Aggressive German Shepherd Ear Cleaning

So, we are going to do the video now. Sit! There we go! This video is about cleaning the ears of a dog that doesn’t like cleaning the ears… … and a dog that will bite you, if you try. This dog is not aggressive, he is just afraid … … of having his ears cleaned. When you already say it, then we get nervous … … for example we use ear cleaning solution … … and we show this to the dog. Dexter, here, we are going to clean your ears! Come here, let’s clean your ears! We see, this is not gonna work … … and what we do now is, we are going to be easy on him … can you come up? sit here closer …, yes. come here SIT, SIT! you have to relax, yes, that’s a good boy. good boy, relax! we are going to try this with patience, right!? And we can do two things: We can use this here… We can use those little cleaning things, those … (I apologize, but i cannot say the word Q-Tips at this point – the dog knows that word!) and then we can use paper towels (Again i cannot say the word Kleenex.) we can have him sniff it first. Here: SNIFF! Look at this. SNIFF! Nothing special, right? We put this in the ear without doing anything. Just like this… Maybe we can clean it. Looook, that was sooo good! Clean it here in this ear …. Very good. Our next step would be … NO! SIT! Come on SIT, don’t escape! Good boy! Then we use the cleaning solution and put that on the paper towel. And then we try. Now we don’t tell him to SNIFF first, because he will smell the solution. and we see he can smell it, and he is not cooperating with us. We try not to react to this (not easy)… NO, no we don’t go bad, no! We go in there with the fingers only (he obviously likes that). That feels good, right? Does that feel good? Look sniff! oooh, that was in your ear! There was smelly stuff in your ear! Then we wipe on the outside only. And then we make our way into the ear. Look at this! Look, that helps, yes! I am in there basically with the cleaning solution. If there is more dirt, we can try a Q-tip. Let’s try this. Let’s sniff first and then we see if we can do this… We are not allowed. OK, we start again with our finger only. Oooh, the finger we like … the we add the Q-tip to it, and we have to be very very careful to not damage the inside of the ear … and we have patience, and we play with the Q-tip in there … look at that! What helps, is when the dog has big ears … Oooh, good boy! Good boy. And we didn’t put any of the cleaning solution on there yet. That would be the next step. Here we add some and sure the dog can smell this, and when you get to close you get in trouble again… we know, we don’t mind, when we go in there with the finger… because it feels good, when we rub … he is just afraid to get stuff in there look at you, what a good boy! Loook! That is a good boy! Step by step we go through with this… and eventually we get the ear cleaned. The more often we try this way, the more often we do it … the more he will trust us, that we don’t hurt him …. this is one thing we have to avoid: No pain in this situation, don’t hurt the dog by accident. we need to do this, when the dog ear is healthy! You cannot go in there with a cleaning solution, if the ear is scratched for example. and eventually it gets a lot easier when you do it same is going to be done with the teeth …. just touch as often as possible you need your teeth brushed, how would you like that? how do you like to get your teeth brushed?


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