7 Tips for Dry Eye Relief – The Dry Eye Show 02/18/2018

Welcome to The Dry Eye Show I don’t know
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see us so we’re good so alright welcome to The Dry Eye Show I’m Dr. Travis
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so get on that so let’s jump right into our first tip on our first tip of dry
eye management yeah so our first tip is hydration so we’ve talked a lot about
this in the dry eye syndrome support community and we’re showing you the
importance of hydration so that you can start feeling better through something
as simple as drinking more water one term you’ll hear us say is hyper
hydration and that’s a term given to drinking a lot of water in a short
period of time to flush your body of toxins so our body needs water to
function just like it needs oxygen and you wouldn’t deprive your body of oxygen
so why would you deprive your body of water so we recommend you wake up in the
morning and you hydrate with at least 16 ounces of water normally 16 to 32 ounces
somewhere in there you can add a little bit of lemon or apple cider vinegar to
it if you need to but clean water is great it may take your body a few days
to adjust to this just because your body’s not used to drinking that much
water but the effects are well worth it so flushing your body with water and
basically staying properly hydrated has tons of effects on your body it boosts
your metabolism by thirty to fifty percent which is awesome it’s kind of
like working out so that’s a big reason to drink a lot of water
you’re also flushing your circulatory and your lymphatic system and you’re
getting rid of all those toxins in your body which is super super important so
another thing that it’s gonna do is just get rid of brain fog you know that foggy
feeling in your mind that you know you don’t have clarity as you’re working
throughout the day especially in the afternoon drinking water is really gonna
help with that so like I said you’ll start to feel the
effects of hydration you know about after three days or so of this so get
drinking that water so a couple questions about hydration how quickly do
we need to drink it in the morning I recommend right when you get up drink
water before you do you know really anything else I like to drink water
right when I get up so you know do it right before you exercise right before
you eat breakfast you know just make it part of your morning routine and then
Michele s is Crystal Light okay um the reason that I don’t necessarily like
Crystal Light is because of the artificial sweeteners in it I would much
rather you squeeze some lemon in your water or some lime or you know infuse
your water with oranges or strawberries or you know anything like that is better
than Crystal Light so you know it’s okay for occasionally but I would not you
know drink it all the time yeah and I would agree with that
yeah squeeze a lemon squeeze a lime is so much better so how about things like
Propel which has electrolytes in it still has artificial sweeteners which I
don’t tend to like so you know too many artificial sweeteners are not a good
thing just like sugar is not a good thing so really try to keep it to plain
water you know every once in a while you can of course have those things but
really try to do a straight plain water if you can yeah and then in the morning I
like to drink my 32 ounces somebody asked about shy chug in our sip it I
my 32 ounces over the first half hour of my day while I’m usually reading a book
or listening to a podcast or something like that so that’s usually before he
gets up and then once he gets up I go read to him so tip number one hydration
and if you want to learn more about hydration you can visit dryeyecommunity.com we created an email sequence that goes over pretty much all the tips we’re
going to go over and some more so had to dry eye community to do that and again
you’re watching the dry eye show again I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and Dr. Jenna Zigler
we’re the co-founders of Eye love and Optometrists in South Carolina if you
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management and again let us know if it’s your first time here or if it’s your
second or third and then where you’re joining from so and we also put a link
in the description to give you 50% off our lid and lash cleanser so let’s go in
to tip number two alright so tip number two is a
plant-based alkalizing diet so I’m showing you the importance of this so
that you can start healing your dry eye from the inside out which is what we
talked about in the community so often so instead of thinking of vegetables as
sides like we normally do I want you to start thinking about them as your main
dish so when picking vegetables to eat focus on leafy green vegetables you know
taking up the most of your plate so whether it’s a salad or you know
something like that that’s taking up at least half of your plate is ideal so the
healthiest options can actually be organic frozen vegetables and then
organic fresh and I say frozen before fresh just because those frozen
vegetables are flash frozen so that they don’t lose a lot of nutrients on their
way to you so some ideas of vegetables to eat you know spinach, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, carrots, peppers all that good stuff is perfect sweet
potatoes even I’m gonna interrupt you and we talked about green smoothies for
