A-Trak – Remix Lab with T-Pain

Ladies and gentlemen, what is happening?
Welcome to Red Bull Remix Lab Live! I’m your boy T-Pain and I found this shirt
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right, it felt right. Ladies and gentlemen, I am here with the
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You’re Canadian, right? Yeah. The Ragin’ Canadian! Ladies and gentlemen, give it up
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Bull Remix Lab Live, man, and thank y’all for coming in. Sorry for being
tardy to the party but here we are, you know what I’m saying.
We got another episode on our joint. We about to remix something that’s real
special and real near and dear, so I hope y’all can tune in and comment as much as
you can. Please comment as much as you can because you get to determine how
this remix turns out. Again, man, I can’t thank y’all enough for coming through,
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Give me some ones in them comments, baby! I need it, give me the 1s. Come on
Okay, all right. I need some of your Red Bull. It’s a lot in there. We got the
fridge back here if you want to get some. See that right there … BAM! They’ve got all the flavors. As much Red Bull as you need right there BAM! But look we about to get this thing
cracking, right? But first we got to know what’s going on with your setup
right now. It’s a different kind of thing. Yes. So Ableton Live is my main go-to for production, so this is what
I produce on. I’ve used a lot of stuff over the years but
yeah I’ve been on this for the last couple years. I can’t use Ableton.
It’s a lot of gray. You know, you can change that if you wanted to. If you
wanted this to be magenta you could. You could change look really if you wanted fuchsia, if you wanted burgundy, maroon… But for this one, I was thinking
it would be cool to do something that’s a little bit different, so I also brought
a turntable and a mixer. We got Serato here just for this because I thought I’m
remixing my own song so, I don’t know just to sort of
come up with different things that I wouldn’t normally do just on the laptop.
I’ll be scratching some of the samples and creating awesome alright yeah all
the way to all the way to church I got a I got I have the stems from the song
also available on here so that’s all I want to try out is like grab the piano
come up with different patterns grab a plan and then program stuff chop it up
and whatever alright what kind of style you think we’re going with today I think
I think we’re gonna stay in the in the house vein okay
I like making house remixes and parkas like it’s very loop based you know the
basement sort of groove based so I could for me it’s you know I’ll start by just
trying to find some sort of loop and then build on that oh yeah yeah I want
to try that out you’re right midday trek in Africa and for seven years
I called him eight-track I couldn’t stop it
don’t know how just gave up eight-track what’s his name for seven years on my
map met you in Africa and they use these afrikanya hell oh man that was a special
day special sure a lot a lot of beer yeah the event was sponsored by beer
company so that was fun yeah yeah man that was a long time ago so we go way
back ya know Sam when you bring into each other at various events there’s a
big advance you know I’m saying every time I see Cudi I’ll say with that and
tell them if I can sit with that and yeah man I
mean so I’m happy to be doing this not really yes good to have you so let’s
check out the check let’s make sure tell everybody what track we’re doing
yes let everybody know how we’re gonna get it done
yep and how fucking smooth this is gonna be because that’s how the show delivers
very smooth very smooth so the song we’re listening to right now is a single
that I put out recently it’s called “DJs Gotta Dance More.” I’m not a very good dancer,
but you know it’s a good message. You know T-Pain’s got a dance more so
and featuring Todd Terry for those who don’t know Todd Terry is a legend in
house music. He’s from New York which is where I spend most of my time and he’s
he’s the guy talking on this song. So this song came out in the fall and you
know obviously I have this is good I have one version that song my version of
the song so for this think today figured I can come up with a different variation
because this the original song itself is um how could I say this the original
song itself it’s one of those like by be like it’s not a very club’ structure
it’s not a very I’ll notes I was saying that house music is loopy but the
original feels more like a drawn-out sound you listen to the guys talking for
the whole length of the song so for the remix I wanted to come up with shorter
loops and make it a little bit more production focused I guess I don’t know
if that made sense makes a lot of sense and there’s no yes somewhere there we
have it yes good yeah yeah I don’t think I’m ever gonna be able to do that with
lights that was I don’t know if people can do that and be hi that was crazy
Wow damn okay alright so alright that was Sonic now does it have some good
information for me because I got a lot of house festivals coming up gotta be
able to know these things but now I mean let’s all I mean let’s get started let’s
see what we got here I’ll just I really interested to see how you work
this out nobody’s coming here with this setup and I’m I don’t generally make
most of my tracks with this full setup right it’s usually either this or this
but I like to challenge myself on live platforms yeah do you have any like
go-to sense or jobs anything like that do you have like just the ones you start
out with a little bit so what I’ll do for a remix like this is like I I grab
the kick from the song itself as a starting point and a lot of times I’ll
just have I’ll start by having the kick running just to to look for that loop
idea right you don’t just look for what the equivalent of a sample or what’s you
know what’s the main idea that I’ll be building around okay and if anything I
might go and switch the kick later but just as a starting point I’ve got on
here I have the stems and everything oh hey what’s going on here I got the stems
of the whole song but I also have a lot of them loaded on the cerrado setup okay
okay so what I was thinking was to start with yeah with a kick drum and mess
around maybe with the piano since that that is kind of the the main instrument
of the song but come up with like a different phrasing of it whether it’s
scratching it or these pads right here these also control whatever’s on Cerato
like a youth is kind of like a sampler and just see what I come up with I’ll
probably record like a few different ideas I don’t really I didn’t come here
