16 Rhinoplasty Nose Job Diary Day 5 Weeks After Surgery

Okay, since what must have been
about a month and a half ago, maybe 2 months can’t remember
it has been so long. I first came to see
Dr. De Silva at Harley Street. And in all honesty
I really wasn’t sure if I was going to
go ahead with it. I was really,
deep down I was really keen and I really wanted to
have the courage to do it. But I just kind of needed
someone to make me feel safe, if that makes any sense. So yeah, I went to surgery
and I met Dr. Silva, and yeah I just felt really
sure of it after that. Like he kind of answered
all my questions, and I felt like all my nerves had
kind of been taken away about it. So, yeah I was really happy overall,
I went ahead with booking it. There were very nice
about me paying when I could, which was nice. Because obviously I was
worried that someone would ask for the whole
amount in one go, and I was worried what if they ran off
with my money and things like that. Obviously all those
kind of financial worries. So, that was really
nice they understood. On the actual day
of the operation, I was nervous
but I wasn’t ready to do a run. And the nurse was very lovely. She kept me very calm. So that was nice. I didn’t have any problems
with the surgery, and I felt all good afterwards. The healing process seemed
to be completely fine. I didn’t have any pain. I didn’t have any problems
at all as far as I remember. I just got really bored
in bed most of the time. The swelling seemed to
go down really quickly. It just felt like time passed
really quickly after that. It doesn’t feel like
it has been that long. So yeah I am completely
happy with my decision in asking for my nose
to be made smaller, but still quite natural. Because, I didn’t want it to be, the only way I could describe it is I didn’t want it to be a
Michael Jackson nose. I didn’t want it to be something
really obvious and pokey, and for it not to match my
natural shape of my face. So, no I am completely happy
with how it has turned out. Yeah, everything
I’ve wanted from it really.

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