breakfast a lot and we started a green smoothie challenge page he agrees with
that and so if you’ve tried the green smoothie challenge and you’ve also
you’re drinking green smoothies for breakfast or lunch or any time of day
put that in below put that below what your favorite green is for your green
smoothie ours is spinach so go on I’m sorry you know things to avoid just GMOs
genetically modified organisms, pesticides and fertilizers who knows what those are
doing your body you know we know that they can cause cancer among other things
so just something to think about avoiding processed food, sugar, dairy and
most meats unless you are you know set on eating meat that’s fine but make sure
that you’re getting it from a sustainable trusted source and a lot of
people will say that organic vegetables and produce is a lot more expensive but
it’s actually less expensive when you think about it from a nutrient
standpoint an example of spinach when you have it organic it’s got 20 times
the iron then non-organic spinach I think it’s 160 milligrams per serving
versus two that’s a huge difference so you’re when you’re eating non-organic
spinach you’re not even getting the nutrients that you’re taking spinach for
so if you’ve been diagnosed with things like anemia it could be that you just
need to eat more spinach and especially organic spinach but in those green
smoothies you’ll never even even taste it so let’s take a couple questions from
the diet standpoint can diet soda cause dry eye Amanda asks I’m a firm believer
that it can you know all of those chemicals in that diet soda if you’re
drinking you know at least one of those a day I would absolutely say yes it
could yep Stephanie’s first time, Brenda from Ohio first time thank you guys for
joining us glad to have you here second time wearing my orange glasses so we’re
twinsies today just got them hope you like them
Louisiana first time we were just in Louisiana not too long ago yeah just
about a week ago and then Enid first time here nice
Cynthia does 32 ounces within 30 minutes awakening I aim for a gallon a day
that’s pretty awesome how about fish fish is okay too you know
if you are getting it once again from a sustainable source a wild-caught fish is
much better so if you can do that then that’s wonderful you know try to have at
least a day a week you know if you if you like to have your meat and your
fridge that’s fine just do it you know start out with the day a week that you
do vegetables only and see how you feel all right
so speaking of fish we’re in a segue into the next section and so if you want
to learn more about any of the tips we’re doing go to dry a community put in
your email address and let’s jump into tip number three which is Omega
essential fats and I’m gonna go over that one so I’m gonna show you the
importance of omega fatty acids so you can see the importance of healthy fats
and giving your body oxygen so you can tell the difference and I’m gonna also
help you tell the difference between healthy fats and healthy fats so we all
know that we need oxygen to breathe to live and so try holding your breath for
30 seconds and your body it just instinctively starts to gasp for air you
cannot suffocate yourself by holding your breath the same thing is true with
your cells your cells are gasping for oxygen if you’re eating an unhealthy
processed food, unhealthy fast food diet so the Western diet is extremely
unhealthy filled with processed foods sugars just everything she talked about
to avoid and so what that is doing to your cells is actually making them
starved of oxygen and so what we need to do is start putting healthy fats back
into our diet in order to get your cells oxygen you have a hundred trillion cells
in your body and they regenerate from two days like your eye all the way up to
six months like the nerve cells in your body and so if you start to eat these
healthier cells you’re gonna start feeling better right away but it’s gonna
take about six months to a year to feel the full benefits of like an omega-3
fish oil supplement or an omega-6 healthy evening primrose supplement or
something like that so what I always recommend is always deal with food first
and then supplement second and so some foods to eat to get some healthy fats in
your diet include avocados you guys have all heard me talk about my favorite
avocados, ground-up flax seed, chia seeds, walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds sesame
seeds, pine nuts, Brazil nuts ooh just the whole nut family in general is gonna be
those healthy omega-6s and omega-3s now most of us eat unhealthy omega-6s
unfortunately and that’s what’s causing ourselves to be suffocated
and those include fast food, freezer meals, cookies, candy bars, cakes, pork products
such as bacon I know I’m sorry I just I just this bacon on you limiting cheese
he’s mad about that he is mad about bacon even though I don’t think he’s
ever had bacon but and other oils to avoid his margarine, Crisco shortening, fake butter substitutes I can’t believe it’s not butter, corn oil, soybean oil,
canola oil we recommend only using organic unrefined coconut oil for
anything and we use we go through quite a bit of it because we put it in our
coffee for our creamer so healthy omegas are the way to go eating nuts, avocados,
flaxseed oil and then if you do want to supplement we do have an omega-3 for dry
