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– Hey, this is Billboard. – You should know us. – [Both] We’re Flora Cash. – We met on SoundCloud. I was living in Stockholm
and I was looking for some new music and
I found Cole’s music. – And then I noticed her comments and went and listened to her music, and so we started talking
about collaborating, musically. One thing led to another,
ended up Skype chatting for five months, pretty much
every single hour of the day, and then she came to Minneapolis. The last TV show we binge watched? – [Shpresa] The Office. – Yeah, but also South Park – [Shpresa] Oh yeah. – But I have this thing where like, when we’re on the road
and we’re in hotel rooms, and I never do this any other time, but I get really into HGTV. It’s very homey, so. – [Shpresa] Yeah it is homey. – Yeah, literally. Last movie that made me
cry was Good Will Hunting. Yeah and I cried like 10
times for some reason. – You did! – That movie I think it’s a masterpiece. It’s pure genius. – I saw this movie on a plane, that’s kind of a, maybe
it’s a chick flick or not, But I think it’s like I Feel
Pretty, or something like that. And I actually cried, it was beautiful. (laughs) – We get very very emotional
when we fly, I don’t know why. – We do actually. We talk about deep stuff
and we cry a little bit. – I think it’s ’cause you’re
literally less grounded. Who would we collaborate
with dead or alive? – Who would you collaborate with? – That’s kind of a tough one, I really like Post Malone, actually. Yeah, I would like him
to do, or I would like some kind of collaboration
with Post Malone. That would be pretty sweet. – I will say Michael Jackson, yeah. – I think we both made
music when were little kids, but neither one of us at that point, we didn’t have musical
families, in the sense of like, encouraging us to learn instruments. – [Shpresa] But sang it. – But we yeah, we used
to write songs as kids. For me it like resurfaced
later on in life. I joined like a punk band as a drummer. And then I was like oh my gosh, it’s really easy how
they’re playing guitar, because it was just power chords. So I was like, I have to
learn how to play guitar. Didn’t you have like a girl’s group when you were a little kid,
you and the neighborhood kids? – [Shpresa] Yes. – Had like a spice girls type of thing? – [Shpresa] But it wasn’t a Spice Girls. It was a Dream Girls.
– No, but, no, that’s the closest thing I could, that’s what you called it. – You hijacked my question. – I’m sorry. – No it’s okay. – You mean your answer? – I mean the answer, no no it’s okay. I’ll hijack yours too. – Good. – The first place we ever
performed together was in Park Rapids, and it was county fair. – Yeah, there was a county
fair and we had, like, two days to learn a song, and we covered Home by Edward Sharpe
and the Magnetic Zeros. Yeah.
– Yeah. (laughs) – If we had to describe our music in one word, what would it be? Healthy? – Healthy? Like you would eat it, healthy? (laughs) – No, but I mean, like, not bad for you. – I must say I could agree with that, actually that’s a pretty good answer. – [Cole] Healthy. – For now it’s healthy. – The inspiration behind
You’re Somebody Else? I lit a candle in the kitchen and started playing a riff,
and we both were like, oh that’s a great riff. And then I think it just kind
of became a therapy for us. We just felt like, that we
weren’t who we wanted to be. So, like literally, you
know, you look like yourself, but you’re somebody else was how we felt. ♪ Go forward slowly, it’s
not a race to the end ♪ ♪ Well you look like yourself,
but you’re somebody else ♪ ♪ Only it ain’t on the surface ♪


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