20:20 Vision

Happy New Year! Wow, new decade ahead! I wanted to share this beautiful place with you all which has given me a great opportunity to reflect on this key pivot point in time as we close the first month of the new year, with the rest of the year still ahead. Some of us may be considering whether we have stayed true to our new year’s resolutions, or not! Focused on that diet, fitness plan,
business development strategy or hitting our P&L targets. Latest research shows that on average, human beings experience over 60,000 thoughts per day. Most of which are negatively charged
memories of the past. This year is all about having a 20:20 vision. Focus, clarity, and looking ahead. With a vision to the future. If we are not defined by a vision of the future then we are weighed down by the memories of the past. So let’s learn how to bounce back from the lessons of the past. Live, be in the present. And if we do fail, let’s learn how to fail forward! Keep on Keeping on! Speak soon, for 1 minute of Markets & Mind.

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