Adult Vision Therapy Success Story | Wow Vision Therapy

First off, I’m Chuck. Age: 60 years old. This has been a lifelong problem for me. I’m in construction, heavy equipment, and I read a lot of blueprints and I had double vision & blurred vision. I was always having trouble reading the blueprint, especially if we had to deal with one that had a lot of graphics on it. Because one line was kind of bleeding over into another line. It’s double vision that I thought made it difficult. Everybody else read the blueprints and they were off and [ I ] was always last to get it. The words always kind of double vision and I lose my place all the time and playing catch-up always in life. It seemed like everybody was always faster and I just felt stupid all the time. It isn’t fun being last you don’t have to be first but being last is no fun. I mean, not when you’re struggling to see! That’s really no life to live. That coping with life and that’s not life to me. You certainly don’t want children have to just cope. I fought this all my life and so I have two kids that went through [vision therapy]. You know I thought, “Really? Is this going to help?” It did for them, very much so, but I remained skeptical for two more years punishing myself for two more years. People always ask me about the tints in my glasses, as you probably see in the video. It started out with Dr. Becraft, the optometrists. I felt it helped take double-vision off – everything would always “help” but… it’s like standing on the other side river we get halfway to the middle but we never cross the bridge. And finally, Jeff Becraft, O.D. said that, “You know, Chuck, we need to reach a little higher get some higher help for you to get this.” You know, we all take things for granted in life and me too. I was very skeptical on this if this would even do anything cause I said, “How is it really going to help me?” With this therapy, that I went through not, I mean it’s like WOW. You need to see what you’re missing! Getting to these exercise that was what you put in is what you’re going to get out, and I would. I would, probably thirty minutes pretty much every day except the days of therapy, I would give myself the rest. Otherwise, I’d set aside a time in the evening for thirty minutes and the exercises. And wow, I’m glad I did them! One morning I went to put the glasses on, I’m like, “Holy moly! Everything is so sharp!” And no more eyestrain, I’m not tired anymore. No more squinting. I could take these off, sit here, and I can look, and I’m not squinting. Before- I don’t even want to do it- but I’d be squinting like this and that would give me ferocious headaches. I don’t have the headaches. The debilitating headaches. I would have motion sickness. For the first time in my life, it’s like I don’t feel stupid anymore. I feel like I’m smart. I can read and I get so much more out of it. I wish I could go back relive all those years. I feel it would be so much better, it would have been way more fun then always having to play catch-up. You know, you want the best. Your parents wanted the best for you. You want your best for your children. You need to give them all the tools, especially today the way things are; they need to have all the tools. And this tool can be used, really, in every aspect of life from just joining the outside, to doing the desk work that none of us like doing, me included. I like to think, “One day I’m going to pinch myself and this was just a dream and I’m stumble right back to where I was…” and I’m using the word ‘was’ because now it’s past tense. For the little cost, to be checked out to know; you know, I can’t live with, “What if?” If you’re struggling if you know you’re losing place and in you’re having trouble seeing; it’s well worth to get checked out because; hell, It a good many years to convince me to even try this. And I call it punishing myself. Why did I do that? I mean so senseless today when the help is there. And I’m glad! Boy, this is a whole new world for me! So every day is an adventure. This is beautiful!

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