5 WAYS to make your 2020 VISION BOARD | Vision Board Examples

hello people welcome back to my channel
my name is Abie Kamara and on this channel we focus on our three P’s our
peace our passion profit and also how to balance all of that while being a busy
mom so now 2020 is just around the corner it
is now officially December and this is the time of year where everybody’s like
okay I gotta get myself right I got to get my plans together get myself
together for the new year new year new me and all of that right and if you are
in that boat you’ve probably thought about making a vision board but maybe
you might not know where to start or you want a different fun way of making a
vision board well my friends today I’m going to show you five different ways of
how you can make your 2020 vision board so if you are interested in learning new
ways of making your vision board and also making it visually appealing and
easily accessible to you stick around Title: 5 Ways to Make Your 2020 Vision Board (Plus Examples) okay so let’s get into the five
different ways of making a vision board that I’m going to share with you today
so the first way of course is the traditional vision board I made my first
vision board I believe the year was 2000 either 2011
or 2012 and I made it the traditional way that most people know
which is using like a cork board you know I found all the things I wanted in
my dream house my dream car and posted it on there and that is a way that you
could do it as well not the way I’m doing my vision board this year but all
you need to do is you know you can go to Walmart or Target you just get a cork
board actually I’ll show you my old my vision board from a couple years ago I
got a small cork board from Ikea you can go through magazines and find what you
want and put on there or you can print out the pictures which I’ll go over a
little bit more but that is the traditional way of making a vision board
so that’s way number one now the second option which is what I’m going to try
this year it is making like a vision board in a frame you just go to the
store and you can just buy a frame you know the size that you want I actually
went to Walmart and I bought a 14 by 18 picture frame and I also bought a 12 by
16 picture frame one of us black one was why I ended up going with the white one
because it looks better with my office area that I want to hang it and so what
you do is you create your vision board you can do the same thing if you want to
use magazine and picture if you want to print out your own pictures you put it
in there and then so once you actually put it in the frame it just looks better
when you hang it up so I’ll show you how I make mine because that’s the option
I’m going to go in so now option number three now this is a very different way
of making it this is how I made my vision board for 2019 and it is a vision
video it’s really fun so when you make the vision video you just make like a
quick 1 to 3 minute video maybe not even 3 minutes but 1 to 2 minute video you
can do that using PowerPoint or Google slides and you just make slides of the
categories that you want the pictures you want what you want to achieve and
you can turn it into a video using those same programs once you make the video
you can add your favorite song or the song that makes you feel pumped up
and you put that on the video and now you have a video that you can wake up in
the morning and you can actually watch it or you can watch it whenever you feel
like you are down or need to get a little bit more motivation and I
actually enjoy that and maybe I’ll share like a clip of what my vision video was
for 2019 option number four this is how I made my vision board for 2015 through
2017 for 2015 2016 and I believe 2017 but what I did was I made it as a
Pinterest board and if you are familiar with Pinterest you get to create
different boards and you just pin pictures on there that you want and so
for me it was easy for me to access my vision board often go so I just created
my you know vision board whatever the year is and then I put you know
different pictures of what I want to achieve or what I want to feel or what I
want my life to be like until whenever I needed to I would just open up Pinterest
go to that board you know slide through and that would remind me of what I am
trying to achieve and then the fifth way and this is why I have not tried before
but it’s it’s something that I thought was interesting they actually have
vision board apps and I’ll link some of up below but you can you know download
these apps most of them that I found were free and you can use them if you
don’t want to use like an app on Pinterest which is you know kind of to
me is like a vision board app as well because whenever you have a vision for
something you can go to Pinterest create that board and do that so I’ll link
those apps below but those are the five different ways but now I’m gonna go
ahead and get into how I’m making my 2020 vision board what I have on it
before we get into that I just want to go over some best practices that I’ve
learned for making a vision board so what I’ve done wrong in the past and
what I’m gonna do different this year the first thing is to just focus on what
you can achieve that year you know you want to dream house if you were not
planning on buying that house next year then maybe don’t don’t put that on your
2020 vision board you know maybe put it on the year that you want it achieve
that so to keep it simple just post and keep it achievable just put the things
that you want to accomplish in 2020 or that or that specific year also what
I’ve done with all my vision boards in the past
and what I will do this year is I usually have categories and it’s just
easier for me to follow along so choose like your main categories the words that
you want to focus on and then paste those categories on your vision board
whether you’re using an app or you’re using the picture frame or the
traditional corkboard way or the video just go and choose your categories and
then have the pictures under it or have it following now one final thing I would
recommend is that you just keep it simple
and achievable don’t post the five million dollar house that you you know