with much of an idea as you can see there’s a kick and that’s gonna absolutely and I don’t know yeah I think
yeah I think we’ll start by messing around with this record some stuff okay
isolate a few loops and then build on some of them by adding more sounds on
here I don’t have like one go to San Thor whatever every song I make is kind
of a new idea okay which is I think good and bad in some ways the bad is that it
takes me forever to make anything because I have a formula I’m not like oh
here’s my thing and here’s the setting and here’s a new
yeah is there a standard for your style or they’re like I don’t even know okay I’m a hip-hop guy who makes house music
and then I’m a guy that plays a lot of house shows that goes and makes hip-hop
also so the intersections on both sides Halle Berry music all the people in the
chat just tell us what kind of track you think it should turn out to be obviously
we don’t have any idea right now well you know the worst they’ll happen is
we’ll see no that is the work but we encourage talking to you crush you get a
soda throw away shoes Red Bull or Red Bull all right we got a
pocket either one you know what grades are in that’s the piano from the song
okay this can go so many ways I’ll just start
recording and see what happens so I extend this and yeah I’ll just
record for a while and see alright it’s kind of two ideas in my head but we’ll
see where it goes something else real face so those did you chop those up or
with those jumped about themselves are there like auto chop or something like
that hell I did I did I did put cue points on the on the pewter chords what
is fruit house what’s French house yeah it’ll probably
end up mom probably end up being fridge is that is that something different from
so friends house yes a little bit more proper no French house is kind of like
you know the tradition of Daft Punk and their peers okay okay yeah in the 90s
there were there were a bunch of really amazing French house producers you could
say yeah Daft Punk, Alan Braxe, Fred Falke a lot of these guys and they sort of
took from a Chicago style of house music which was sampling a lot of disco
records yeah you know guys like DJ Sneak and and his contemporaries and then the
French took that have kind of did it their way and it’s kind of fetishized
well so you know the Duck Sauce project that I do right yeah got sauce
my partner in that project is Armand Van Helden who’s in New York house producer
but his he came up in the same era as like a lot of those classic French oh
yeah well he started earlier in New York but he kind of like hit his stride when
all that yeah so French house also called French touch touch oh boy that’s gonna happen if y’all see
y’all make sure I’m even choosing the first I’m gonna use I did a few takes of
this okay like the first idea that came to me without even thinking about it I
like the whole idea of like not thinking when you’re making music sometimes
that’s all I’m sure you know that just going with the instinct so the first
thing I scratched I thought oh that sounds like a loop so I recorded that I
did a few takes of it so now I’m gonna grab the one that sounds best to me put
that aside try another idea another thing I like to do when I start a track
is just like get a few ideas out really quick okay so park them one after the
other and then come back to them not and start doing stuff so that’s what I can
do I am far too lazy so well you just do what I’ll do the one idea go with the
first one that didn’t work out for everybody just tuning in this is Red
Bull remix lab live with my homeboy a track you know
and ya know dig i’m also here this may look strenuous cuz it looks
great news when I look at it but this is this is like piece of cake they’re able
to kill this program in this software they make it seem so easy but when you
look at it man it’s um a intimidating you think so I would say no to it like
to a logic user or something like that yeah I use logic for years and then I
switch the switch a long time ago I did some stuff on reason a ma I’m like I’m
also like I’m not very technical with production I’m technical with scratches
but with this stuff I don’t always really know what I’m
doing and which I I think it’s part of the process that’s good I want to know
too much about doing yeah so but with with that sort of viewpoint like what I
use is not that isn’t even that important to me it’s more about if I’m
able to get my ideas out if yours are sort of in my head and if I could just
get those ideas out then down then I’m happy using a program but yeah I could
just as well use logic or whatever else hold my dog down the ones off
you know we control all the dolls bitch no I’m saying the aw hold me down but
yes man this is gonna be a great day we’re obviously re mixing some dumb shit
so or stand up mostly y’all aren’t standing this because seating is the
real problem what is it it’s sitting down like super bad we’ve been doing it
for like a while standing desk now or just like just $2,000. What
about a lumbar support lumbar support? will not stand here and here you call
yourself that term your shirt is your spell health problems right now motherfucker
it’s crazy it will not turn on so I switch one thing here yeah
what’s that an extra cord in there I feel like there was an then oh that’s
what we’ll turn around okay with this setup one thing that I like is that um
there’s a little trick on sarado where these these buttons that control the cue
points huh I can sort of turn this deck off I put it to what’s called internal
modes okay and then the pads only hit sort of like on an MPC the only hit when
I’m pressing down I’m hearing that the whole length of the sample right but if
I put it this internal thing you can make it as long as you want I have this
idea so let me try to bring this down I also had an idea this is a filtering I
could I could do some category so I’m just gonna put down ideas and absolutely
absolutely I feel that Jesus you got to go through a bunch of
different mixers like really like this particular mixer or and as soon as they
came out with this guy is like oh just right there you didn’t have to even have
to think about it that’s just what you wanted okay yep jazzy that way that’s a part of
it I’ll try to do it I can you know I love my chords, man, you know I’m saying a
tiny bit yeah just a little I say just a little I play a little yeah I can make
it I can make it sound like it for sure that’s the point absolutely I will make it sound like it
don’t watch me do it laughing I’ll get in there absolutely I get outs of course
but you know that’s that’s neither here nor there like you got some good cord
