4 True Muscle cars to expect in 2019 || Shelby GT500, Dodge Red Eye, ZR1 & Super

Shelby GT500 When you find what you’re looking for As records tumbled and enemies cried the birth of a legend Hellcat Red Eye But we did not sleep. We did not rest with Knowledge gained and lessons learned a Legend was born to Search and Destroy Respect the beast but don’t wake the monster Corvette ZR1 It was like a race ready motor basically I loved everything about it just It was the funnest part around Inside this car and just the tires, Julie Eddington just had this guttural thumping roaring kind of sound that you know, you could not only hear Wow and he’s gonna jump in so we went for a ride and it was just unbelievable big Powerhouse of American Muscle and I never saw the likes of it before and it’s a super day across the hood You know, I’m like, what is that as I’m 45? Super Duty


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