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– Oh, flying (beep) car! – Cadillac of the sky! (plane engine rumbling) It’s pretty uneven, so. Now, for the first time, I’m like. Are we actually gonna do this? No practice. Just gonna go for it. – Big Red is ready. – This is anyone’s ballgame here. – Just the right level of
dumb, you know what I mean? – Okay, here we go. – The moment we’ve been waiting for. (car engines revving) Friday before SEMA. Dodge gave us some really
cool cars to drive down. Uh. Challenger Hellcat Redeye This is what I’ll be driving, the big boy, Durango SRT. And then this is Bart’s daddy mobile, it’s got four doors ’cause Bart is gonna be a dad. This is Bart’s last weekend
before he becomes a DILF. So we decided we’re gonna
make the most of it. We’re gonna go out into the desert, we’re gonna do a drag
race and a length bet. – That’s true. – We’re departing. – The every journey begins with one step. (engines revving) I’ve always wanted to drive
really fast on a dry lake bed. This seemed like the perfect opportunity. By finding out which of these
three cars is the fastest in a drag race, on a dry lake bed. Is it The Hellcat Redeye? Is it The Charger Hellcat? Or is it the Pump for Monte Mobile? The Durango SRT. All cars have their positives
and their negatives. Challenger: At first glance, that car is gonna win the drag race. It’s got the most power,
it’s got launch control, actually, does my car have launch control? (laughs) This SUV has launch control. The demon was such a huge
deal, is 808 horsepower. The Redeye is 797. So that car obviously is gonna win. But the charger is more aerodynamic, it has a longer wheel base. 707 horsepower. Or, is it the Durango SRT? I like this thing ’cause it’s
big and loud and so am I. (engines revving) (yelling) This thins has 500 horsepower, that is 300 less than the Redeye, 200
less than the charger, but it has All-Wheel drive,
and most importantly, we’re gonna camp tonight. Uh, and I hate camping. So while those guys are
sleeping in tents on the ground, getting bitten by
scorpions and rattlesnakes, daddy is gonna be sleepin’
in my Durango apartment. – [Man] I got Nolan in the car
with me, say wassup to Nolan. – What’s up Nolan? – What’s Up man? – James was like, This car
is faster than any car you drove on Miracle Whips. And I’m like, bull (beep). (engine revving) – Oh Jesus. – Nothing on Miracle Whips, Nolan. (laughs) – Oh No! – It’s fun, cruiser car. Ah, it just sounds so good! – That uh, Charger
pulled pretty hard on me. Decently, on the highway you
guys got me, but from a dig I think I’m gonna kick
the (beep) outta you. – Are you guys sure? Are
we really drag racing 2000 horsepower of dodge
muscle on a dry lake bed? – Of course, we are gonna drag race 2,000 horsepower worth of
Dodge muscle on a dry lake bed. (engines revving) Getting some caffeine, the
next stop will be Victorville. (laughing) Pro dozer? – Yeah, man. – What’s going on guys? – Awesome. – Aw, damn. – You got pranked, dude. – What? – [Man] I bet so many people
thought you were a cafe latte – I know dude, what the hell? Cold brew. – Oh. Cold brew. – Somewhat confident,
especially with these (mumbles). – I think my chances are pretty good. – This thing has a lot of power, I’ll probably get there first. – They don’t know how to
handle all that horsepower. (engine revving) I apologize to Bart’s future
child for embarrassing your father so bad in the scenes to come. – This would fit a child’s seat. When we bought our last car
that was what my wife was, her number one priority I
should’ve brought up that an SRT Hellcat, has enough
room in the backseat. – Y’all (beep) ready? – The worst part about
making videos in cars is that you can’t listen to the radio. You’re sitting here in
silence with your thoughts, wondering if you’re doing a good job. Go ahead and smash that like button! (horns blaring) and subscribe if you’re
not already subscribed. – Ready to turn these (beep) loose? (engines revving) There’s nothing more
frustrating, than being in 2,000 horsepower’s worth
of dodge muscle in traffic. – Ugh, let’s get out of the city! – Nolan how does the Redeye feel so far? – [Nolan] Pretty good. She’s a big girl. You just loving all that power? – Dude I think I hit 17, a while back, it’s pretty sweet. – I’m currently going two. – It’s pretty comfortable
at 10 miles an hour. – This (beep) sucks. – Sometimes in life you a
passenger, you not a driver. (upbeat music) – Charger, walkie check. – James, we gotta get on the 15 north, even though we already passed it. – What? – Yeah, we all took the wrong turn. – You’re on the 15? – Yeah, are you? – No, me and Nolan (beep). – Just put it in a map, how hard is that? Until the other guys
catch up, we found a nice, pretty straight road. So we’re just gonna make the most of it. (engines revving) (groaning) – We got a little, uh,
off course back there. – Now we’re all back together,
the sun is going down, we’re gonna go try and find a
place to let off some steam. (heavy bass pop music) Cars look so good when
the sun is going down. (engines revving) Yes, these guys’ cars can
do burnouts, and donuts, and fun stuff like this. But, later tonight you’re gonna
see why I chose the Durango. I’m glad that I can provide
my friends with this henyatta smoke sessions, is almost
