3 Tips for Healthy Hearing | Miracle-Ear

(modern music) 3 Tips for healthy hearing. Tip #1: Ditch the cotton swab. Did you know? Ears are self cleaning. Ear wax is healthy. Cotton swabs can push
wax further into your ear and possibly damage you eardrums. (lawnmower runs) Tip #2: Protect your
ears from loud noises. Loud noises can damage nerve
cells in your inner ear. (airplane lands) And cause permanent hearing loss. (steady beat music) (machine runs) Wear protective earmuffs or
earplugs around loud noises. Tip #3: Fill up on healthy food. (modern music) Vitamins and minerals
are good for your health – and your ears. Nutrients that protect hearing Potassium, Folate, Vitamin
C, E, D Omega-3 fats These nutrients help
reduce ear infections. Improve circulation to hair cells. Nourish bones in the middle ear. Find more healthy hearing tips: Miracle-Ear.com

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