Are Kids Healthy With Chronic Ear Infections?

Hey guys! It’s Coffee With The Kid Chiropractors. This is Dr…I’m Dr Eric. I’m Dr Andy. We are at Green Beans Coffee every Tuesday at 10:30 to answer your health questions and have these conversations with you in person. So today…are kids healthy if they have chronic ear infections? No. They aren’t! Right? So, so many parents are frustrated because medication and surgeries – they aren’t solving the problem of just another ear infection another ear infection… So we want to demonstrate for you what’s actually happening because when parents come in our office, they’re like… ‘why did nobody tell us this?’ So they realize SOMETHING is wrong. Why does it keep happening over and over again? So…what if the drainage system isn’t working properly? Great example here. A child’s drainage system consists of tubes that are made of muscle. So that’s important to know. If the brain has trouble controlling these muscle tubes… Man, how well does it drain? Do antibiotics fix it? Nope! Look at it go! It’s good when that muscle relaxes then that fluid comes out. But when that muscle’s tight, no fluid comes out. That’s exactly what’s goin on most of the time. When antibiotics kill the infection but a kid gets another infection. Or the fluid stays in there but the antibiotics kill the infection. There’s still fluid in there. Right? That’s not good. Does surgery fix it? Poking a hole in the side of the ear that is not supposed to be draining… No! Because as soon as that heals that muscle is still really tight. So if this sounds frustratingly familiar Man, just message us. Anytime on Facebook. You can call the office. Or share this if it’s helpful. But man, if it’s frustratingly familiar, message us to find out how simply really plugging in this drainage system actually fixes the issue. Alright we’ll see you guys next week!

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