ADENOVIRUS INFECTIONS AD 14 Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

Adenoviruses are a group of common
viruses that infect the lining of your eyes Airways and lungs intestines
urinary tract and nervous system they’re common causes of fever
coughs sore throats diarrhea and pinkeye infections happen and children more
often than in adults but anyone can get them most kids will have at least one
type of adenovirus infection by the time they’re 10 the infections usually cause
only mild symptoms and get better on their own in a few days but they can be
more serious in people with weak immune systems especially children symptoms
each type of adenovirus can affect you differently bronchitis cough runny nose
fever chills colds and other respiratory infections stuffy and runny nose cough
sore throat and swollen glands croup barking cough trouble breathing
high-pitched sound when breathing in ear infection ear pain irritability fever
pinkeye conjunctivitis red eyes discharge from your eyes tearing feeling
like there’s something in your eye pneumonia fever cough trouble breathing
stomach and intestinal infections diarrhea vomiting headache fever stomach
cramps swelling of the brain and spinal cord meningitis and encephalitis
headache fever stiff neck nausea and vomiting this is rare urinary tract
infections burning and pain while urinating frequent need to go blood in
your urine treatments antibiotics won’t help adenovirus infections because these
drugs only kill bacteria children often get OH
the illness on their own within a few days some infections like pink eye or
pneumonia can last for a week or more kids with a weak immune system may need
treatment in the hospital to help them recover you can do some things to help
your child feel better give plenty of liquids kids lose fluids from fever
vomiting and diarrhea they can get dehydrated water or 100 percent fruit
juice are the best choices to keep kids hydrated you might also try a children’s
solution that has electrolytes clear congestion help your child blow her nose
often for an infant put a few drops of saline spray or drops into her nose then
suction out mucus with a bulb syringe turn on a cool mist humidifier the
moisture will loosen congestion and help your child breathe more easily bring
down a fever ask your doctor if you can give your child acetaminophen or
ibuprofen to relieve aches and fever don’t give children products that
contain aspirin which can lead to a rare but serious condition called rescind
Rome every individual needs unique treatment and care we encourage people
with adenovirus infections and their families to learn as much as possible
about the latest medical treatment and approaches as well as healthy lifestyle
choices stay strong live long thank you

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