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The Annales de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées,
commonly known as the Annales de Gergonne, was a mathematical journal published in Nimes,
France from 1810 to 1831 by Joseph-Diaz Gergonne. The annals were largely devoted to geometry,
with additional articles on history, philosophy, and mathematics education showing interdisciplinarity.”In
the Annales, Gergonne established in form and content a set of exceptionally high standards
for mathematical journalism. New symbols and new terms to enrich mathematical
literature are found here for the first time. The journal, which met with instant approval,
became a model for many another editor. Cauchy, Poncelet, Brianchon, Steiner, Plucker,
Crelle, Poisson, Ampere, Chasles, and Liouville sent articles for publication.”Operational
calculus was developed in the journal in 1814 by Francois-Joseph Servois.The reference to
both pure mathematics and applied mathematics in the journal title inspired replications
in later journals: Journal de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées
started in 1836 by Joseph Liouville Crelle’s Journal, officially Journal für
die reine und die angewandte Mathematik The Quarterly Journal of Pure and Applied
Mathematics, title adopted by Cambridge in 1855
Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics, adopted 1959 at Courant Institute
Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra from 1971

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