Adobe Lightroom Tips & Tricks – Red Eye Removal (English Subtitles)

In this video we are going to take a look at the Red Eye Removal tool Clicking the Red Eye Removal tool will show 2 buttons in later versions of lightroom, Red Eye and Pet Eye (useful for cats) Click and drag to draw your circle over the entire eye You will then see 2 sliders, pupil size and darken Darken allow you to alter the effect you have on the pupil, whilst Pupil Size changes the size of the area affected Try to make the pupil match the black level of the rest of the photo (such as lashes) The primary focus of the Red Eye Removal tool is to remove the red, not make the pupils totally black We can darken the pupils further with the other blacks in the image using the blacks slider when we are finished with red eye removal Simply clicking will use the last used eye size for Red Eye Removal Not every eye will need the same Pupil Size or Darken amounts. Adjust until you get a uniform appearance between pupils Click Done when you are finished You can continue to make adjustments if necessary That is a really quick look at the Red Eye Removal tool in Adobe Lightroom Remember to Like, Comment and Subscribe. Leave a comment with which tool you would like tips on next

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