eye that you can take it’s on our website eyelovethesun.com and that’s
going to help get that healthy omega-6 so we’ve gone over three tips so far we’ve
got hydration we’ve got diet plant-based alkalizing diet we got Omega threes
again this is the dry eye show with Dr. Travis Zigler and Dr. Jenna Zigler
we’re the co-founders of Eye love and Optometrist in South Carolina and again
let us know if you’re just joining us if it’s your first time put it below and
let us know where you’re from and then I also put a link in the
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so let’s go back to the questions for just a little bit all right Judy says
long time from Virginia we know you Judy we love you Stephanie says second
time I usually listen on ketchup as I’m in the UK yep it’s a little what time is it
over there it’s it’s late over there alright Cynthia’s been here for over a
year we know Cynthia really well thank you we love you too Brenda has her black
glasses on so she’s twinning with Jenna and then Janet’s from New Jersey welcome
Roxanne thanks wildcard only I agree with the fish oil let’s see I use 20
packs plus equal packets daily and I am dying with I don’t know what that saying
but equal is bad I’m sorry it’s finisher yeah sweetener people and
sweet low have actually been shown to cause cancer correct yeah I mean in lab
rats not humans but the lab rats yeah so really try to cut back on that
you know switch to something different I don’t I’m not a huge fan of
stevia either but stevia is better because it comes from a more natural
source even raw sugar is probably better even though it has calories it’s still
better for you than these these fake artificial things because those are you’re
looking at lab made versus grown and so raw sugar is gonna be grown in a field
where the the synthetic things are gonna be eternal in the labs and I would tell
you to you know cut that gradually just like you would with caffeine you know
you have to cut back a little bit at a time to go off of caffeine or you’ll get
a headache same thing is true with like artificial sweeteners your you have to
kind of retrain your taste buds so really work on that Elaine says waiting
for my second pair of blue blockers to arrive today thanks for your order Donna
says hi hi Donna lots and lots of which oils should I cook with organic
unrefined coconut oil is what we use but cooking with oil actually breaks it down
and so we recommend not cooking with oil at all I know it’s hard but adding oil
afterwards after the cook is sometimes easier to do I love my pink blue blocking
glasses nice alright we’re gonna go into warm compresses here just a little
bit I love coconut I use it for almost everything awesome
let’s see alright I’m getting the nudge to go on so next topic we’re gonna go
over tip number four is let me type it in here sorry I’ve been distracted alright so eyelid cleaning that’s what
we’re gonna go tip number four is keeping your eyelids clean so
blepharitis is an inflammation of the front eyelids and it can be on both the
back surface in the front surface of the eyelid we’re gonna focus on the anterior
side which is typically when you see those red inflamed eyelids you have, the
the dandruff from your eyelashes, irritated eyelids, dry eyes, lids stuck
shut when you wake up, itchy in red and flamed eyes so this is
usually caused from a bacteria that is over growing on your eyelids
it’s very common bacteria so don’t think that you need to scrub down with
antibiotics or anything but it’s a bacteria that lives on your eyelids
naturally and it over grows when it over grows that’s when you get all the
symptoms above all this inflammation so what we can do with that is use an
eyelid cleansing product again 50% off ours in the the comments or the
description for the show notes we use hypochlorous acid based cleanser it’s
got three ingredients hypochlorous acid and electrolyzed water which contains a
little bit of salt in it as well and then this is what it looks like so this
is a month’s supply there’s about 180 sprays in this and this is what you’re
gonna get 50% off because we want you guys to try it because we believe it
works if you’re not using our hypochlorous acid based cleanser you can
use Avenova Avenova is the prescription cleanser but no if you buy
from us you support our mission of we go to Jamaica every year and we’re actually
starting to create sustainable clinics down there and so with every purchase
you make through us it goes towards those missions and so Avenova and our
hydrate lid lash cleanser are pretty much the only two lid cleansers i
prescribed now a common myth is baby shampoo is effective that was very
widely used in the 90s and early 2000s but it’s actually been shown to be worse
because it’s got a mild detergent in it and so it actually makes it breaks down
the lipase is even more in your in your eyelids and so therefore your tears
aren’t as they’re not as what it’s sort of form good quality it’s not gonna
be as great yeah quality is that gonna be as great so again we’ve gone over
four tips so if you want to learn more about these tips and get even more tips
head up to dryeyecommunity.com where you can enter your email address and get
more again you’re watching the dry eye show Dr. Travis Dr. Jenna co-founders of
Eye love and Optometrists in South Carolina we’re having quite a few more people
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us and then click the link to get our Heyedrate lid and lash cleanser for 50% off
