Abisinden İyi mi? | 2019 Ford Focus Sedan Geyik Testi

Welcome back to our moose test series which we are doing it with contributions of Petronas. Our guess today is fourth gen Ford Focus Sedan. It has a 1.5 L diesel engine under its bonnet, also has a 1398 kg of curb weight. Plus it has a standart 17 inch wheels which has 215/50/17 Continental WinterContact rubbers on them. Let’s not forget the fact weather was 8 degrees on the test day. On the first test, we are going at 71 km/h speed. As you can see, Focus wasn’t even bothered on this speed. While entering the second pool, Focus was preserves its line but even with that, ESP kicks in. However, there were no hard interventions. That’s why the speed wasn’t decrease too much. By the way, on this test we can see that the taillights won’t go off while ESP kicking in. We are stepping up to 74 km/h speed on our second test. This time its way more easy to see the Focus’ stable body. Focus entered well again on the second pool but this time we observe a little bit understeer on the end of it. However it was a pass. By the way on our close shots with slowmotion, we can see the bodyroll of the Focus. If you are not fond with that you can go with the HB ST-Line version. On 79 km/h test, we are getting the limits of the winter tires. The tire screeches begun on the first and second pools exits, shows how the tires loses its handling prowess. By the way, ESP system kicked in on the second pool again. That’s why the interventions were way more hard than previous tests. Also this time we see the stop lights glare. When we step up to 81 km/h speed however, we’re exceeding the limits of the tires. Focus enters the second pool stable, but the understeer is way more harder than before. So that’s why the car goes sideways with motion. Again, ESP kicks in with the stop lights that’s why it was able to enter the third pool. However, ESP detects another steering input so it doesn’t come out on the third pool too. Because of that, breaking does not stops on the third pool too. But even with these interventions Focus drops two cones.


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