game because your harmonies are always his ritalin sports its Brady cold feet
is pretty complex harmonies yeah you do like it now here we got more colors this
one man do you know about mild sauce in Chicago that’s the whole thing they have
this like chicken spot thing on with his Harold’s chicken and why those I was
like you have to try mild sauce if the name was more excited I’d be saying yeah
yeah but mild sauce I was just like I’ll try it
yeah the name itself is just know I love Chicago I was in Chicago three times in
the last month I love Chicago the name itself is an outsider wounds the holes
coming from a Canadian your sauces did you dry it yeah it’s like a mix between
it’s like ketchup in barbecue sauce and sweet and sour sauce but it tastes like
it’s alright yeah this whole area of the color-coding
there right there that’s the whole thing’s is all that mixed into one thing
yeah that’s not what’s on big didn’t we figure that out yeah we didn’t figure
that out just like thousand hours or something yeah but in thousand dollars
like something stupid have you ever counted to see if there’s really a
thousand I don’t think McDonald is green okay here we go
so you looking for a particular part that you did you know apart did you like
that I’m isolating the the performances the tightest performances you know so
when you get that down do you already hear pretty much the rest of it or if
you just kind of wing it a good thing yes on a bad day okay here’s something you know do you have a
step do you have like cuz you say you start with the drums and do you always
go right to chords or progression and Dani yeah oh I wish I had a formula man
I’d be true yeah depends sometimes I work with with friends for tracks too so
the original version of this song I made with my buddy Corey enemy he started the
track he had the chords down and then we built up the instrumental together and
then I went and got Todd Terry to speak on the record
okay so again like I’m not great with chords I can sort of do some but I’m
gonna get that you know I mean so sometimes they’ll be someone they’ll
help me with some chords or even on the engineering level like I might yeah
sometimes I’ll just link with with friends and just like get some of the
sound design down there and then I like to really go in and like program the the
groove and there’s that I’ve known I’ve know Cudi to go in and just work for
like days and days on a song yeah do you like he do that because no human Kanye
do that a lot yeah get off of a song I mean yeah and then at the end they just
rip everything they’re like no just take it back to how it was on the first day
what I like when that happened you know extra
yeah I love when you have a whole track that’s like layered with a bunch of
elements and then yeah you go and mute something backs at it and you just
realize this song is all there it’s like hold on a sec your songs done damn it
but if you know I think part of the process whatever like the process to the
process to getting the unique idea yeah sometimes it just takes you down the
road I like when you like when you like if you stack a bunch of shit and you
have the song change throughout the song because you got so much shit you can
make multiple versions am yeah yeah yeah when you do all that shit for days and
then take everything out that we had it for the last three days it could have
been building a new deck house the chad is wondering if I like drum and bass
apparently oh do you like drum and bass my answer is that I don’t even really
think in genres like there’s that there’s just some drum and bass that I
enjoy some that I don’t but yeah that means some that I enjoy I like the drums
of drawing bass yeah it’s fun so you know I can listen
that shit all day then music happens and I’m just like oh based on breakbeats
that when you’re a hip hop it and you grow up just you know studying the big
beats and of course that will appeal to you but no yeah thank you
they do fit me a lot better so there’s no pretty diet actually don’t fit me not
much but you know you look great thank you I really appreciate it so to here
I’m alright we’re gonna make this work we’re gonna make this work meet you to
the top baby electric forest is gonna be so late oh you’re doing that oh my god
yeah that’s so much stuff man I got a lot of let a future base I’ve been
working on lately a lot of EDM stuff working on a lot of unreleased stuff you
haven’t told me how long my set is yet though so I know everybody’s excited to
see all the you know all the different genres that I want to do but if I don’t
have enough time to do all my classics that you actually know me from you know
got to cut some of that stuff short it is offensive so there’s a very strong
possibility they’re gonna give my black ass 15 minutes so I mean look guys hit up electric for
us and then tell him give him more time if I’m already happy
the good thing is we don’t know how much time I have because the shit is next
year like midnight that’s a fun festival bill it is it is I’ve seen so much
footage from it just from wishing I can go there but no but now I’ve just been
so R&B lately it’s like no reason for me to show up there but it’s um I’ve been
doing so much good shit man at the studio and you know without it a lot of
the team here is always around so yeah everybody out there supporting all your
artists we don’t hit everybody with the this is your spot this is just that you
have your own categories of what you listen to but keep in mind your space
for everybody everybody can co-exist all at once that’s beautiful there dozen
them you know I just see a lot of it lately does it there doesn’t have to be
one female rapper yeah doesn’t have the messenger one person would rather be one
in the award for best rapper with dreads yeah it’s not it doesn’t affect anybody so
try to go viral if you can mmm doing some negative because that’s the only
thing that gets attention these days so let us know what you think of the jobs
right now yeah cuz I think they’re pretty goddamn good I think we’re ready
for some base this is so cool why you got this setup thank you sir it’s just
like a whole list of things that we didn’t fuck around with so people are
calling us a pain to me cuz a pain a pain is just a pain right these things going yeah tjak tjak tjak
sounds like a nasty train no tjak is bad or just do you paint in a track we could
just say that I like the track to track subway is their way to get the side
chain effect without having a kick there yes
really I’m gonna do that in a sec okay LFO tool is your friend there’s it
there’s a bunch of that really yeah okay yeah or where the other trick is to have
a kick and sort of mute it so it’s a ghost kick and use that for your side
