2020 Public Employers Conference: 20/20 Vision for Today and Tomorrow

Hi I want to invite all our public employer
HR and legal colleagues to the Public employers conference on March 6th. This year’s theme is 2020 Vision for today
and tomorrow. Let me give you three reasons to attend. One. This is the only conference dedicted to Public
sector HR professionals. You are a special group and this conference
is especially for you. It’s good to be special. Second, our conference features expert speakers
and revelant topics. For example:
Pay Equity, First Amendment Rights, Employment Branding, Diversity & Inclusion, The future
of work and, naturally, our legal update. But there is more! We will have a futurist, a session on mental
health and a couple of surprises. Hmm.. sounds intriguing. Third. Networking and a Friday date. Making connections with other HR collegeaues
is great for finding answers and career opportunities. The Friday date makes it easy to schedule
time out of the office. Definitly two good things. By attending the conference you will gain
fresh insights and practical guidance to help you address today’s problems and prepare
for tomorrow’s reality. Register today!

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