16 Weird Relationship Milestones

(Yawning) (Upbeat Music) (Passing gas) – All right. Uh, what’s your password? – It’s logjammin1800. – Let me just get one. It’s just one. – Oh, now you’re going Maverick. – Now I’m just shaping. – Are you plucking my forehead? – You have a hair there. – Ow. (Snoring) – Hey, Kelsey, did I forget my keys? Thank you. – Your mom’s calling me. – Answer it. – Well, what does she want? – I don’t … I don’t know. – What do I do? – Answer the phone. – Hi, Julie. Do you have any sweatpants I can borrow? – These are my favorite
pair of sweatpants. – Thank you. – Be good to them. – Love you, too. Bye. What? What’d I miss? – Nothing much. – What? – Did you do something different? – No, why? – You look cute. – Let me get those nose hairs. – No, I don’t have any nose hairs. – You have nose hairs. – Prove it. – Eh. Aah. – Fine. – We’re agreed. – It’s settled then. – We’re not getting a dog. – No dog. – Hold on, you have something. – Oh. Oh, sorry. Did you get it? – No, it’s like really in there. – God. These smell funny. – You’re brushing him the wrong way. – I’m sorry. We won’t get a dog. – It’s going to die in 12
years, eight if we’re lucky. – Eight if we’re lucky. What …


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