like me doing a burnout. Because, I’m like Jesus. I want my friends to do
burnouts so much, that I was willing to sacrifice myself. But tomorrow, I’m gonna win the drag race. – Release breaks, apply throttle. Alright, action? (engines revving) (yelling) – Ah, that was beautiful. (laughing)
– Ah, look at the smoke, dude! – Cause I’m a cowboy! And a steel horse I ride I don’t know too much of the song Dead or Alive – We just have to drive out there. – Until the spirit tell us to stop. An old Native American territory. – Whoa. – And then that’s where we will settle. – Okay. – Just like the pilgrims before us. – Okay. – Nolan has really crazy food aggression. – Are we even gonna have
dinner when we get there? Cause I’m tired of salad. – When Nolan finds out that
he doesn’t have baked bean, I’m scared what’s gonna happen. – Y’all don’t take care
of Nolan like I do, y’all make fun of him. – I’m ready to sleep man. – Y’all tell him how weak he is. – [James] He’s a big strong boy! – Boy!? That’s a man right there. (laughing) – World’s tallest
thermometer, Baker California, I’m on my way. (guitar music) – And Bart just missed the light. Man, we are dropping like flies. – God (beep). – It’s almost as if we’re
not learning any lessons! – [Bart] Hi, how are ya? Good, thank you. I’d just like a big tub
of baked beans if I could. – We still here, we ridin’. Got like 14 minutes till we get to the world’s tallest, thermometer? – [Bart] Thermometer, yeah. – Why? – You gotta fight! For your right! To drag race to a dry lake bed! – [Bart] We just got to the
world largest thermometer. – I don’t believe for a
second that that is the worlds biggest thermometer. – Here’s another good fact. They rebuilt it in 1992 after it fell. I have a newfound appreciation for the world’s tallest thermometer. – Sometimes you have dreams, and sometimes they don’t work out. You set goals and you
get there and you like, Oh! I was tripping. That’s what this is. – World’s biggest thermometer,
pretty impressive. World’s longest drive to
Vegas, most impressive. Let’s load up. We’re gonna go off the
road, into the darkness, in the desert, right around
Halloween, not scary at all. And then we’re gonna get murdered! – But don’t forget to
leave your comments on the weirdest story of you
having to use the bathroom in the middle of the woods,
like Imma do tonight. – This is the intro to scary movie donut. I must kill Jessie. Kill him with the Hellcat
Redeye and all 797 horsepower. – I’ll do it. – I’m like, legit kinda scared? – What do y’all think,
would y’all do this trip? If you had to (beep)
outside, how would you do it? – I have no clue what’s going on. Here we go. – Mojave Desert Lava Tube. – Kill the white van! – [Nolan] Was that an alien? – Uh. – Get back in. (country music) – Yeah, now crank it the other way. There you go buddy. – There’s too many vans! – You guys parking there? – This is our hotel. It’s not the Hilton but, – Up top. – Ready to vibe out. – Buddies! – Miracle whip to the desert. Oh, I look like a wild man
when I come to the desert. I’m the guy that the dogs be
like, Oh (beep)! He comin’. – Do you like to stake it first or do you put the poles in first? – I’m a pole guy. – Okay. – Listening to the Dodger game – Listening to the World
Series, bottom of the 10th. – One one, third game. It’s like the beginning of a horror movie. A film crew went out into the desert. We have like rented
tents and (beep), dude. We do not belong here. – Christ. – Well that’s step one, here’s step two. – I dug a hole 10 inches in the ground, and it landed right in the hole! That was kinda cool, you know what I mean? That first official you know, uh. – Your first uh outdoor
poop, probably not. – Well – Is it? – Successfully. – I mean it works. – The Pontiac Aztec of tents. – Tents are a trip on a trip, dude. A lot of you guys are gonna
comment, these idiots can’t even put a tent up. Hit the subscribe button,
smash that like button, Shop.Donut.Media for that sick
merch, follow me on Instagram @jamespumphrey How’d you like your car? – [Nolan] I really like it. – You can tell. It suits you. – I like the Sedan-ness of it. – The best one is the, – Redeye. – Yeah, it was really good looking, man. – Hey, who’s got the beer? – I just sent my sister our
coordinates, just in case she doesn’t hear from me tomorrow. – I feel safer. – Are those Dodger dogs? – Yeah, they’re 12 dollars. – Yo, did uh, the Dodgers win? – It’s still going on. – What? – Is it like the 12th inning? – Los Angeles, 2015, the Dodgers
were in the World Series. Me and my buddies, was out
in the desert, cooking dogs and hanging out with muscle cars. – It’s Sagittarius. – It’s Leo. – And that, is the moon. – Whoa. – Yeah. – What are you gonna do tomorrow, Nolan? – We’re gonna wake up, get all jazzed to go drag race 2,000 horsepower of dodge
muscle on a dry lake bed. (snoring) (buzzing) – These are for the kids. Shutout Durango. We’re gonna eat breakfast, and then do a 2,000 horsepower drag
race on a dry lake bed. (whirring) (acoustic guitar strumming) I slept amazing. It’s very spacious. – It’s a beautiful
morning, and the stillness of nature. – We’re gonna make this happen? – I’m ready to go drag race 2,000 horsepower of dodge
muscle on a dry lake bed. (hip hop music) – It’s really easy to get
caught up in how busy you are with you are with your job.
