5 Ways to Relieve Red, Itchy Eyes – The Dry Eye Show with Dr Travis Zigler

hey there Dr. Travis Zigler here CEO of
Eye Love and with allergy season right around the corner I wanted to go over
five ways to relieve red itchy eyes and first of all I want to go over what
causes itchy eyes allergies are nothing more than an immune response or a
hypersensitivity to something in the environment such as you know your pets
or the dust in your house or pollens that are in the air during an allergic episode and an inflammatory chemical inflammatory chemicals are released such
as histamine this response is very normal and actually a necessary part of
the allergic process when histamine is released blood vessels get bigger
leading to red eyes and then the eyes will get red and watery and itchy it
also signals our body to begin fighting without the signal our body’s incapable
of fighting allergies so with that being said I wanted to go over the five ways
that I treat red itchy eyes in my practice and how you can help at home as well so number one way is using the antihistamine drop these are
over-the-counter drops such as Zaditor or Alaway these do usually have
preservatives and there is no preservative free drop at this time but
this is one of the easiest and most effective ways to do that so they are an
antihistamine drop meaning they help with that immediate itch relief and then
they’re also going to help build up against the itch because they’re a mast cell
stabilizer as well and what a mast cell does is it releases the histamine that
would causes the itchiness so if you stabilize those mast cells and use
this drop every day for two weeks that’s going to really help prevent this itch from
getting worse and so number two is avoid the offending agent sometimes hard if
it’s a pet or animal dander a little easier if it’s something that’s outdoors
like an allergy or to pollen or ragweed or something like that so you just avoid
the allergen number three is use a cool compress to reduce inflammation using
a cool compress putting it in your freezer and then pulling it out when
it’s time to use just place it over your closed eyes though that cold compress is
a simple way to reduce and and take care of those dilated blood vessels so it’s
going to shrink the blood vessels and it’s going to just kind of feel cooler and you
can use that for about put your mask in the freezer for about two hours and
then place it over your closed eyelids for about 15-20 minutes number 4 is buy an air purifier you can find these on Amazon
just buy a purifier for the air this is going to help get rid of dust and pollen
and smoke odor mold spores and pet dander from your home and that’s going to really help with allergies and usually they’re pretty small quiet device you
can get multiple ones for your house number five keep your eyelids clean
using a hypochlorous acid eyelid cleaner cleanser is going to really help keeping
your eyelid clean is going to help with just making your eyes feel a lot better
because pollens and everything can build up on your eyelashes in the skin of your
eyelid leaving that response getting worse and then do not get because it
will make it worse so let me know what you thought of these five tips in the
comments below we’re also going to have the article that we wrote in regards to
five ways to relieve red itchy eyes in the comments below so you can click over and read that whenever you’d like and if you have any questions don’t be afraid
to post them below again Dr. Travis Zigler with Eye Love thanks for joining


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