chain so you can still get the pump without having an actual for for pattern
you can definitely do that a lot of things can be done in the sidechain
universe let’s see I’m not well-versed in the sidechain universe oh yeah
we’ll figure it out we’ll make sure that works yeah you’re gonna have to explain
it to me I’m I can’t wait to hear the wheat I’m moving on to the base now ya
got there I’m gonna try that yeah exactly I’m gonna try to scratch a
little thing and it’ll be interesting cuz it’s not really gonna hit notes
exactly because when you know obviously this yeah but hopefully it’ll just be a
cool groove maybe I’ll like also play a bass on top I don’t know I don’t
but that’s you decide to play that bass on top of one part of that okay that
would be that would be my contribution to this whole thing yes like I can know
about that cool I am reading the tap someone at a
glance my homies here I can’t just you know that’s like somebody coming to
visit you from out of town Wow in this case you know just glance
I’ll take a glance I’ll figure it out but you know my problem is a narrowing
down but obviously worked out for you so far yeah I don’t think that’ll be like
the bass bass but I’ll be you know I mean it’s just somewhere in there I
don’t want to work out so well thank you sir let’s check that I’m just now
figuring out so can I just say on twitch that I’ve been wanting to do like a
scratch the DJ thing on Twitch for a while yeah you should definitely do and
I don’t know much about video games than that a game don’t happen as they say
with other things I feel like we can you know bond on our fiddling everybody’s
always on there doing different shit and the best platform right now for give it a rest oh my god you didn’t record that no okay
okay I’m just going oh you’re back yeah that is true
deadmau5 has a fucking crazy to his channel he does fucking everything on
there he’s DJing on there he’s making tracks he’s playing games I once saw him
try to figure out something on After Effects for like five hours for some
reason whole thing set their watch today I’m trying to figure out how to fix
something on his computer it was like literally like a software problem I just
wanted I just watched him for like five hours of childhood then he plumbers on
Twitch that you can watch there should be plumbers on Twitch I advise everybody
to get a twitch channel cuz now with with a few other apps there’s like some
weight on your phone and yeah yeah I’m gonna keep this though I like this wait what was that now
what was that originally yeah this isn’t a hook of a song but I was thinking of
adding a little like that so record of that that was good take that one Jesus you know he’s steaming through this
Ableton man and it’s Jesus well that worked out okay I’m gonna try the side
channel so the pianos faster just to see well settle no one’s saying uh no all
scratch multi-layered beats I am disappointed sir track of a know what
I’m doing what he’s doing kind of exactly what he’s doing
this seems like that’s what it is I just that was yeah it’s pretty much exact sizes go cry somewhere inside yeah yeah
disappointing did we do it oh wait what you just did
I’m just saying a few things yeah okay so do you want to know the this way is
through the cake and there’s also that LFO thing I can show you both of you
doesn’t want to know the cake one okay so on on the compressor and unable
tennis crazy pretty easy because there is when it opens up it like it’s like
this mmm you just hit this arrow to open it up
more and then there’s a button that’s a side chain Wow and then you go and
choose what you want the source of the side chain to be and you could side
chain to something else then kicks by the way like the whole the idea of a
side chain is just that you’re putting a compressor on a track and the compressor
has the ability to reduce the gain that’s right and you’re just telling it
when this other guy said does something you duck here when that guy screams you
go like that that’s what a sidechain is usually the kick is gone boom boom boom
you just come over here so but you know I’ve done tracks where I would like
group a whole bunch of chord pads and have them sidechain to maybe a vocal so
that when there’s a vocal going the chords go down just a little bit you let
the vocal cut through and in between lines they just kind of creep back up
they do that so I go and choose the kick as the it says audio from okay and then
I put the ratio to the max cuz that’s just how side-chaining works out best um
very short attack like 0.01 point it to sound like that and then you just play
with the threshold so the threshold is how much of the kick it’s listening to
so yeah well I’d say let’s go on the piano because the bass is kind of funny
to start with but with when the threshold is at zero it’s
not doing anything but as I bring this down you see that signal from the kicker
man so you can hear the piano ducking right and that’s the whole thing that’s
the whole thing with sidechains son bitch bitch so there’s this thing called
LFO tool there’s a few this is only in Ableton No this is a third-party plugin
this hog by a expert Steve doodad is the guy who made this but um yeah there’s
there’s another one some of the one called volume Schaefer shaper there’s uh
there’s like a vengeance one also so there’s a bunch of third-party plugins
you can get like this and then you can just choose the shape of your sidechain
mmm and that that’s how much it ducks the volume and you can even a lot of
times I’ll start with something like this you know I mean I’ll just yeah move
stuff yeah just by ear just listening to the groove all right the magic of
sidechain is that it throws everything in the sauce yeah so when you’re
building a track especially something that’s grooving around one of the
elements of of the rhythm so in house music everything goes around that for
for cake so a lot of the music elements you send them through a sidechain
compressor and they just they get this pumping effect that’s just groovy you
know groovy as hell but then a lot of on the engineering tip a lot of producers
will also use side-chaining on a bassline sidechaining from the cake
so that you don’t get like when you have too much bass competing yeah just like
you you might not even hear the kick if there’s a big bass line so you just make
it duck out when when the kick comes and you make the bass line silence for a
quick sec rather keep the kick to go then after that a lot of times when I
start the track I’ll use some of these little house loops or I call them they
call them tops sometimes a little percussion stuff and then you know and
then I go and chop him up like I don’t want to use exactly something that’s
