3 Factors Contributing To Sinus Problems – CornerStone Ear Nose & Throat

When I’m treating a nasal or sinus
patient the first thing I make sure that they understand is that not
everything that causes nasal congestion is an allergy. In fact, I always tell patients there’s
three contributing parts to the problem in almost everybody. The first problem is obstruction, and
obstruction is often a physical problem not necessarily a medical one. It could
be a structural problem in the nose where the septum is deviated or the basic anatomy the nose creates
narrowings in bad places. The second contributing problem is
inflammation and inflammation does include allergy but
it also includes non allergy causes such as pollution an airborne irritants that we can see smell or taste and we’re
breathing them in every day. These same problems cause asthma and other
respiratory problems in other patients but in the chronic nasal and sinus
patient they don’t even realize that’s the contributing problem. And so they can have inflammation due to
allergy causes and non-allergic causes and then the
third problem is infection and sinus infections are one of the main
reasons that I see patients. But sinus infections are not the
problem, they’re the result of the first two problems. So if you have persistent physical
obstruction issues in your nose and sinuses or you have allergic or non-allergic inflammation that’s not been fully treated then you may develop recurring or persistent sinus infection and it’s
this type of analysis that we like to do with our patients when we first meet them.

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