Are Some Secrets Good To Keep? – “Incomplete” – Romantic Drama

[ Music ] [ Music and Singing ]>>[Background Music] I
bet you can’t catch me. Ha ha, you can’t catch me. [ Music and Inaudible
Conversations ]>>Shy: Hey girl.>>Kimberly: Hey. [ Music and Inaudible
Conversations ]>>Try to catch me.>>Kimberly: Willingly
my body yearns to bring forth a new energy. [Background conversation]
Creating the most powerful gift known to man from
a single organism. I give you life. I’m just saying. Please, please, please. [ Music ] Damn. [ Music ] [ Water Running and Music ] [ Music ] [ Lamp Switch Clicking Off ] [ Music ]>>Jason: You okay? [ Music ] In God’s time, Kimmie. [ Music ] [ Zipper and Children
Playing in Background ] [ Dog Barking ] [ Bags Rustling ] You okay?>>Kimberly: I’m fine.>>Jason: You know you
can always come with me.>>Kimberly: You’ll be
in meetings all day.>>Jason: Not all
day [birds chirping].>>Kimberly: Hey, I’ll be okay. Shy’s going to come over and
we’re just going to hang out.>>Jason: Oh good. [ Music ] [ Car Horn ] Oh baby, that’s — I’ll call
you when my plane lands.>>Mm-hmm. [ Music ] [Background Music]
It’s on the dresser.>>Jason: Thanks babe. Love you.>>Kimberly: I know. I love you too. [ Music ] [ Music and Writing ] Soon we’ll share the greatest
intimacy as husband and wife. Then the feeling of
incomplete will be replaced with in complete
[writing sounds]. I’m just saying. [ Music ]>>Shy: Hello? Kimmie?>>Kimberly: I’m in the study.>>Shy: Oh. [ Music ] You started without me? What’s up with that?>>Kimberly: Girl, it’s
been one of those days.>>Shy: Yeah, I talked to Jay.>>Kimberly: I just want to…>>Shy: Mm-hmm. [ Music and Glass Clinking ] I know. I know. Give it time girl. It’ll happen. Soon you’ll have two or three
rugrats running around here. What? What’s the rush? Why the hell do you
want to be fat and ugly?>>Kimberly: I just
want a complete family.>>Shy: And screaming kids
are going to give you that? Please.>>Kimberly: Don’t you
want a family someday?>>Shy: Yeah. Someday, but not today.>>Kimberly: Then why
every weekend are we on here searching
for your Mr. Right.>>Shy: Correction. No Mr. Right, Mr. Right now. [ Music and Wine Pouring ]>>Kimberly: All right. So what letter we on?>>Shy: I believe it’s M.>>Kimberly: What about Mark?>>Shy: Hell no. That sounds like somebody
who lives with his mother.>>Kimberly: Mark?>>Shy: Now that sounds
like somebody who sleeps with his mother [laughter].>>Kimberly: Mm-hmm. I got it. Malik.>>Shy: Hm-mm. I like it. Oh, there’s one. Malik Anthony and he is cute. 28.>>Kimberly: Business
owner and — shit.>>Shy: Damn.>>Kimberly: Yep, he’s married.>>Shy: Why are all the
fine ones married or gay?>>Kimberly: Right? All right, so…>>Shy: No, no, no. Whoa wait. Check his friends list. He should have at least
one single fine friend. Oh, there’s one.>>Kimberly: Darryl
Malik Anthony.>>Shy: Malik Anthony.>>Kimberly: 27, firefighter.>>Shy: Mm-hm.>>Kimberly: And single.>>Shy: That’s it [laughter]. That is the one. Send him my profile.>>Kimberly: Okay. Wait, wait, wait. Okay, so what do we say?>>Shy: Tell him I’m on fire
and I need him to put me out.>>Kimberly: Damn Shy, why don’t
you just send him a picture of your coochie.>>Shy: Can I do that?>>Kimberly: No girl [laughter].>>Shy: You right.>>Kimberly: All right.>>Shy: I didn’t even
shave her yet [laughter].>>Kimberly: Okay, we’ll
just say, Hi Daryl. To show my appreciation
for what you do for our community [typing]
how about lunch some day?>>Shy: Mm-hmm, that’s good too. But I think he’s respond
