2019 Dodge Challenger Redeye Widebody in White Knuckle w/Demonic Red Interior!

hey guys welcome back to the channel
Luke here and if it’s your first time swinging by I do videos on my 2018
hellcat and car-buying advice so please check those out. Today, yes I have our
first 2019 challenger red eye that has come on the
lot now we ordered this vehicle for a
customer that actually backed out and ended up buying a Corvette so we
actually have this one for sale so if you’re looking or know anybody that’s
looking hit me up I’m at Wells Motor Company in Avon Park I’ll leave my
number and my email below but let’s get right to this beauty all right so there’s a quick walk around
of course you can see this is ordered in white knuckle and it actually has
demonic red interior I’m gonna go over some of the options right now for you
just kind of give you a little overview of the inside as well so let’s check
that out all right so as you can see here Challenger SRT Hellcat a red eye the standard options there
now the optional equipment you can see it
262 which actually that is incorrect I don’t know why that’s under optional
they make you take the plus package because this actually has a 309 but once
you go over here you see you’ve got the tech group driver convenience group
obviously the laguna leather package wide-body the demonic seats 309 and the
p0 summer tires that stickers for 86 but that is not what we’re selling it for
we’re actually only selling this for $500 over invoice so I think that was
around 4000 dollars off the last time I checked this is actually pretty neat I’ll see if
I can get a detailed picture of this with my camera but the gem in the eye
well I mean it looks like a gem there’s some detail behind it in there it’s
actually pretty cool looking I almost almost forgot to do the remote start all right so let’s check out the inside all right so again this has the laguna
leather and demonic red if you watched my videos it’s the same color as the
interior on my Hellcat let’s check out the other goodies that screen is cool when it pops up I’m
going to try to get that for you guys in another shot but the splash screen is
pretty neat it’s a basically the hellcat logo with kind of like a cracked brick
background and of course the hellcat has the red eye pretty standard affair chrome door handles
power windows lock outs which all looks the same so did the light controls the dimmer
switches trunk release that all looks the same we’ve got the 8.4 inch you connect that
looks basically all the same as well got the nice I wouldn’t call it carbon
fiber but ask look to it almost like a fake brushed aluminum with a pattern and
it looks good same around the 8.4 cruise control controls for the EVIC and
of course bluetooth there as well going through the menu real quick how it
all looks basically the same all pretty standard stuff see there’s anything different in the
screen setup I can’t put horsepower or anything in
the upper left-hand corner that can’t be cool they did that you know added some
things to the performance pages that they could put in the upper left or
upper right hand corner that just be a neat touch moving over to the 8.4 I think
everything here is also relatively the same climate
the apps wonder if they added a different
background here let’s check out some of the themes here
yeah we’ve got the drag lights yeah hellcat this looks pretty standard
haven’t seen that one before that’s kind of neat
I guess schematic of the inge and it looks like yeah
it’s kind of cool okay the interesting demon it’s a challenger burning out another Hellcat there might be a couple different ones
in there that I haven’t seen let’s check out the srt pages
okay so there’s something I noticed right off the bat is steering so I don’t
have this option in my Hellcat nor in my scat pack trying to wonder if that was
in the SRT 392 or so you can adjust the steering I’ll tell you what that’s one
thing I noticed first thing when I got in this car was the the steering was a
whole lot you know easier to turn the it wasn’t as stiff as the Hellcat now the
scat pack I noticed was about like this it was it was nice and easy to turn but
whenever you got into track mode you could tell that it tightened up a little
bit now of course the scat pack didn’t have track mode so I used a Taser to do
that wonder if I could do that on my Hellcat
because it seems like the Hellcat just has one steering sensitivity it’s just a
track and it’s a lot heavier that’s the word I was looking for earlier it’s just
a lot heavier feel this is nice and smooth you know if you just drive around
a parking lot it’s easier to back out of driveways and things like that so that’s
interesting that you could actually change that now of course along with
whatever button you want it to be so that’s cool I like that
something a different I noticed right off the bat you’ve got your launch control of course
you’re not gonna be able to use that for 500 miles shift light pretty standard
race cooldown it’s kind of neat you’ve got a little checklist here of
what needs to happen anja needs to be off the hood you know can’t be a jar
battery has to be good all this have to be checked off before it goes into its
cooldown mode and then you have the line lock which is
a cool graphic here of the brake system chyna that’s on other cards for 2019 as
well well the Hellcats come with it let’s check out performance pages it looks pretty standard there you still can select all the standard
gauges like the 2018 GeForce looks the same
engine still has power torque and boost pressure and the dyno looks about the same as
well that’s right nothing wrong with that same back seat everything else looks
pretty standard for the Challenger again nothing wrong with that I mean when
you’ve got 797 horsepower you know that’s one of the main things you’re
worried about and I almost forgot to show the engine how could I do that
tease now this looks like the standard
basically the standard yellow cat engine the difference is that I can see where
at the top of the bat are the green belt which is interesting if you can see that
that’s pretty neat it actually has a red eye and the badge is black so that’s
different I’ll just get it in a little detail here
because that looks slightly different as well of course is big old air box at the
top all of it but it’s a functional scoop as you can see right through it right
there so you can hold this there’s my hand II and then it looks like this
actually goes over and comes into the same ducting right in there so basically
both nostrils go to the airbox which that’s cool
and then of course the air inlets down here are still functional but oh I’m
sorry that one is not well I thought that one was actually functional but I
guess not that is covered up looks like that could be easily removed though trying to get in there but yeah it’s
just a plastic cover interesting okay that one is functional huh
whenever they covered the other one up I figure while I’m at it I get it a little
bit more detail on these wheels because they are really cool this will give you
a perspective of how deep they actually are it’s probably a good two inches
thick of the spoke which is neat that comes back into the concave pattern here overall great looking car and see if I
can get a little bit more in on that jewel here there we go now you can see a
little bit of detail there now in it when the light hitting it it’s kind of a
neat little detail alright guys well I hope you like to
walk around of the 2019 challenger wide-body red-eye if this is your first
time swing goodbye again I do videos on my 2015 charger hellcat
car buying advice and FCA reviews so again this car is for sale wells motor
company wells mc.com I’ll put my other information in the
description below and if you liked the video don’t forget to leave a like and
subscribe I’ll see you on the next one guys


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