from you know a premade loop but I’ll use it in the beginning just to get the
groove going so I can feel the song and go and play the other stuff and then
I’ll go and chop up little pieces of that of that drum groove and add other
my own samples and mix it up you sometimes get too complicated with
the job in but you just overdo it of you or you learn to I’m a sweet spot guy I
don’t know yes sometimes it goes too far there’s always that funny thing with
working on songs were like you know it’ll sound great when you’re in in the
mix of it and you go back the next day and you’re just you know present when
you’re by yourself yeah like I’m a big believer in the first
impression yeah of a track but there’s even like if I’m still working on it
sometimes I’ll just like send it to my phone and like listen on those speakers
and just see how it’s grooving on there that’s a way like I’ll it’s a way to
trick myself to hear it because it’s a different I wanna throw an effect on
this guy what am I gonna do to this guy turn white first as another spectrum for
me man I’m bikini bottom black Jesus Christ
darkness Jesus way down there get in there do one of these yeah that or one is
birthday parties I can’t remember color birthday party thing ah soundToys huh yeah we like spicing up a
little critter get it I get it you gotta have those
class on the credit you big fan of the other soundtoys
okay pay for them we did we for them we pay for our plugins not all of them but
I pay for some toys a good amount of them some of the independent ones not a
lot of these I like sound toys for sure independent guys I like documents you
gotta get that code the Decapitator is a great soundToys Decapitator could have
little smidge of that on the vocal and the little altar boy yeah yeah Foreman
thanks a lot of that it gives me like a is it some time has a doubler oh yeah so
it man I love just the waves Dublin yeah it’s a which which flavor I’ll tell you
my favorite one what’s your favorite TP my favorite is this uh this tropical
joint do you mind if I have the original would you like an original would you
like the would you like to pac-man original though okay cuz that’s
important okay okay I’ll have an original while you
have here we’re gonna do the original well I have two of the tropical joints
now there’s our original Thank You solid rebel for sending me that big-ass
package with an original Gameboy in it with pac-man on it was a big-ass box
yeah like a special edition some kinds for this it’s just a lot going on so I
appreciate that but this shit y’all gave me like two cases of these and these are
these were gone in like a day not for me I had an idea
family now Wow I just remembered an idea that I had so I’m gonna do that okay
what are friends on that whoa our people enjoying this on stage they are love it
are they bored of it man fool I’m enjoying this
it should be with you guys momentarily yeah people are loving this right we got
something we’ve got some good stuff there’s a snack time somebody said they
want they want a blue Red Bull there’s a t-pain’s gonna have a heart attack here
we go okay I’m gonna try something cuz I really try to get away from anything
that I try to get away from everything that feels to preset or pre-made or
whatever that’s all right scratch these samples too because inevitably it’s not
gonna sound like a song that exists richer and so for the rhythm stuff I
just had this idea of like grabbing just anything like this is like like a little
chicken thing before the guitar but I’m going to try to hit these pads to make
it a sore ass to make it yeah to make a sort of percussion thing run it through
some effects and see if that a cool thing because I don’t want the rhythm
section to be like too predictable or obvious solid so let’s try that that’s damn little critter thing so you
pair that with the top yeah I’m gonna see who knows maybe this is a terrible
idea I’ll try it no idea is a terrible idea
it’s true you’re right damn it TP damn you’re smart until it is I also like the
fact that it’s like not quantized so sample Burk we could give it a second oh
my heart to explode from dragon 18 Red Bulls carry kinetic can I confess to
something mr. t pain please confess this out there man this is your spot right
here there’s a blonde the internet twitch we’re saying this moment there’s
a point in my life where I realized that I lost the ability to burp on on command
as a kid I could just go food and burp and then you I can’t do it and I
remember the day when I couldn’t do it and that was like my life pivoted that
they made my life took a whole time I’m not saying that I can’t burp but just
sitting there man yeah yeah like on some you know school say the alphabet kind of
vibe yeah you have all the time does anybody else get that well smoke I feel
like I gotta burp all the time but I can’t but then I end up trying to burp
so hard I throw up a little bit is usually like stomach acid and shit
nobody gets that don’t know the president that’s why I was more greed
that’s like that anymore all the time today yeah man yeah oh man you can’t maybe
cannot hold on I can’t even hear what I’m doing yeah okay I still do that
maybe lost weight me maybe you gotta be fat to know something I don’t know
we just lost interest in doing it and just that the effort it took to verbal
commands just like whatever maybe maybe how do you put a sidechain
on that guy everything it’s such everything gets fucking side-chain so
there it is so the kick is the cake the nest the kicks the guy that’s Ableton
vocoder you can run it off what I’m not using as a vocoder but for some reason
when you throw it on stuff it just does pull shit see ya well that’s cool – shit yeah oh my come over you doing his dance it’s
over you’re already coming back my wife was already in the car just get
in oh so you already knew you could do that so it’s like I would have I would
have never thought to even start that sound like that because I wouldn’t have
known the things I can do to it it would have just been that raw sound I would
have been it for it yeah but so part of the reason why I like Ableton is it just
it makes it it makes it easy inviting to just throw stuff on and try shit out
like you can does it though don’t you feel invited right now and whole thing
just change I like house music so I put this erosion
thing and it just it’s kind of like a bit crusher right right right so on the
on this guy this is without it it’s kind of bit crushers don’t add high-end no
that actually Addison my hands great so let’s here we go and guys feel free to go back and watch
all of these episodes and please try all this shit man yeah everything that you
