3. Home Vision Therapy Eye Exercises to Strengthen Your Vision – Convergence – Red-Green Circles

Hi, I’m Dr. David Antonyan, President and
Chief Optometrist of Vivid Visions Optometry, and today I’m going to teach you an exercise
to strengthen your eyes. Today we’re doing an exercise which will
train your eyes and your brain very important visual skills .We’re going to work on your
eyes’ convergence ability. Convergence is the turning of your eyes inward
towards your nose to focus on targets at near. People who are unable to do this easily are
diagnosed as having convergence insufficiency. This exercise will teach your brain to point
your eyes simultaneously at a very near object in order to improve your ability to do sustained
close work with comfort. It will teach you how to shift your eyes smoothly
and accurately from one object to another. You start the exercise by folding the card
in half so that the red and green circles are aligned with one another. You hold the card up to your nose so that it is radiating out from your nose, with the small circles being the farthest away. You focus on the farthest circle, cross your eyes and pull the red and green circles together. Make sure you’re seeing both red and green
circles at the same time. You should now notice that the farthest circle
Is simultaneously half red and half green. Hold it for 5 seconds. Now change your focus to the second farthest
circle and again keep it clear and single. Make sure you see both red and green at the same time. Hold it for 5 seconds. Repeat until you reach the closest circle. Finish the cycle by looking away at a far
target. Repeat the cycle.


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