may not be able to achieve in 2020 post what you feel like you can really
accomplish so at the end of the year when you review that vision board you
know that you accomplished some things and you’re not constantly looking at that oh
I didn’t get that house I didn’t get that house you know keep it simple keep
it achievable alright it’s time to put together the vision board and what I’m
doing right now is I’m gonna print out the visuals for it but I put together on
canva what I did was I just like I know the frame that I bought was a 18 by 14
or 14 by 18 frame I created that in canva and that way I can kind
of map out where I want things to go and the size of the things and once I could
have that done I went ahead and just created an 8 by 10 document and then I
copied everything onto the 8 by 10 so I could print it out in like a pdf I
hope that makes sense I if you want a tutorial on how to use canva to do
something like that let me know because that’s you know it’ll be way too long
for this video so these the things I plan to have on my vision board my
categories, my being consistent, quotes pictures so I’m gonna and then I have
some actual like photos that I’m gonna put on there that I already had printed so for my 2020 vision board I am doing
the picture frame idea just because I want to post it in my new remodeled
office area which I’ll do an office tour for so stick around for that video so
I’m choosing similar when you see my old vision board you’ll see I’m choosing
similar things I want to focus on Faith Family and Finance and that was what was
in my vision board that I created in 2018 so I’m gonna keep that rolling
because that was also what I put in my vision video for 2019 so it is important
for me those are the three things that are important to me
and I actually got that from my church so those are my at my categories and
then the main word that I’m choosing for 2020 that I’m also including on there is
consistency and you when you create your vision board you need to know yourself
and and you know know what you need to focus on and for me I know I get I
changed my mind a lot different I have all these
different new ideas there’s so much going on in my head but I want to choose
just a few things and I want to be consistent with those things so that is
my main goal for 2020 to be consistent in everything so those are my four
categories and then at the top of my vision board I have my business so I’m
simply up marketing and then simply bossing up which is the networking group
that I want to create those are things that I want to focus on in 2020
so I’m putting those at the top and you’ll see I have a picture of two women
hugging because for simply bossy up I am trying to create a female
entrepreneurship mamapreneur Network where we help each other we just lift
each other up instead of you know competing against each other
so I have those at the top under my faith category I have a couple of quotes and
these are actually quotes from the Bible so for my 2018 vision board I had the
same idea under faith I had a religious quote and
that’s what about that quote was about being strong and courageous and it did
help me out being able to read that every day and just remembering I can make
it through whatever I’m going through so for this year for 2020 the quotes that I am
including in my vision board the first one is God is within her she will not
fail and there are other versions of this it could also be she will not fall but
I’m using God is within her she will not fail and then the second quote that I’m
going to use is she’s clothed and strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future so those are the quotes that are important to me and that
I will include in the faith section and in the family section of course I’m
gonna include pictures of my baby boo Kai he is very important to me he is my why he’s the reason why I do everything I do so I want to see I
already have pictures of him behind me but he is important to put on my vision
board because I want to provide the most for him and give him the best life I
could I could give it alright so the next section of my vision board is the
finance section which is a very important section and cannot be missed
the main thing I want to focus on is paying down my debt paying off my
student loans and that is important to me because I’ll just feel like a weight
is lifted off my shoulders if I can just get that out of the way and gone so
that is I have a picture about no debt on there also I want to be able to
purchase a new car and so I’m hoping by the end of 2020 I could do that and my
dream car is the bmw x5 and I want that just because I’m used to having an SUV
now and I like the space and I had a BMW before and I love the way it drove and I
just want to continue with I want to BMW again so hopefully I can get that back
also I want to buy a new laptop I have my Mac laptop right now that works well
but I want something new that I can easily carry around and the last section
is the consistency section which is my main word for 2020 and actually in the
middle of my vision board I have 2020 the year of 10k the reason
why is because I have three things I want to achieve 10k in one my youtube
channel I’m hoping to grow it to be big enough to where I reach 10k
so that’s 10k subscribers and then for my Instagram for specifically simply
bossy up the network of women I would love to grow that to 10k if I could that
would be awesome 10,000 women
thousand female entrepreneurs mamapreneurs that want to support each other
that is my goal and then also by the end of 2020 I want to be able to have
consistent income of 10,000 a month I am speaking it now because I’m speaking it
into existence so that is my goal my 2020 year of 10k
10,000 subscribers at YouTube 10,000 followers for @simplybossingup on
Instagram and $10,000 a month in income so that is my vision board I hope you
enjoyed this video if you did please give it a thumbs up if you want to see
more of my videos go ahead and subscribe and I have more videos more content
coming up about how to balance being a mom and being an entrepreneur at the
same time so I will catch you all next time bye


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