AP 120 Lab 9 Special Senses: Ear Model

here is the ear model this area all the
way to about here is the external ear external ear includes the fleshy portion
on the outside which is the auricle this area which is the external acoustic
meatus or external auditory meatus and then it ends in this membrane here
called the tympanic membrane or here this area over here is the middle ear
middle ear includes this tube going out which is the auditory tube within the
middle ear you find the auditory ossicles which includes the malleus the
incus and way over here the stapes isn’t in focus at all malleus
incus stapes stapes fitting into the oval window over here so you blow up of
the auditory ossicles malleus incus stapes and the stay piece fits into the
oval window now here is the inner ear this is all inner ear the inner ear
includes the hard shell this whole weird structure which is the osseous membrane
it can be broken down into regions this region with these tubes here are
the semicircular canals which end in the widened areas called the ampulla ampulla
ampulla the semicircular canals this sort of middle chunk here this is the
vestibule which includes the oval window the stapes fits into and the round
window this area right here that looks kind like a snail shell that is the
cochlea and coming out of the cochlea is the vestibulocochlear nerve

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