so tip number one is hydration, food, Omega and eyelid cleansing
fifth we are going to go over take it away warm compresses so a couple of you have
asked about warm compresses for meibomian gland dysfunction and we
recommend applying them at least every night
you really can’t necessarily overdose on them but we like to see you use it you
know at least at night twice a day is better you don’t need to be doing it all
day or anything like that they’re best performed with a mask that
specially formulated for dry eye and then afterwards after you put the warm
compress on for about 10 to 15 minutes you want to do meibomian gland
expression now this is the process where you express your meibomian
glands after you’ve heated your eyelids with the warm compress so heating up
those meibomian glands helps to turn any oil that’s in those glands that might be
impacted in there and almost thick like butter like helps to turn them into more
of like an oil or an olive oil that is more free-flowing and can get onto the
surface of your eye and coat your eye like it should you know think of putting
a stick of butter on the stove and it melts it’s kind of the same idea so
basically what you want to do is take a q-tip or your finger and you just kind
of massage from you know the upper part of your eyelid down to where your eyelid
kind of meets your eyeball and kind of get those oils out onto your eye so it’s
as simple as that you know we like to see you do it twice
a day if you can um you know more than that not really necessary but if you
want to do it more than that then yeah that’s perfectly fine
it’s going to be good for symptom relief so let’s jump over to questions again and
Darla asks is coconut oil raise your cholesterol so you’re getting a
healthier fat going into your body which is going to help clean up everything so
don’t worry about your cholesterol numbers when you’re looking at coconut
oil because when you start to clean up your diet and start drinking more water
and start eating more plant-based alkalizing diet everything is gonna
balance out so using coconut oil is a pure oil versus all the other soybean
and all those other ones crisco’s that I talked about so and as you start
transitioning to a healthier diet you’re good
cholesterol is going to go up where your bad cholesterol will go down and it will
balance itself out like you said Kathy says it’s her first time Joy’s first
time first time from Florida from Donna welcome welcome case his first time from
Hartford North Carolina welcome Ann says first time let’s see lost my place
Lilian says first time New York with which oils shall I use for cooking again
organic unrefined coconut oil is good thank you for your great products and
services Ariel says so thank you for being a customer we love it this is what
we do it for it’s just after 10:00 p.m. in UK all right
Charlene’s from Georgia we have lots of people that are first-timers so this is
great do our blue blockers fit over
prescription glasses it would be awkward but they’re bigger fit so they would do that
if you’re just gonna use them on the computer you could probably do it sorry
to hear that Bob that sounds terrible but omega-3s are good for you know
they’re good for anything in your body you know so absolutely I would
recommend them to her Ann’s from Knoxville Aiken South Carolina State
College go to Nittany Lions that’s just terrible to say I’m a Buckeye fan and we
just lost to Michigan yeah go blue we just lost Penn State Elaine’s first time on
Facebook from Palm Beach County Florida now Kerry asked any chance of making
your glasses with reading magnifiers so I don’t have to wear two pairs we do
have a plus 1.25 that we sell on Amazon so head over to Amazon put Eye love blue
blockers and they should pop up our blue blocking and they should pop up but we
only have plus 1.25 can I come from VA and see you in South Carolina we
are actually we sold our practices and we’re getting ready to move to Texas so
don’t come down to South Carolina cuz we won’t be here yeah we’ll probably be in
Texas alright let’s move on again you’re listening to the dry eye show we’ve had
a lot more people jump on again I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and this is
Dr. Jenna’s Zigler we’re co-founders of Eye Love and Optometrists in South
Carolina again let us know if it’s your first time and where you’re joining from
below and then we have a 50% off link for our Heyedrate lid and lash cleanser
in the description so make sure you get that we’re going over our top dry eye
tips number one is hydration, two is food, three is omega, four is eyelid cleansing,
five is warm compresses, six is getting rid oh man I forgot to put it in again of
demodex so demodex can I have to have him join the show so demodex are tiny
mites found in or near our hair follicles and they’re most commonly
found on the face and around the eyelashes they eat skin cells and oils
which accumulate in hair follicles and so infestation is actually very common
and it’s more common than you think especially in the elderly so 25% of
people have it that are age twenty 84% of people have it
that are age 60 and then almost a 100% of people have it over
the age of 70 and so the signs and symptoms of this are going to be the same
thing pretty much most people are a symptomatic
with it but if your immune systems compromised or if they start to grow a
