2014 QUT – Clinical trial to assess honey to treat dry, sore, red eyes – Seven News

eyes effect one in three people. Long term steroid and antibiotic use is often
the only answer. But Queensland researches are now bringing
sweet relief to sufferers, using a household food with amazing healing powers. LEXY HAMILTON-SMITH, NEWS REPORTER, SEVEN
NEWS: IT specialist Shane Hoey suffers from chronic eye disease. It’s painful. He gets eye ulcers and it affects his ability
to see. SHANE HOEY, DRY EYE SUFFERER: It’s like a
stabbing in the eye; it was just a constant pulsating eye. LEXY HAMILTON-SMITH: Seventy-year-old Glenda
Costello also has the debilitating condition. GLENDA COSTELLO, DRY EYE SUFFERER: It’s like
grains of sand the whole time. LEXY HAMILTON-SMITH: Desperate for relief
they both signed up for a clinical trial into a break through treatment using honey. SHANE HOEY: I thought she was crazy, yeah. LEXY HAMILTON-SMITH: QUT’s Doctor Julie Albeitz
Some of them maybe thought it was a little bit strange. LEXY HAMILTON-SMITH: But when they were told
medical grade honey is known for its antibacterial properties, they decided it was worth a try. SHANE HOEY: It gives a bit of a sting,
but it’s relief straight away. GLENDA COSTELLO: I think there’s clarity in
my eye sight. It seems to make it clear. LEXY HAMILTON-SMITH: It’s also providing relief
for people who have dry eyes from wearing contact lenses. DR JULIE ALBEITZ: Eyes are more comfortable.
Their eyes are less inflamed. LEXY HAMILTON-SMITH: Scientific tests of bacteria
levels in the eye have shown a dramatic reduction just weeks after patients start using the
drops. The Queensland-made product is TGA approved. ANTHONY MOLONEY, MELCARE: We have taken what’s a simple staple food and we have identified some components of it that are absolutely
wonderful for medical use. LEXY HAMILTON-SMITH: Sweet relief for sufferers. LEXY HAMILTON-SMITH: So do you have honey
on your toast at all? (to Shane Hoey) SHANE HOEY: (laughs) No actually I don’t like
eating honey, I’m not a honey fan. LEXY HAMILTON-SMITH: He is now. Lexy Hamilton-Smith, Seven News.

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