6 Weirdest Things To Fall From The Sky

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! – No, it’s just meat falling from the sky.
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– If you’re outside right now… …watching this show on your phone,
as people have been known to do, look up. You see that big blue thing?
That’s called the sky. But if it’s black, and it’s nighttime, and there’s
little sparkly things in it… – …don’t get scared. That’s also the sky.
– And if something wet is falling from… …that sky, don’t be scared. That’s
called rain. But if it’s not rain, you should be scared. And that’s what
we’re talking about today, y’all. It’s time for “That ain’t rain, mayne!
That’s a weird thang!” All right, getting started with the first
weird thang. Link, how often do you have yourself
a cup of coffee and you think… – Every morning.
– “You know what I could use right now? – Some non-dairy creamer powder.”
– Uh… not usually. Never, right? Who likes that stuff?
If you like that stuff, please let us know. I’ll take it if there’s nothing
else available. But if you lived in Chester, South
Carolina, in 1969 — and let’s face it:… – …who didn’t? — then that wish would…
– True. …have become a reality. Because
occasionally, over that period of 1969, the clouds of Chester would rain down
white rain. (stammering) Is that a hairspray? Is that what White
Rain is, or is it a band? – It is. It’s a hairspray… band.
– Mm. It’s neither. – It’s a hairband spray. It’s a hairspray.
– It’s a hair band that uses a hairspray. – Well, it’s just a hairspray.
– Anyway, it was rain filled with… …non-dairy, non-quite-milky,
nasty stuff. But were they in the packets,
like packets falling from the sky? – No. It was the stuff.
– Ah. Now, what was causing this? Was this
some sort of secret corporate program to get people to think that non-dairy
creamer is actually just natural and falls from the sky, and that’s why
you should put it in your coffee? – (snaps) Yes. Yes.
– No, it wasn’t! There was a company… …right outside of Chester: Cremora.
Basically they made non-dairy creamer. And they had these vents. And they would
get clogged with non-dairy creamer. And then they would (spitting noise)
eventually release and… – They’d fart it out, like (spitting noise)?
– They’d fart out non-dairy creamer… – …into the atmosphere.
– That is not good. And then it would get into the clouds
and mix with the rain and come down. And people would come out with their —
“Hey, morning, George!” And they’d come out with their coffee!
No, they didn’t actually do that. – “Morning, Joe.” Cup.
– Oh. I get it. And it would create this gunky, white
rain, and it would also be in the dew. – So everybody wins.
– They weren’t necessarily happy… …about this, and they
were charged with… …”releasing Cremora beyond
plant boundaries.” – (laughing)
– That was on the law books already? – Well, that’s in quotes in the research.
– Okay. And they were fined $4,000. It only
costs you $4,000 to release your cream… – …outside of the boundaries.
– And if you gathered it, you didn’t… – …have to buy cream.
– Keep a boundary around it, people. I got a good one for ya.
Jennings, Louisiana, 2007. One Eleanor Beal, a Jennings Police
Department employee, was crossing the street going into work and she said,
(high voice) “All of a sudden… …things began falling from the sky.
When I saw that they were crawlin’, – I said, ‘It’s worms! Get outta the way!'”
– (laughing) – That’s what I woulda said.
– Now, these worms were not of the… …gummy variety. So don’t get your
hopes up here. She was being pelted… – …by wormballs.
– Wormballs? Balls of worms. – Balls of living worms.
– Gotta keep it straight here. Which, once again, blows my high school
theory that the way to woman’s heart… …is through a worm’s anus. It didn’t
happen. She was… – She wasn’t pleased. She wasn’t pleased.
– She was appalled. She was not pleased. She brought an
employee out and said, “Look!” And the employee said, (gruff voice)
“Worms.” – (laughing)
– Live worms. What could this have been? The prevailing theory…
Get this; this is crazy! – Give it to me and I’ll get it.
– This is the prevailing theory… …the only theory, okay? A waterspout
was spotted five miles away near the Lacassine Bayou. And it sucked up all
the earthworms and then dropped… – …’em on Eleanor.
– Sucked them out of the ground? – Or sucked them out of the water?
– The bayou. The bayou. (stammering) I don’t know the anatomy
of a bayou. – (crew offscreen laughing)
– (laughing) The Anatomy of a Bayou… – …with Link.
– (laughing) I’ll look into it later. – Accompanied by the music of White Rain.
– (laughing) A water– that’s it, man. – A waterspout sucked it up.
– In 1867 in Bath County, Kentucky… …there was the Kentucky Meat Shower.
