$43 lens on the Canon EOS R Full Frame Camera | Yongnuo 50mm

– I sure hope these train tracks are not operational right now. But since we’re at a train track, we might as well take the
stereotypical pictures. I’ve never really taken
photos with the EOS R yet, so couple of still shots coming right up. Wait, is that really a thing? – Yeah, it’s a thing. People do it on this all the time. You put a coin on the track, and then you wait for a train to go by, and then you try and you go get it, and it’s like all like squishty flat. – [Potato Jet] Really? – Yes.
– Kari says if we leave a coin on the train track, we can come back and it’ll be squished. You wanna go to the park? You wanna go for a walk? We’re at Douglas Family Preserve, where the dogs can run around off-leash, but apparently, dogs
sometimes fall off the cliffs. So you guys, be careful. Be careful Pita Are you even paying attention? Right now, we have one of Canon’s best, wide-angle lenses, on the EOS R, so it makes sense that
everything’s like pretty sharp. Now this is an interesting lens. I picked this up for like 48 bucks. It’s a 50mm prime. Obviously, when you pick it up, you’re like, this is a toy. I mean you can hear the sound of things rattling around in there. This is definitely not
the best 50mm prime lens, but if you don’t have
anything in this range, at this speed, I definitely recommend
at least picking this up, until you get yourself a better one. It’s super lightweight, so it doesn’t add any weight to your kit, and if anything happens to it, it’s not a huge investment that you lose. It just like fits in your kit, so it’s something that you
just kinda keep with you all the time. So I’m curious how this would react on a full-frame sensor like this EOS R. Pita Pita!
(Kari laughing) Think I got something. Dogs are off-leash, just
running around everywhere, meeting all kinds of other dogs. We got a lot of really cool 50mm shots, super slow-mo on the EOS R. And a lot of still shots of Kari. She’s very uncomfortable
in front of the camera when I take pictures of her. Did you guys have fun? How ’bout you Pita, did you have fun too? Self serve dog wash. $10 to start. – What? So not only does it cost $10, but you gotta like do it quick? – He’s feeling so much shame, ’cause all the other dogs are getting those luxury $10 baths.
– The $10 wash (laughing). – He’s like, aw man. When I get a million subscribers, I will buy you a luxury bath. Whoa, every time I touch this, the camera shakes and I get kinda nervous. In case the camera falls into the water, I’ve got this leash, which is connected to the camera. So you guys can’t fall. Santa Barbara, it’s like super peaceful. It’s like Los Angeles is
really nice in some parts, but it’s like, the energy
is so different out here. Isn’t it?
– Yeah. – Like here, everyone’s just chilling. Los Angeles can be pretty, but everyone’s kinda stressed, and lots of crazy stuff
going on all the time. In four minutes, we’re
gonna get a parking ticket, if we don’t get back to the car in time. All that runnnin’. All that fetch, got you all worn out, huh. Awesome trip, we’re on our way back to LA, and we’re stopping by
the train tracks again to see if the pennies have been squished. Look.
(Kari laughing) Oh my gosh! – [Kari] There you go.
– Can I see? Whoa. – [Kari] So there is oh! look! Look, there’s the dime (laughing). – Whoa! – Here’s the quarter, here’s
the quarter (laughing). – Oh my God, look at this quarter! Wait, this is illegal. This is a federal crime, because we’re destroying money. You’re allowed to legally destroy a penny, but I think this is like–
– Oh, well. – A federal crime that we’re–
– Just hold the penny. – Doing right here. – Oh wait, no.
– I got the penny here. – Okay, so edit that part out. – Okay, we only squished a penny. No other federal money was harmed in the making of this video. Please don’t take us to jail. This is just like totally flat, wow. What would’ve been bad,
is if we came back here, and there was like a train that was completely derailed,
(Kari laughing) and like completely tipped over. Feel like we should say a
quick disclaimer, real quick. Putting coins on train tracks have killed people before. Have killed like six people before. – What (laughing)? – Yeah, having coins derail a train is more of a myth than anything. I mean, if a penny could derail a train, there’s a lot more things
to be worried about. Like rocks and little things. But people have put bricks
on train tracks before. And that derailed a small train. It was like a six-car train,
or something like that. – [Kari] I’d buy that. – They don’t see a train coming while they’re placing all these
coins on the train tracks, and they get hit. It’s actually happened a bunch of times. So don’t do that (laughing). In 2007, a retired police
officer in New York, tried to do it to a train. He jumped on the train tracks, and then put some coins down, and then he couldn’t get out in time, and died that way.
