hey everyone its Kristen and today we’re
going to be doing an American Horror Story apocalypse
Michael Langdon inspired makeup look first we are using the Mac prep and prime
spray and the Maybelline fit me foundation in natural ivory first gonna
put the foundation all over the face for a matte look his brows are a little bit more straight
than mine are I’m going to be using that Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow in medium
brown to create the shape of the brows that we are looking for also his brows
are very thick and very dark so don’t be afraid to put down some color on these I also found this the brows went a
little bit more inward towards the nose then I usually do mine so make sure that
you do that as well now I’m going to use the LA girl Pro concealer in white and
just kind of go around the outside of the brows make them a little bit more
defined now for underneath the eye I’m using the
Maybelline fit me foundation stick and porcelain and just putting it under the
eye area I’m using the same la girl concealer I have a primer on the eyes next we’re gonna using the morphe
picasso palette and I’m using red shade and I’m putting this sort of in a
triangle shape underneath the brow you don’t want to get any on the lid and you
don’t want to get me in the nose area as well so keep that in mind
and I also found that he doesn’t have a very sharp edge on any of this it’s all
very blended out also I felt like the color I chose for the red came out a
little bit more pink but I actually felt like this still looks similar to what we
had I kept adding and taking away color black blending it out and the line was
copy with the saturation of the reddish pink color or the contouring and using the
Maybelline fit me foundation stick in Toffee and I went pretty heavy on the
contouring because his faces want more contoured than mine is and I do feel like
the contour makes you look a little bit more masculine which does make you look
more like him I know I did try to make this more of a female version but I
don’t think there’s much difference between male or female version because
I feel like he’s a pretty androgynous character himself here I start to use the Kat Von D shade
+ light contour palette but I forgot to take some footage to show you that but
I’m just adding it mainly in the outer areas of the face to darken those and
make the cheeks a little bit more hollow here I’m using these foundation stick
again for lips because the color that he has is very pale and to make it more of
a little bit of a female version of this I decided to put on mascara and for this
I’m using the flower Beauty lash warrior mascara but this is really the only
thing that differentiates between his will and my look so really you could
forego this and have it be a male or female version of this type of look and
to top it off I’m going to using a blonde wig from wig is fashion and I
went ahead and used a red fabric and a long black t-shirt along with blonde wig
to create this look , this completes the Langdon makeup look let me know what
you guys think this looked down the comments down below and let me know what
you guys think of the season so far I’m really excited for it and I’m liking
it so far let me know what you guys think in the comments down below thank
you guys so so much for watching and see you guys again soon


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