faster to the coochie shot and my fire statement [typing].>>Kimberly: Mm-hmm, I’m
sure he would [laughter]. [ Music and Airplane Engine ] With this ring I
accept you entirely. Your needs are my needs. Your wants are my wants.>>Mommy.>>Kimberly: Our
child is our child. We are one. I’m just saying. [ Music ] [ Horn Honking ] [ Music ] [ Waves ] [ Door Opening ]>>Surprise! [ Applause ] [ Music ]>>Jermaine: Go you huh big bro?>>Jason: Yeah. How’d you guys put
this together?>>Kimberly: Thank
Shy and Jermaine.>>Jermaine: It was nothing. Just made a few phone calls.>>Shy: Excuse me. But planning a party and looking
this good is always a big deal. Happy birthday Jay.>>Jason: Thanks Shy. Thanks for everything.>>Shy: You’re welcome. Anything for our girl.>>Jason: Yeah, my
girl is something. [ Music ]>>Kimberly: You’re welcome.>>Girl, your brother-in-law
really looks good. Is he married yet?>>Who cares? Is he here by his
self [laughter].>>Kimberly: Come on now. Behave. We both are married.>>I will girl. I will.>>Girl she’s just saying
that because she’s married to that fine ass Jason.>>Mm-hmm, girl. You don’t know? Kimberly wouldn’t
cheat on her man if it was Denzel
Washington [laughter].>>Shy: A quality you whores
will never measure up to.>>What?>>Shy: [Background Music] How
do those bitches get invited to every event [laughter]?>>Kimberly: Be nice Shy. They’re just having fun.>>Shy: At your expense. Being faithful in a marriage
is obviously a joke to them.>>Kimberly: They’re right. I wouldn’t cheat on Jason
with Denzel Washington.>>Shy: Who would? With his old ass?>>Kimberly: Right [laughter]. But Boris Kujo.>>Shy: Now see I’ll
be all over him girl.>>Kimberly: Thank you.>>Shy: You know [laughter]? Turned out nice, huh Kimmie?>>Kimberly: Thanks to you
girl [glasses set on table]. You are a lifesaver.>>Shy: Anytime girl.>>Kimberly: What’s wrong? Ah, them again.>>Shy: Ah no, nothing
like that. [ Music ]>>Kimberly: What? What is it?>>Shy: What?>>Kimberly: Shy, what’s wrong?>>Shy: Nothing. I’m just glad I have my best
friend plan a successful surprise party for her man.>>Kimberly: Can it Shy. I know that tone.>>Shy: Okay. Darryl, the fireman.>>Kimberly: Mm-hm.>>Shy: He called and he
wants to have lunch Saturday.>>Kimberly: Ah! That’s good. And?>>Shy: And I said yes.>>Kimberly: And, what is
does this have to do with me? No.>>Shy: Kimberly, please. I do not want to
meet him by myself.>>Kimberly: No.>>Shy: Suppose he’s
a maniac or killer.>>Kimberly: He’s a fireman Shy.>>Shy: Suppose all
that stuff is a lie. Suppose it’s a scam
or he’s a nutcase. You don’t want anything
bad to happen to me do you? All you would have to
do is just sit close by and I’ll give you the
signal if everything’s okay.>>Kimberly: 10 minutes. 10 minutes and I’m leaving.>>Shy: Thank you, thank
you, thank you [laughter].>>Kimberly: You’re crazy. [ Music ]>>Kimberly: Relax Shy,
we’re early [laughter]. [ Music and Glass Clinking ] [ Music and Inaudible
Conversations ]>>Kimberly: Tell me that
is not who I think it is.>>Shy: Kimberly I had
no idea he was coming. What are you doing?>>Kimberly: I don’t
do double dates.>>Shy: Kimmie.>>Daryl: Shy? Shy Parker? Hey, how you doing?>>Shy: Pleasure
to finally meet.>>Daryl: Pleasure’s mine.>>Shy: This is my
girl Kimberly.>>Daryl: Nice to
meet you Kimberly. And this is my boy Malik.>>Malik: Nice to meet you.>>Shy: Nice to meet you too.>>Daryl: So I hope you don’t
mind me bringing a friend. You never know these days
with online dating [laughter].>>Shy: [Laughter] I