learn from these things man the remix laughs are for you guys we already know
we already know we kinda have to explain to make sure upcoming producers upcoming
artists you know we try to you know inspire you guys inspire the inspire so
I gotta say it man these remix labs are for you guys so always throw ones like
we appreciate it and you know about this part Abelson here with the warping where
you can just move move the timing and stuff no it’s kind of what what able to
like I first got Ableton a long time ago when I was doing I was using it for live
looping actually like the kind of stuff I was doing here just screaming a
channel but I used to do that at some of my shows a long time ago and I was using
this view of able to end the scene view for live looping ah I’ve seen this my DJ
uses this right okay black people use that for the live shows
now super grands but also like early on before I used Ableton for production
because you don’t sound like the actual sound quality of Ableton Live um earlier
versions I thought it sounded kind of doo doo so I was using logic for
production and but Ableton already had this feature that you can now kind of
find on everything but back then they were really early on called warping but
it’s really just you know being able to stretch the timing of sound and like if
you have a track that has like a live drummer and it’s not really to grid you
could put it over there kind of sort of like yes
I’m just singing that’s solid and it’s still really good for fixing the timing
so on that baseline that I scratched this one guy that I find that it’s
rushing just a little bit this guy this guy’s see your little crater critters
having this thing it’s funny because I have a lot of producer friends who will
see me scratch at shows and they’re always like I want to produce a track
where you scratch and I’m I was like yeah I need someone to do that with me
cuz I don’t know why I don’t I don’t really end up making rings out of
scratches when I’m I don’t know for whatever reason super clean yeah but I
need a lot of times I feel like I need someone to pick out like you know how I
started by making two different things or even just on a sound design tip like
here I had stems from my song so I didn’t have to sit there and make a
sound and then scrap you know when you’re working on an idea and like if it
takes too long to execute you’ll just sort of lose with that idea of trying to
make a track with scratched elements a lot of times I’ll be like man I want to
sit here and like mmm you know noodle with the settings of a VST whatever come
up with some sin then smash transfer and I want yeah that’s like with yeah with
another producer who could be like taking this scratch it and then they
produce it but I’m doing it today because you this show delivers obsessed
with like the timing and the groove is like you’re always gonna like your shit
like if you’re like do you end up liking everything that you do for hell no no do
you ever hate a lot of what I do really stupid plays mind tricks on me as I’ll
be working on something I’ll be like cool this is good then I come back the
next day like I was saying earlier and I’m like that was not good then I just
sort of makes me hate myself really you ever get rid of it of tracks
yeah yeah but that said like I’m not one of these producers who has like you know
50 demos just sitting around okay because I DJ a lot
I run fool’s gold and do other things now I organize the DJ battle the Goldie
Awards not sure if you heard about that but that’s a battle for DJs and
producers so that you know all these other extra things you gotta get you at
that maybe yeah but what I was gonna say is when I do choose to work on a track I
try to make it work well it doesn’t work you know again because like I’ve sort of
limited time and like I’ll pick two like what I picked to work on it I want it to
work so if it’s not working out I’ll try to figure it out you want to check the
timing I treat my beats like like video games and you just yeah now we’re gonna
logic and like in Dark Souls 3 like I couldn’t get past the first enemy it
immediately deleted the entire game mediate ly deleted the whole said fuck
the whole game couldn’t get past the first thing fuck it the whole shit never
never read downloaded it anything sitting sitting on my Steam sitting on
my playstation just nope can’t get past the first guy I tried three times blood-borne none no no game of that
difficulty staying on the scene bullshit tucking and rolling and striking wounded sorry
memories like how do you go about mixin like getting a rough mix out of the
studio do you usually usually do your levels and stuff like that we click on the plugins plugins that are
native to Ableton all of these are right they also I’ve seen this man use Britney
Spears on 27 snare drums all at once I couldn’t it was weird and then in that
same session I had this is right before I did I can’t believe it I showed him
can’t believe it the entire song the full session was sick tracks he was like
what how did you do that unlike all those snares you got I got that on one
key I don’t know why use that many tracks
and he’s got like a sound effect that happens one time throughout the whole
four minutes man and that has its own track and I’m like yeah that’s wasteful
man we got here what we’re doing so sometimes I make a little little diddle
X or whatever yeah so this has a bunch of miscellaneous little drum sounds sounds like little pads and got a record
the sugar yeah is this your is this like a kid of yours or okay yeah
so do the sounds you’re particularly fond yeah and like I’ve chopped samples
for so many years over different platforms or whatever but it’s they’re
all just on my harddrive so once in a while I’ll just go through different
folders and stuff yeah for years whatever and just throw them on because
I like mismatched sounds yeah what’s your library look like like what’s like
how many sounds how many drum sounds do you think you just I don’t know just but
I just range just no idea even to say that I had have that many I just have no
idea but I think for anyone working on production like we’ll all get used to
going to some of our go-to look even just you know on this side of Ableton
there’s a like shortcuts to your favorite folders okay you know I might
get into a habit of going to some of them but so once in a while I’ll just
make a drum kit where I go and purposefully dig into parts of the drive
that haven’t been explored like like like I’m in this part of town now okay
that’s that I haven’t touched in a while yeah but then was something I sampled
last month whatever just you know see what can happen man do you find yourself figuring out that
