54 (8/12) Movie CLIP – Jealousy (1998) HD

You know, I’ve been good for a whole week now. Yeah? Yeah. Well, keep being good and quit looking at me like that. I’m not lookin’ at you. Who would want to look at you? *scoffs* ¡Ai! Here, give me that. -Stop it Come on, I wanna help… …you guys do everything! No! *protests in Spanish* …No no no! You trying to turn me on? No, I’m trying to cook. Say that again. What? *Speaks in spanish* *laughs* Come on, let me go. Uh… Oh, I was just after this spoon. What spoon? *Trashes things* You bastard! You jealous bastard! You jealous bastard! Fuck off! Porque? Porque? *indistinct* Right! Right! I told you nothing’s going on. Bullshit! *scoffs* Greg, baby. You talkin’ bout Shane. It’d be like doing it with my own brother! How could you even say this about it? I caught you! George! Jealous maniac! And you better get over it because I’m not sticking around for more! You threatin’ me? I told you before we got married… …that I was not your slave. *warm music begins* *Greg mimics her* No smotherin’ Greg, alright? Right! Right? Right! We have to… Remember?


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