Animatronic Character Basics – Cable-Control Tentacle Mechanisms – PREVIEW

>>Richard: I’m Richard Landon for the Stan
Winston School of Character Arts, and this is my lesson on cable basics,
introduction to cable mechanisms. We’re going to do a quick overview
and some construction tips on how to build single axis, double axis and
multi-staged tentacle mechanisms that are of all sizes, shapes and
constructions. This is cool. This is sexy. I like it. How do I make this
into a working tentacle? We’re going to be discussing tentacle mechanisms, finger mechanisms. [Mechanical noises] Now, they can be applied as elephant trunks,
monkey tails, cats’ tails. The nylon provides a lot of return, and the opposing cable provides the rest of the return and it goes the opposite direction.
Pretty much any kind of monster appendage you would care to know.
[Mechanical noises]


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