An homage to David Bowie in Sound and Vision

You should know the way
things are done in the shop by now and how to operate the machines Every year we do the stocktaking You should know how to go about it I won’t be able to be with you today No one is tending
the Rocafort Street shop Is she gonna help you? Yes Who is she? A friend Don’t even think about
messing around in my shop! And call me if anything happens I will be back tonight Te, did you do the stocktaking last year? Yes, but the boss helped me He’s got a bit of a nerve,
your boss, hasn’t he? Yes, no, I mean… He is my uncle, he’s a good man But he’s always very busy He’s a bit of an asshole Pink bleach? Pink bleach? Te, I saw pink bleach What’s that for? Floor mopping, I think For pink floors, exclusively pink floors There was also… Barcelona Sevillian dancers? And… towels of Barcelona fragrances of Barcelona wheels of Barcelona piggies of Barcelona Te, all this stuff
can be set on fire in no time, right? Blood hell Mi! That’s sort of creepy! I mean… it’s all made of plastic Everything shines It’s quite easy, actually Just a spark on a plant or an animal and… Mi? Mi! Shit, Mi! Bloody hell! You are messing everything up I’ll get the sack You can’t paint your nails You can’t knock things down You can’t open the packages You can’t! Mi? What? Don’t you wonder sometimes
about sound and vision? …sometimes about sound and vision What do you mean? I sometimes wonder And what do you think? I think sound and vision
are two different things So different
that they are actually opposites

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