$20 Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses – Do they work?

So I just got these blue light filter
computer glasses in the mail. I ordered them from Amazon from a company called
Cyxus…not exactly sure if that’s how you pronounce it, but I’m really excited
to test out these blue light filter glasses and see if it really will help
reduce the amount of eye fatigue, headaches, and migraines that I get
sometimes staring at a computer screen for way too long.
I know we all work on computers and I video edit for hours on end, but my eyes
were starting to really get fatigued after a while and sometimes you can’t
just stop editing. So in order to reduce that, I’m hoping to try to find a
solution and I hope that these are it. So I’m just gonna put on the glasses so you
can see what they look like on me. Not bad, I mean it’s not the most attractive
but hey if it’s gonna help reduce headaches, I’m all for it. I did purchase
the one without any magnification so I can wear contacts, my prescription
contacts, underneath and then just put this on top so I can see perfectly fine.
And it also came with a blue light testing card so if it shines on the card
you can see it and if it shines through these glasses you shouldn’t be able to
see anything so let’s go test it out! Okay, oh great! There’s nothing that went
through the testing area but now without the glasses when I put the blue
light in the testing area… ooh it definitely turned blue. So that was my
quick overview of the blue light filter glasses and why I got them
in the first place, but in order to see how I truly feel about them after
utilizing them for a couple weeks you can head over to my Instagram stories–
that’s where I’ll probably be posting more of these informal videos but if you’d
like to try them yourself, I put the link below in the description– they were less
than $20 and it is unisex for both men and women. Also if you have these pair
of blue light filter glasses or if you have a different kind, comment below: do
they really work do you recommend another brand? Other than that I hope to
have less eye fatigue, less headaches, and less migraines, so here’s to that and
I’ll see you in the next video. Bye!


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