little bit more and reproduce you’re going to get the same signs as
blepharitis and so what you can do for demodex I just do it
prophylactically in general is just use a tea-tree oil based soap again we have a
tea-tree oil base so it looks like this I use this everywhere you guys have
probably seen my shower video where I use it for my hair, my face, my eyelids look it up
yeah just join me in the shower on YouTube and I use it on my whole body
just because I use a prophylactically meaning to prevent the infestation of
demodex to prevent and actually it’s it’s made of five ingredients and we’ve
seen a lot of success with people that have had rosacea and ocular rosacea not
in the eyes of course but just the rosacea around the skin, psoriasis, eczema
it just helps with everything so if you follow the tips that we’ve stated above
for diet water and everything then this is gonna really help your skin it’s
pretty much not the soap but all the things that we’ve been talking about
with the soap have combined to help with my eczema and I don’t really have it
anymore it’s been pretty awesome yeah so demodex is tip number six so let’s jump
back over to some questions we have lots and lots of questions
Joyce says first time from Wisconsin is there a
replay yes there is we’ll post it right when we get done and if you click the
link above you’ll get on our facebook Messenger list and I’ll throw it out to
all them and then if you click go to dryeyecommunity.com you can get this
emailed to you in a step-by-step format to give it to you in sizable chunks she
also asks what are blue blockers so basically blue light is emitted from
your computer, your smart phone, your TV, you know the sun all different things
but we’re looking at our computers all day long so blue blocking glasses are
really going to cut down on the amount of blue light that’s entering your eyes
blue light has been shown to possibly contribute to macular degeneration it
can cause you to you know sleep poorly and you know be tired during the day and
all different things like that so blue blockers are really going to help you sleep
better, they’re going to help prevent macular degeneration and they’re going to
help you feel more awake during the day while you’re working yeah I agree Ann
says first time welcome this is a good question I’m just gonna answer this in
real quick I have Thygesons along with dry eye my doctor wants to flush my eyes
with iodine tomorrow is that effective so it’s a great question and it hasn’t been
shown to be effective for that but it’s kind of one of those things that we’ve
seen some results from it and so therefore we’re starting to do it but
I’ve never heard of it for thygesons we use it more for like viral yeah very
extreme viral like EKC very extreme viral infections
thygesons is usually inflammatory and so you got to figure out what’s causing
the inflammation and if you go to dryeyecommunity.com and join our email list
we talked about an anti-inflammatory pretty much diet steps to become anti-
inflammatory yeah I mean definitely it’s off-label um what they’re doing but you
know who’s to say that it doesn’t work I mean it might be worth a try so I would
stick with what they say yep Judy says granddaughter loved my glasses so she
wanted some I got her the blue they are big but cute she uses them she’ll grow into
him because they’re unbreakable so they won’t break and hopefully all right
Elaine says she uses our blue blockers over her glasses and they’re very
comfortable so good and just got your lid and lash cleanser
excited to try it awesome we’re excited to have see your success and let us know
Michelle asks does the lash lid and lash cleanser expire in a month it does not
it has a two-year shelf-life Michelle ours does so I know that Avenova does
expire a month after you open it but ours is two years and it’s just the
difference in how we make it so we use electrolyzed water and how you create
hypochlorous acid is the process that Avenova has and what we
have and so that process ours was able to maintain a two-year shelf
life do you recommend any vitamins yeah so we have our omega-3 and then we have
our ocular health formula that has lutein and other phytochemicals that
help scrub up everything and then just taking a good multivitamin we take thorn
yeah I take I’m you know nursing him so I take Thor and prenatal and really
Travis takes it too so he’s probably getting more vitamins than what he needs
but I really like thorn thorn makes some really great vitamins plant-based and
wonderful so Patty from Texas first time welcome Patty Judy your soap is great
for dry curly hair love it can tell when I use it something else that’s awesome
to hear cool I might gets mine gets mega curly too is
it possible I could get off Xiidra so yes Donna please go to dryeyecommunity.com just go through the steps we send you an email every three days
and if you take those steps you can get off Xiidra and we talked about we we
actually want you guys to cure your dry eye naturally and so that is that’s our
goal and Brenda asks where is the coupon so
click the link it will tend you to a page you send a message to our page and
it will send you the coupon back and then you can use it when you checkout
all right so finally we are on to tip number seven again this is the dry eye
show with Dr. Travis Zigler and Dr. Jenna Zigler and we’ve already gone