you had different moves when you were chopping stuff you’re looking for
certain things because I fit I’d feel like like there’s a there’s like a few
months at a time where I switch up what I’m actually looking for yes a chop and
stuff like that so yeah do you find you have different shit you’re looking
forward to that because yeah I was weird for that and also like you know with
things like drum sounds I think drum sounds are so specific to
genre of course like hip-hop charms of the room house drums but also eras you
know so there’s like sometimes I might go through kicks from a few years ago
and I’ll be like why are all these kicks you know I like that they’re making
something groove with like with smaller sounds it’s easy to make something bang
with with big you know impulsive sounds but it’s fun to create like a quirky
little groove yeah you know what drums would always change depending on whoever
came to my house and whose folder you’re stealing that that’s usually how that
happened because I’ve definitely got a murder beat folder from Lansing the
murder beats anthem right now fuck another Canadian another comedian man
I’m okay when people come up when people come to my crib and like their shit is
like mastered and I’m like what’s wrong my drums and I just I just got to go on
this big this long journey fer just like cuz you know they don’t tell me that
they want to get this shit mix then I’m trying to figure out why is it sound
better on my don’t master bigger than my shit yeah yeah then I just end up just
just completely destroying and just opening the distortion on everything
yeah I’m trying to get to the sound and yeah but it’s fucking logic FL FL has
that has like their built-in there’s the sound good Iser the you know
sound good I do know about the sounds turn it off and everything is like Jesus
dr. Dre makes that’s not fair we need a track to leak Center reserved for the
street he will do it when he fucking feels like it’s our house that makes you
feel so lazy yeah we’re in the Rocky movies since and
basslines things oh yeah when you leave some sound packs I’ll take some of those
for shizzi you know have you have you switched up a bunch of a a bunch of hard
drives I have you been able to keep up with one yeah I try to keep everything
everything that I need on on one and then I lose hard rock I mean and then I
always need something because then if you switch to a new Drive say you get
like you have a one terabyte drive and then you come up with a two terabyte
drive so you get that one but I keep it the same name so that you know when you
load up sessions they’re looking for a file that’s always the same no yeah I
should probably do that oh I always end up looking damn it Wow I
changed my world oh they’re so different though I like I
like the difference I got so much I got so many things to change it’s playing by
itself oh you gotta go they can hit that you gotta go back and hit that yeah
let’s use that right right how is that still playing I don’t know
we do like it hey let’s just record that whatever is going on
is it gonna record the the load I mean worst case I could just write the Lowen
oh oh so how do you get that back once it once it goes away you know nothing
really goes like that yeah I want to see that I want to see that come back let’s
see that having no that’s crazy how that just now they’re caught that though
mm-hmm there’s my friend yeah see that’s just
is see that’s super small to me I can’t see well enough for that to be that
small yeah well no that’s it’s like that what’s it called anymore canvas mm oh
shit she’s a Scott David okay it’s like that cuz it’s that low note is like two
octaves down so it’s just showing me I was just making sure everything there it
is that is this is like a face I’m gonna do this what are you gonna do
with that you gonna fucking sidechaining god dammit do that now you know it’s
gonna be mutant yeah it keeps going yeah so if you
unmuted right in the middle of that it’s okay yeah that’s one of the things with
able to attend where you know that thing where there if you have like a MIDI
track yeah and on most dawes if you if you play from like the middle of the no
they just won’t play this guy can play from dammit I’m have to change my
goddamn colors man exactly just darker than whites why we’d be making today and okay next thing I’m gonna look for some
will come almost like different kind of critters they’ve kind of great little
backgrounds the high-end kind of I don’t know just some you do go over down quick
camera to oliver they made a great sound this might be where we had the bird this
is the bird oh this may be the burp which record the bird okay alright let
me just say this great okay would hear a sidechain burp you know what I’m gonna
do I’m gonna scratch your burp ah process oh man this is gonna be great it’s gonna
be the first time y’all get me on the mic you just saw a change room towel it
just fills up it tickles it tickles see these are things I wasn’t able to put in
there because save this with a bird section 1 1 1 1 1 101 1 ok that was a
mouth fart yes it was that’s solid that was good thank you thank you everybody
thank you guys so no all right thanks everybody if you’re just joining and
that was weird as fuck to you this is red bull remix lab laughs I am t-pain
and I found your shirt outside and this is my homemade track was it the raisin
Canadian that’s it it’sa me or whatever Mario who’s counting right there
speaking of Mario what job does he have man you know how long it took me to
figure out that he’s a plumber he did you know because I think Mario just has
a ton of jobs I don’t think I’ve ever seen him like work on one of the heights
like he’s a plumber but he’s not really doing plumbing work he’s not doing
plumbing work and then he’s got someone at the shop he’s like I’ll be right back I need you to take care of Miss claritin
and Margaret Street and yeah just just just stay there till I get there man and
then he’s just gone for like 17 years just killing Turtles
what goombas don’t do anything that that’s the mean shit man
do anything wrong you don’t have hands they barely have legs if they even have
legs I just feel like they just body and feet that’s kind of fucked up man he
stomps on them they don’t bite or anything you know kind of fucked up you
broke it down he does just he doesn’t wear overalls for the fit I mean I don’t
think I don’t think the Hat isn’t necessary for living yes great I feel
great about this you know the bird made a mess on TV
this is twit the bird made of baby you know saying that’s it we got it
first thing that’s that first Eclair yeah get it in there man okay you see
what this track is cold here Bert cut cut one just one indicates the first