– Okay, but why do people think they need to put it down
right as the train is coming? We put it down yesterday and came back 24 hours later (laughing). – Yeah, don’t hang out in
train tracks and stuff. That’s dangerous and you
don’t need to do that. You’re in my shot. This lens. I don’t know, what did you guys think? I thought it was pretty good, especially for the money. So if you don’t have
anything in this focal range, a 50mm prime, I definitely suggest it. You could do some really
creative stuff with it. So yeah. And we’re back in Los Angeles. Oh, and actually, I keep saying $48, but now it’s $42. I was thinking like, how good could this lens
be, if it’s this cheap. But you guys saw the results for yourself. Not the best 50 mm lens ever, but again, if you don’t
have a 50 mm prime lens, I’d say at least get this. I mean, you could do a lot of like really cool shots with it. Again, it’s very inexpensive. So until you save up for a nicer 50 mm, hey, get it. And I should probably mention that this is not a sponsored video. They did not sponsor it. I spend my own money on it. A whole $42 and 86 cents. Amazon even tells you. You purchased this item on October 20th. Anyways, let’s wrap this up with the usual reading of comments. My last video was the iPhone
XS Max versus cinema cameras, which included the Red and Arri. Let’s see what the top comment is. I like the way you pad the video with random science content, so that it passes the 10-minute mark. I do not do that, okay. I don’t try to stretch out
my videos past 10 minutes. I end it when I want. How long is this video? Oh man, we still have a
few more minutes to go. So let’s keep talking. So yeah, for the first
three minutes of this video, I was talking about like science
healthy stuff, for the first few minutes of it. And I can actually see in my analytics, that a lot of you guys, skip
the first three minutes. I’m just trying to give you
some life-saving information. You guys all skip over it. How dare you. He looks like the kid from Up. Okay, you’ve heard this
too many times before. Let’s move onto something else. You should do very budget cameras, like Canon T5i, or T6i. Actually, I am planning on
doing a video just like that. I get a lot of emails and messages saying, hey, I have a budget of about $1,000. What should I get? So I’m planning on putting
together a full kit, with body, lenses, everything
you need for $1,000, and testing it out. So, stay tuned for that. You look like that Potato Jet guy, No I don’t, okay! Not all Asians are the same person. You’re just stereotyping now. When will you do Arri and
Red, versus 35mm film? Oh oh, that stuff is expensive. I don’t think any YouTube video, can afford to shoot any 35mm film. Graphic gaming sub says, Huawei Mate 20 Pro versus the Arri Alexa. Actually, yeah, I’ve
heard a lot of good things about the Mate 20 Pro. Well I live in America, so our government’s
like, no Huawei phones. I don’t know, I think I might be able to get one off eBay or something. Oh, but Google did send this to me. Fanny pack, and the Google Pixel 3. I haven’t tested this out yet, but what should I do with it? Should I compare it to the iPhone? Should I compare it to a Red camera? What do you wanna see out of the camera, on the Google Pixel? Is it supposed to be awesome, low-light, I don’t know. I don’t wanna have to think about the content I’m gonna make. I want you guys to come up with it for me. Why not compare the cinema camera to a mirrorless DSLR that shoots 4K, like a Sony A7 III? Or EOS R maybe? I might actually do that. You guys wanna see that, EOS R versus like a Red camera? The comparison doesn’t matter, because my DNA is shrinking
and I’m going to die. That is a fact that gets a heart. I might just have to pick one up. You said it yourself Mr. Potato Jet. You don’t have to make a big deal every time I say the word, up, okay. Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up Up, Up, Up. Okay, that’s not funny, but I’m still gonna like it anyway. I don’t want to shock you but, I guess I have to click that, read more, you look like the kid from
the movie Up (laughing). Very funny. Eventually, this is gonna get old. The only channel where I have the bell on. Oh, thank you. I mean, that deserves a like, and a heart, and a comment heart. Oh, I thought it was
about camera comparec, comparecing (laughing). Potato Jet, what’s the
story behind the name? I’ll never tell you guys. Educating the masses on telomeres. Finally, someone that appreciate, unlike all these people that skipped it. 7-29, the reason we call some redneck. – [Laughing] Yeah, Stevie is a redneck. He’s got two pickup trucks. Look at that guy (laughing). All right, now that we’ve successfully stretched this video past 10 minutes. I mean, I didn’t do it on purpose. It just happens so
organically and naturally. I would never forcefully stretch
my video past 10 minutes. So, we’re gonna end the video here now, and I’ll see you guys later.


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