Now, there is a series of jokes that could be made about this, but I’m gonna
let you make them I’m not going to make the Kentucky Mean Shower jokes that
you’re thinking right now. But what happened was, for a period of
several minutes, pieces of meat begain to fall from the sky into an area of about
100 by 50 yards. These are big chunks of meat, like two inches, square. Some as
big as four inches square. I mean, that’s like a palm-sized
meat chunk falling. – Man! Light your grills!
– Now, you might say, “This is 1867… …How do we know this happened?”
But multiple publications reported this including the New York Times,
Scientific American. So this… – …actually happened. Now, there were…
– Hm! …two gentlemen who were in the area
who reported tasting the meat and judged it to be mutton or venison.
Now, I know what you’re thinking. – Deer or sheep?
– Why… you know. Two gentlemen… …such as us, are out and we see meat
falling. Why would we just begin to… – …taste it? Well, what you didn’t know…
– Never turn down a meat shower. What you don’t know is that the meat
shower was followed by a light misting… – …of A1. No, it wasn’t.
– (laughing) No, it wasn’t. I don’t know what they did it.
Because it was 1867, and if you got… – …meat, you just ate it.
– I mean, I can imagine the conversation. “You taste.” “You taste.”
“No, you taste it.” – “Well, we’ll both taste it.”
– I don’t know why the… …Royal Microscopical Society of
Great Britain did a further… …medical examination. What were they
doing in Bath County, Kentucky? I don’t know. But they did, and they
determined that the meat was, in fact… lung tissue from either a horse
or a human baby. – (crew laughing)
– (Link) Oh my gosh. – You know, they really narrowed it down.
– But why? – “Horse or baby? We can’t tell.”
– Okay, that’s what it was. – But why was it in the sky, man?
– I have no idea? Don’t tell me something this titillating
and not give me a prevailing theory. Locals said that buzzards, (nasal voice)
“who, is as their custom, seeing one of …their companions disgorge himself
immediately followed suit.” – Vultures vomited?
– Meaning there were buzzards that were… – …feeding on babies.
– Baby lungs? Baby horses. No, babies’ or horses’
lungs. And I think what it was is there were vultures, and when one vulture
sees another vulture throw up… – …apparently they all begin to throw up.
– Like humans. And that is the leading theory,
to this day. Vulture vomit. – My other favorite band.
– (Link) Brazil, 2013. Let’s go there… – …where nightmares come to life.
– Hm. All right, so imagine you’re outside
with some friends, and you look up, and you see what appears to be a curtain
of spiders just raining down from the sky. – Eugh.
– Like, I’m not just talking tens… …or even hundreds. I’m talking thousands
of spiders raining down from the sky. Well, this actually happened to Erick Reis
and his friends outside of Sao Paulo, Brazil. – (Link) He posed this video.
– (Rhett) Oi. (Link) And he zoomed in on spiders.
Look, that’s a real spider! – (Link) He zoomed out.
– (Rhett) Oh, gosh! (Link) And it’s just spiders everywhere!
They’re kind of suspended in the air. – (Rhett) This is the worst thing ever.
– No, this is not a marketing stunt for… …the upcoming release of Charlotte’s
Web 2: Revenge of the Spider Babies. – Which is gonna be great.
– Oh, yeah. – It’s gonna be great.
– Talking spiders are not creepy… …but non-talking that kind of spider is
very creepy. – She also spelled in a web.
– Yeah, the spelling spiders. – Very nice.
– This phenomenon, as it turns out… …happens all over the world. And it’s
a species of spider that is social, and they create giant spiderweb structures
where thousands of them convene. So they’re not technically raining down from
the sky. They’re just suspended in the sky. – I don’t care how social they are.
– You don’t wanna walk through that web. I want them all to die. I don’t care how
social they are. But in other ares, and notably in
Australia, there are smaller spiders that will do something called ballooning,
which is they’ll climb to a high area, stick their butts in the air and
(spitting nose) out a silk. – And then it’ll… they’ll take off.
– Like a parachute. Yeah, like a parachute, and they’ll
start saying through the air. – So watch out for raining spiders…
– I hate that as well. – …Brazil and Australia.
– I hate that as well. (Rhett) In 2015, Spanish goat farmers
in Villavieja, Spain, were doing what they do best — farming goats — when,
all of a sudden, they stumbled upon a strange object: a weird metal sphere
that looks a lot like an ITO… – …interrogator from Star Wars.