All I do is Donut stuff. And right now, I know that
I am doing donut stuff, but, I get to work with my
best friends everyday, which is my dream. But, when you work with
your best friends everyday, sometimes you forget that you’re friends. – Suck (beep)! Can’t handle it! This quick little road trip,
has definitely reminded me that all these guys are my best, (laughs) My best friends. So, go do something fun with your friends. Make time to have fun with your friends. (light upbeat music) – Dude, are we really doing this? – Oh, flying (beep) car! – P51 Mustang! Cadillac of the sky! (plane engine rumbling) It’s pretty uneven, so now for the first time I’m like, Are we actually gonna do this? – [Nolan] I’m not worried
about the track, hand me a car. – I mean it’s flat. – It’s theirs to lose and mine to win. – I think James still might
have the advantage with that All- Wheel driver.
– It’s ’bout to go down. – No practice, just gonna go for it. – See, this is what I’m worried about. – This is so safe. – Patches like that,
– What can go wrong? Nothing. – Tires can’t hold in this. – Look at these side walls, bro. These are built for this type of terrain. – We’re professionals. – So, Jester how is it out there? – There’s huge ruts out there – It’s pretty hard, so I
think hooking up might not be that much of a problem. – Hooking up not being
a problem, is a problem. (laughing) – Alright, is everybody ready? – Big Red is ready. – I just wanna see the
capabilities of this car off the line in the dirt. – This is anyone’s ballgame here. – Nolan has a heavy foot. I think Bart on this one
maybe has more control. – Yeah, he’s got that dad control. – Yeah. – He’s almost a dad. – This is just the right level of dumb. You know what I mean? – We’re getting ready. – I’m gonna get in my car. – Alright (laughing) (grunting) Good luck. Best man wins. – Make sure your walkies
aren’t like somewhere where they can fly and nail you in the face. (beeps) Rate reduction. Actually, I need a couple
minutes to do a couple laps to lose a little, water weight. – I’ve actually been drag
racing since I was 10 years old. – I’m in the zone. – I also crew on a
nostalgia funny cartoon. – I’m gonna do sports. Straight lines are kind of my thing. I’m way more experienced
than both of them. – I’m actually getting a little nervous. – I think I’m gonna win. – I think I’m gonna win. – I know I said I don’t care who wins but whenever you’re doing
something you wanna win it. – These guys aren’t even
gonna go 20 miles an hour. – I know its gonna be close. – They’re not gonna be able to
give it any throttle at all. – Up, down, up, down, left,
right, a, b, a, b, start. I just gotta find it. – Big red is ready. – Bart is ready. – Okay here we go. The moment we’ve been waiting for. (engines revving) – Action! (rock music) I’m winning! I’m winning! I’m winning! I’m winning! I’m winning! I’m winning! I’m winning! – James, One. Bart, Two. Nolan, Three. – I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! – Started too slow! – I destroyed you. (cheering) (engines revving) I’m the fastest man alive! I’m up here on the podium where I belong. I smoked all of you guys. Durango SRT. The fastest SRT on a dry lake bed. (engines revving) Hey guys, thanks for
watching, we hope you liked it we worked really hard on it. – Welcome to Vegas! – In fact, these guys
are still working on it they haven’t been outside in four days. Vegas baby, we made it. Uh, let us know in the
comments what you think, and what else you wanna
see on the channel. Smash that subscribe button,
smash that like button, watch these two other donut videos! I love you! (laughing)


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