applying some VapoRub to the affected area. Studies show that thymol, which is the primary
oil that is found in thyme, destroys candida, which can cause nail fungus. It does this by damaging its cell membranes
and metabolism. This is because it inhibits the growth of
dermatophytes which cause nail fungus. If you do not want to risk any of the side
effects of prescription drugs for your toenail fungus, you can try out Vicks Vaporub. Before you do it, you should ensure that you
are not allergic to thyme. And it is always best to speak to a doctor
first for treatment of any kind of condition, so be sure to visit a doctor if you suspect
you have toenail fungus. 8. Softens your heels. Cracked heels are annoying, uncomfortable,
and not very appealing to the eye. Believe it or not, cracked heels are actually
a very common foot problem. Roughly 20 percent of adults in the United
States experience cracks in their skin. There are many different treatments that can
help moisturize, exfoliate and soften the skin on your feet. They are caused for many different reasons. For example, if you have a job where you stand
for long hours or tend to walk around a lot in your bare feet or with open back sandals,
you are more likely to develop cracked heels. They can also be caused by harsh types of
soap, dry skin, hot showers, and more. Cracked feet can also be caused by various
medical issues like high blood sugar or poor circulation. Pregnancy, aging, fungal infection, hypothyroidism,
vitamin deficiency, and psoriasis can also cause cracked feet. People are willing to spend a lot of money
on unnecessary products and consultations to soften cracked feet. By rubbing VapoRub on your heels at night
and then slipping on soft socks to seal in its moisturizers, your heels will be as smooth
as a baby. 9. DIY shower bombs. Here is another way to get instant relief
if you have a cold. By mixing together VapoRub with baking soda
and water, you can create a shower bomb that will make shower time even more soothing. 10. Gets rid of headaches. Just massage a few drops of VapoRub into your
temples and massage the area. 11. Helps get rid of stretch marks. It’s practically a ‘magic eraser’ for
stretch marks and loosened skin after giving birth. Vicks Vaporub is an over the counter medication
which can help ease throat pain, alleviate cold symptoms, and help soothe muscle and
joint pain. It is used as a topical cough medicine which
has medicated vapours that help relieve a bad cough and nasal congestion. Although it is a great over the counter medication
to use for a cold, it also has many different other useful benefits that can make your life
a bit easier! If you love life hacks and are always searching
for hacks that can help make your life a little easier, you should grab yourself some Vicks
Vaporub. Not only is it cheap, but it also has all
sorts of different uses. From fixing squeaky door hinges to getting
rid of headaches to curing toe fungus, it is a product that lots of people seem to live
by. If you do use Vicks Vaporub as a form of treatment
for medical issues, be sure to contact your doctor first before trying any treatments
to help relieve your symptoms. Your doctor can do a full examination to ensure
that your illness is not caused by any other health problems. He or she will also give you your treatment
options and answer any questions you may have. So, if you are looking for some new life hacks
that can make your life easier and even save you money, try out Vicks Vaporub! Not only is it affordable, but it has many
different uses for all sorts of things. What are some of your go-to life hacks? Let us know in the comments section below! Enjoyed this video? Hit the like button and subscribe to our channel
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