A Focus on Higher Education Partnerships

At Wayne State University we needed to
revitalize our housing add to it and not tap into the University’s funds to do it.
What we got was transformational change for Wayne State University. Our
housing operation is generating revenues that go back into a reinvestment account
for long-term capital maintenance and upkeep and improvements. Corvias really
came through for us. Providing bridge funding so that this
project could start on schedule and finish on schedule. We were able to
defeat a hundred million dollars of debt that was already on our balance sheet. The number of students living here 24/7
is very important to the University’s goals of being a destination University,
making it more attractive to more students. The United States is truly in
the midst of an infrastructure crisis. Housing, deferred maintenance,
infrastructure challenges, storm water, debt defeasance are problems that every
community faces. Along the way we’ve done it the right way. All of the communities
that we have worked with, whether it be the military, higher ed or municipalities
all face very similar infrastructure challenges. Many times Corvias has been
the first to solve these challenges. What has driven me over the course of the last 20 years is truly the gratitude of our residents and the resolve of our
employees to truly solve problems for our partners. That’s the key to all of our success.

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