over six tips we’re gonna go over the seventh and then we’ll give you a little
review again if you’re just joining us because we still have more people
joining which is awesome let us know if it’s your first time and let us know
where you’re joining from and then click the link to get 50% off our Heyedrate
lid and lash cleanser in the description so tip number seven is not just one tip we
have miscellaneous helpful tips we’ll call it a lifestyle Dr. Jenna this is
Jude Zigler by the way you guys have not met him already
he is currently eating my hand but so lifestyle modification tips so tip
number one if you were smoking any time while you drink once a day once a week
stop smoking stop smoking stop smoking number two avoid fans if at all possible
especially ceiling fans we need to sleep night time oh it’s awful if I sleep with the
ceiling fan on I wake up and I can barely get my eyes open so avoid fans
and you know even air vents in your car blow it at your feet if you can tip
number three wear sunglasses when you’re outside even when it’s cloudy you’re
still gonna need those sunglasses tip number four lifestyle modification tip
number four avoid excessive phone tablet and computer use and wear blue blockers
while you’re working during the day that’s really going to help you avoid
some of that eye strain that you get and then lifestyle modification number five
try to reduce stress I know that life is stressful we’ve all got a lot going on
but producing stress is really going to help your dry eyes give a couple
things you do for stress relief yeah so my number one thing that has really
helped turn my life around is keeping a gratitude journal every night I write
down three things that I am grateful for and give him to you because he is he’s a
tub getting some arm muscles here so I do a gratitude journal so three things
every night that I am grateful for from that day I do it every single night I
also try to do meditation it’s a little tough with him but I try to take some
time out even if it’s just a few minutes to do some meditation I do yoga I love
yoga it’s a great way to reduce stress I exercise
that helps me reduce stress probably more than anything you know even just
going for a walk really helps reduce stress so those are some of the things
that I do and then our lifestyle modification tip number five is sleep
so most repair and regeneration of your body occurs when you’re sleeping and
when you sleep you’re gonna have more energy you’re going to create healthier
cells your body is just going to work better so make sure you’re getting that
sleep we recommend at least seven hours a night everybody’s different but you
want to listen to your own body yep and just um try to get at least seven hours
and I love sleep and I usually take a nap in the middle of the day or I
meditate in the middle of the day and that usually helps out with stress and
sleep because you can relax a little bit more so again if you want to we’re going to
post a replay of this so you can watch this all over again and skip the parts
that you want will probably break it down into the seven tips as well just so
it will create blog post so you can get more easily if you want to learn more
about dry eye treatment go to dryeyecommunity.com
and sign up for that email list we’ll send you an email every three days it
has these seven tips in it plus a lot more and so you can get a lot more
information so let’s jump over to questions one more time
Gayle says such a beautiful baby we’re just training him for his mic time so
but thank you let’s see do you recommend eyedrops right before you go to sleep we
don’t recommend eye drops at all unless you need them but yeah before you go to
sleep is fine it’s great that’s nothing to really worry about Michelle Cohen says
meditate yes airplane is bad very true lots of fans
lots of ventilated airs so first time interested in dry eye relief head to dryeyecommunity.com really bad dude electronics yeah get off those
electronics two to three hours before you go to bed it’s gonna help out a lot
Carrie says she’s having a hard time finding our one and a half readers on
Amazon type in Eye Love two words reading Eye Love reading yeah E-Y-E L-O-V-E reading
they should be 1.25 reading glasses and they do have blue blockers on them yep
and they’re good for the computer and they’re cute four miles on the trails in
the woods and that sounds awesome that’s a good that’s good stress
relief alright so we’re going to wrap things up again thanks for watching the
dry eye show I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler and this is Jude Zigler co-founders of Eye Love go join dryeyecommunity.com sign up for
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let me know below and I can post it down below too next week we will actually be
interviewing a naturopathic doctor Dr. Nick from New Vision Health in Michigan
and he’s going to go over brain and cell detox so join us next week at 5 p.m. on
Sunday and then in the following week we’re actually gonna start moving these
to 7:00 p.m. because of this guy runs into hit starts running into his bedtime
and we don’t get a lot of you know we don’t get time with him towards the end
of the day when we do this so if we do it at 7:00 he’ll be asleep we don’t have
to worry about that yep there you go alright thanks for joining us guys thanks
take care


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