Are hearing tests painful?

My name is Andreas Seelisch. I’m a registered audiologist with Hearing
Solutions. Sometimes people are concerned about the hearing
test process being scary or painful. It’s meant to be an extremely comfortable
process. However, there should be no pain or discomfort
involved physically or otherwise. Visually looking in to the ear, involves only
gentle touching of the ear. The outer portion of the ear canal is being
touched gently when we’re doing the hearing test portion. And you’re only listening to very soft tones
for the majority of the test. As such there should be no physical discomfort
involved with that portion of the test either. We also complete tympanogram, which is a very
light pressure reading of the ear drum, which sometimes sounds scarier than it is. For that portion of the test there’s only
light pressure being put in to the ear and it shouldn’t feel any different than taking
[an] elevator ride or a flight in an airplane. As such the whole process is meant to be extremely
comfortable. Sometimes people are also concerned with what
they might find. There’s no harm in knowing. Whatever is happening with your hearing generally
is something that we can’t stop and knowing about it is only helping us to be able to
have the option to do something about it if we so choose. My name is Andreas Seelisch and again I’m
an audiologist registered with CASLPO, working for Hearing Solutions.

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