take that is ready to go okay now what can I run famous chamber do I have to
shock yeah man oh yeah I’ve been trying to get me to get on that mic for every
episode and that was the first time and it was a bit that was it oh man we do
get the face part saying on this what is that now oh that’s the Wow –
what does the well-to-do we’re gonna find out we’re definitely all right for
those are you just doing it in again no it sounds like got any more wearable
we’re gonna grab laughs t-pain a check this has been going exceptionally well in there it’s getting a little too
excited I’m like it is pretty exciting now where’s mine we changed this whole
thing that’s what a brick gets you right there buddy so try everything – just do
do whatever never know you never know shit sake and everything you know for people that want against
production it can look intimidating open these things would be like but I don’t
know what this button does something that sounds close enough to something I
can imagine in my head then it’ll be a thing yeah
this before you save that bitch please just how you do it there’s no
checkpoints Meg’s easy this really came together with the burbs to be honest bring in some of these making this word
just you know just sup and burp you know just show up and burped it’s a lot going
on here south of team you know yeah so proud of my burp you
came through see this is when si get all those
buttons what the fuck is going on here it’s pretty easy
I don’t got down buttons filter the way and you got basically three delays a
left one a right one and left and right come on
and then they can each have like their own settings a little filter to them
they’re all girl so then you create a whole oh you can cut them on okay sounds
gonna say there’s like one version that if there’s a version of that which is
one yeah a lot of times I just use the middle one else because I like playing
with the filter on the delay itself you can automate Oh No goodbye Oh change
your mind yeah real quick just with some some ping pong oh okay
yeah I think mostly the graphics and their displays that’s really fucking
here yeah because that looks real indicating then you say Bing bong I’m
like okay yeah I get that what kind of sound are you looking for
out of there like a lot of one one of my sort of one of my general ideas in
production mm-hmm like I like to work with contrast a lot so if if a lot of
the sounds in a track are dry then I like to add one thing that has you know
good Berber delay because then you get you know different levels of depth from
that like we will tend to add depth to something so I didn’t really put reverb
or there’s that one echo delay on the little critter everything else is pretty
dry right now all right so this vocal we’re gonna make it you’re flying around you’re flying
around I call it fun I appreciate your and then what you’re
doing by saying that trying to psyche me up and I appreciate it
this is how they get me gonna be great kid great when you you know okay after this I’ll bring in
the cloud so these guys oh shit knows no yeah this is the these are the original
stems the original done better put them a lot of lines but it’s easy boom just
looks like quick time okay let me chop up we got more jobs
well I just want to I don’t want to bring in the whole percussion loop I
want to have too fast it’s too fast so fast oh I gotta bring back the little
cyclic where’s my slack luck yeah you gotta have that in I’m gonna see
something’s down and I just I need to push these guys so I’m gonna select this
and then let’s go duplicate time and it just does
everything cuz this is one more wait was there shortcuts it out or you just I’m
sure yeah oh yes so my gut apples some stuff my problem is I forget with these
symbols new she have to Apple D you know that’s what she said right to throw that
in there that’s just feel like the right thing to
do guys that burp you know add into the whole the whole sauce man I’m gonna
shake up another bird oh so the Hat heard that bird we’re
gonna win yep you know all right we’re making a song here what’s your
what’s your process I’ve arranged me like do you just go on yeah
do you imagine yourself yeah in a club somewhere and just like thank you that’s
that is correct that is correct okay okay do that a lot too
yeah I was fuckin crazy myself football stadium nope that’s not where
you gonna end up being a basement for about three more hours doing this right
now yeah it is coming out good yeah so that’s fun yeah I think when the vocal
things in we’re gonna cut a bunch of stuff that surprised the fuck out of me okay all right okay and then and then
we’re almost done here Red Bull cuz then the whole music will come back in and
then that bring in the piano aha I mean and then it’s pretty much
their head ass QT beep we’re getting we’re getting progress here ladies and
gentlemen you know looking sweet I have an idea
unquote this channel needs a little something it has been it has been
missing for a while so it didn’t know we all like hey Dutch has plans to follow the plan um hey Dutch you got so
many plans down I have a goddamn plan that’s your plans are getting out of
control what is happening follow one of the
plans then but when a trans an idea actually execute the got just makes you
ride a horse for fucking five hours I’m sorry man these games get me I have a
plan where’s your goddamn loyalty why don’t you man it so many times you
can say you have a plan if I realize you’ve never had a fucking plan just
like riding horses Oh what is this what you putting on this
thing this is what is that it’s like it’s a sort of it’s like a multiband
distortion things will distort certain little too much but I can’t leave songs done alright let’s hear from the
beginning god damn it here we go okay let’s try it let’s try let’s see what
happens now we’re going back to this app i muted the bass I’m sorry if you’re just tuning in this is Red
Bull remix lab live I am Steve way we just remix you just help us remix
DJ’s got a dance more so look man hey check fuckin killed it I don’t tell you
man that does this try everything gas there is t-pain burping on this okay
just try everything you want turn knobs burp on the track do whatever you feel
scratch the shit set up a whole new shit because this is a new setup for you
right yep la bolt which didn’t know how that was gonna turn out but goddammit we
did it and I appreciate 200 so once again
Red Bull remix lablab gonna keep this fucking track going together citizen man
fucking dope I appreciate y’all for coming to give me some ones and it’s
always suck a box thank you very much you


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