– It does, yeah. And then later that week, another
mysterious ball landed somewhere in the same village. And then a third ball
was found a few miles away, because sometimes balls come in threes.
Count yourself lucky, fellas. I said it looked like the ITO interrogator
from Star Wars, but then I realized… …I was looking at a picture
of the interrogator. – (Rhett laughing) Yes, you were.
– (Link) it actually looks like… – …a hornets’ nest. What is it?
– Yeah, okay. It’s three feet wide… …44 pounds. The locals called them
“bolas especial.” – (whispering) Space balls. Yeah.
– Space balls! And then they sent an official out to
examine them. Here is the official examining them. He, as you can see,
has on protective gear. He goes out and discovers that it is not radioactive.
It is not poisonous. It is not explosive. And so they do what you’re supposed to
do when you find that. They just put it in the back of a truck and went
off with it. See? There it is. – (Link) But, Rhett, what is it?
– Okay, well, it’s definitive proof… – …of aliens, Link. That’s what it is.
– Okay, I’ve got another one. – Moving right along.
– No, it’s not definitive proof of aliens. – Oh!
– They thing that it’s discarded fuel… …tanks from “a” space station,
which really freaks me out, because when you say “a” space station, I’m like,
“I thought there was ‘the’ space station.” Is there other space stations up there
that are dropping balls? – Black balls.
– And now we’re finding out about it? Goat farmers are finding out about it?
What kind of world do we live in? One where space stations black-ball us.
Huh. Hidden ones. I’m afraid. – That’s why I’m gonna move on.
– Okay. Sadly, this is not much better.
In Woodinville, Washington, October 18, 1992, Gerri and Leroy
Cinnamon — yes, their last name… – …is Cinnamon — were watching…
– Oh. …a football game in their home when,
all of a sudden, something came crashing through their roof, and Leroy said,
“I expected to see Superman soar… …through the hole!” Not my first thought,
but, okay. Whatever. Leroy Cinnamon…
lives in a fantasy world. It was actually a bunch of baseball-sized
chunks of greenish ice. – Hm.
– It could’ve been Kryptonite, but then it melted and they began
noticing some sort of scent. – A smell, if you will.
– A pine scent? “Hey, Gerri. Come smell this
green ice.” It started to smell because it was
frozen doo-doo balls of human waste. – (laughing) Doo-doo balls.
– Green, frozen doo-doo balls… …of human waste. Hopefully they
didn’t taste it like the others. “You taste it!” “You taste it!”
I don’t think they did that. – “I think it might be mutton.”
– The FAA confirmed, can you guess? – FAA’s involved?
– It came from a plane. – It came from a plane.
– I’ve always wondered that every… – …time I flushed… in the toilet.
– It goes to the Cinnamons’ house. – Yeah, right.
– Right there. You’re pooping on… – …the Cinnamons.
– That’s the euphemism for… …flushing a toilet on a plane:
straight to the Cinnamons’ house. (laughing) It was frozen human waste
from a leaky United Airlines sewage… …system. Leroy said, “It’s a good thing
none of us was killed. What would you… – …put on the tombstone?”
– (scoffs) Well, I got a few ideas. Like what? “I came. I saw.
I got crapped on.” – (laughing)
– “Death by dookie balls?” – Death — yeah, there you go.
– Frozen dookie balls. I don’t know. That’s frenzy —
what’s the vulture? – What’s the band’s name?
– Uh, Vulture Vomit. Vulture Vomit’s album,
Death by Dookie Balls. – Mm.
– Pick it up now at Target, exclusively. – (crew offscreen laughing)
– Thanks for liking, commenting… – …and subscribing.
– You know what time it is. – I’m Martin.
– I’m Hayley. – And we’re in Hong Kong Disneyland.
– And it’s time to spin The… – (both) Wheel of Mythicality!
– Rhett’s Beard Oil — that’s me — and Link’s Peanut Butter Peppermint
Lip Balm don’t fall from the sky, because there would probably be some sort
of lawsuit if they did. But you can… – …find them at rhettandlink.com/store.
– And at your doorstep. And they’ll hit… …your lips or your beard in a satisfying
way. Click through to Good Mythical More, where we’re gonna
play a video game. It is a… – …squirrel suit simulator.
– (laughing) (laughing) A flying squirrel suit.
– (Rhett) “Rhett just remembered something.” – Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!
– What? What? What? (repeating to a rhythm) – Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!
– Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! – Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!
– What? What? What? (explosion noise with mouth) [Captioned by Kevin:
GMM Captioning Team]


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