2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Preview | Sons of Speed

We are here with Steve Beahm at the Dodge
booth he’s gonna tell us a little bit about the wonderful Dodge Hellcat and a
couple of different things so starting off with our basic techs of the car, just
normal things just technical stuff like horsepower to put posit torque or
something like that? Yes we start out this is our halo car, right, so on the
Hellcat we’ve got a couple of different versions our base Hellcats over here
shouldn’t say base 707 horsepower but this is the red-eye right so this is our
halo vehicle it’s got 797 horsepower. Um, it’ll run a quarter mile in ten point
eight seconds 130 mile per hour over 700 pound feet of torque as well so this is
this is our beast that just about dominating anybody inside this the show here. Absolutely, for sure. This a definitely beautiful piece absolutely. Who are your general customers here with Dodge, and the Hellcat, generally, who are your customers? Yeah so
so Dodge actually is the youngest demographic of any mainstream brand in
the US by the way, so our main customers somebody that actually likes horsepower,
they enjoy going fast, but you know we offer engine ranges all the way from our
v6 all the way up to this you know a 6.2 supercharged engine that has 797 horsepower, so
the customers vary greatly but it’s typically male, upper 40s,
college-educated, and you know they love us in they’re very loyal to us. So the
buzz was huge right when the car came out is that still is the demand still
there for the car. Absolutely. The Redeye you know we just announced it about four
months ago just building them now and delivering into the dealers and we’re
actually got sold orders all the way through May. -Oh, awesome. – So the cars off
to a great start. And what are some of the extra Aero features on the car that
maybe you guys have added to this one specifically? Yes so the other change
here to the Redeye actually is we got dual snorkel intake a little bit of
a heritage if you’ll remember back to the Swinger and and some of the Darts
that actually had the same functionality and these these are actually functional
air intakes as well. And then we also have air intakes here down on the
headlamps as well, so it’s going into the air ducts
naturally to get horsepower and more air along with spark and fuel or make that
happen so that’s some of the changes for this year on the red-eye for the for
this particular challenger. Awesome. As a car guy we always always disliked
the the fake ones so it’s nice to know that there definitely real. This this looks
good is actually functional as well along at the same time so … -Absolutely,
definitely beautiful. Let’s take a take a look on the inside and see we got in there. That didn’t change very much at all? Not much change it has for the performance buyer and actually
what they’re looking for performance pages that we have available sure so our
you know our cluster is there’s one in which you can collect a lot of
information and also will tell you a lot about the vehicle itself, so not a lot of
change on the interior from what I call a standard Hellcat up to the red eye. One
thing I didn’t mention was the top speed on this vehicle is 203 mile per hour,
by the way, so you better buckle in tight and have your hands on the steering
wheel if you’re going to go out to be able to do that and actually on the
track safely, for sure, but you know we’re really proud about in what the vehicle
still looks nice and fresh interior wise and and the performance is outstanding. Awesome. Has the seats changed any much or anything like that just have you
changed it’s more of a bucket style see more grabbing around you anything and
what about the automatic/manual the options? Yeah, so so being an SRT
naturally we have sculpted seats they basically kind of wrap around you would
get inside of it, and in this case we have an automated transmission only on
the red-eye. You do have an optional six-speed manual transmission on the
standard Hellcat so but this is an automatic only 8-speed. The shift speed
and the harshness of it is outstanding. So again this is the air box here so
this is where all the air flows in and this here is where everything has got
the boost in the meter as well it comes through. Nice clean package though
there’s our 6-2 supercharged engine similar to what’s on the Hellcat changes
naturally we’ll be on the boost side and the horsepower that comes along with all
the extra intake that’s coming, working. I definitely noticed that I kind of like
how you guys directed a lot of that to gear straight to the airbox and it’s not
where it’s just going straight into the engine compartment itself but it’s not
too clustered as well under here that’s pretty nice. Yeah we have the it also has
the after run chiller so after the vehicle gets a little bit of heat on it
you want to kind of cool it down if you’re doing a little bit of a run on it
you have the capability for that to cool down as well which it’s kind of a little
bit of a fall-off. So the Demon, if you recall, at 840 horsepower we launched the
Demon, this is a very similar engine with this a slight different configuration
regards to the calibration on the on the supercharger so it’s the Demon
horsepower thrown into a wide-body Hellcat and that’s why we got the red
icon. So it’s the Hellcat possessed by the Demon is how we came up with the
this version. So it’s a great package that you know right now we’re not
limiting any production, we’re taking all the orders in that we can. I told you we
already through May and we’re hoping that continues or I’ll find a way to
make us build more. Absolutely that definitely be awesome. I’m loving it so
far so awesome Steve – all right- take care. Thank you. you


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