3 Gentle Stretches to Reduce Shoulder Pain

Hi, I’m Marc Albano. I am a physical therapist here at the Outpatient Physical Therapy Clinic at Sharp Grossmont Hospital. Today, we’re going to talk about shoulder
pain and we’re going to discuss some exercises that could help decrease that pain as well
as increase your range of motion. First, it’s important to note there are several different causes of shoulder pain and each body is different. It’s always best to first consult your physical therapist or your doctor to determine which exercises are specifically most appropriate for you. Often times when people have shoulder pain they try to avoid using it. They might even have their shoulder closely and tensely guarded against their body. One of the most important steps in decreasing your shoulder pain is getting that shoulder to relax. Now there are different ways you can do a
pendulum exercise. I’m going to show you a way that focuses on relaxing that shoulder. One of the main functions of the shoulder
is to reach up in front of you. If this motion is painful then an exercise
that could help with that are called table slides. This helps you bring your shoulders into a
motion that elevates your arms without forcing you to move it against gravity. While the table slides help your arm move
out forward, moving out to the side – a motion called abduction often feels different on your shoulder. You can use a dowel to help with this motion. Make sure though, that you don’t bring this stick all the way back, behind your head or out too far in front of you. You’re trying to bring your bicep up to
your ear.


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