perfectly understand. That’s sort of why
I brought Kimmie.>>Daryl: So you want to
grab a table and talk? [ Music ]>>Shy: Sure.>>Daryl: All right. Give me a few minutes, bro.>>Malik: All right.>>Daryl: Mind if I sit down? [ Music ] This is nice. I hear they have poetry
readings here on Thursday.>>Kimberly: I know. Me and my husband come
here from time to time.>>Daryl: Maybe I’ll bring
my wife here someday.>>Shy: Funny, wonder if
your wife knows you’re here right now.>>Daryl: Actually she does. I told her I was coming to
make sure he wasn’t hooking up with a nutcase. [ Music ]>>Daryl: I know
how this may look.>>Kimberly: How does it look?>>Daryl: What I meant is I
have a family I love very much, just as you love your husband. [ Music and Inaudible
Conversations ] So what’s she like?>>Kimberly: Who?>>Daryl: Your friend, Shy.>>Kimberly: Why?>>Daryl: [laughter] I’m
just asking a question. Look lady, I’m not
trying to hit on you.>>Kimberly: Then
why are you here?>>Daryl: I’m here for
my friend, just like you. You know, there are some men who
value friendship in marriage.>>Kimberly: Oh really
[laughter]?>>Daryl: Yeah, maybe
your husband. But from your attitude, it
doesn’t show that to be evident.>>Kimberly: [Background
talking] Excuse me? You don’t know anything
about me or my husband.>>Daryl: [Background talking]
I do know he has his hands full. Coffee’s on me. Have a nice day. [ Music and Inaudible
Conversations ]>>Shy: She’s going to kill me.>>Daryl: I’m sorry,
you say something?>>Shy: Thank you. So, what’s up with your friend?>>Daryl: Who Malik? [Background talking] [Dishes
clanking] He’s like my brother and I wanted his opinion of you.>>Shy: Oh, and how was
he going to get that?>>Daryl: Well, I knew
you’d bring a friend and I figured he’d question her but your girl wasn’t
having it [laughter].>>Shy: That’s my Kimmie.>>Daryl: Wait, she thought
I brought him here for her?>>Shy: I don’t know. Did you?>>Daryl: [Laughter]
Malik is happily married. And, you found me.>>Shy: [Laughter] Look,
I may have found you but remember this,
I’m the catch. It could easily be someone
else sitting in your seat.>>Daryl: You’re right. You’re right. I shouldn’t have said that.>>Shy: You’re right. You shouldn’t have. But, I shouldn’t have implied that your friend was here
looking for a booty call.>>Daryl: Apology accepted.>>Shy: [Background Music]
I was not apologizing.>>Daryl: [Laughter]. [ Traffic Sounds ] [ Music ] [ Music and Footsteps ] [ Music ] [ Music and Inaudible
Conversations ]>>Malik: Hey, I don’t see
anything that says wings. [ Music ] Great. I don’t see
anything that says wings. Really, I don’t see anything that even resembles
a bird or a plane. They all look alike to me. [ Music ] Hello? Hey, I got it. Ah, Kimberly. The lady I was telling
you about. [Laughter] Yeah. She helped me [laughter]. Yes, really. I will. See you soon. Love you. [ Music ] My wife and I thank you
[background talking].>>Kimberly: You’re welcome. [ Music ]>>Malik: I want you to know
that I didn’t portray you as a crazy person to my wife. In fact, I told her you appeared
to be a decent friend to Shy. [ Music ] Good luck with that. [ Music ] I think children complete you. In a marriage of course.>>Kimberly: Thank you. Take care.>>Malik: You too. Hey. [ Music and Footsteps ] [ Kissing Sounds ] [ Music ]>>Jason: How’d it go?>>Kimberly: He seems nice. Won’t know till she calls me.>>Jason: Mm-hmm. [ Music and Bags Rustling ] [ Music and Footsteps ]>>Kimberly: He brought
a friend.>>Jason: Oh really?>>Kimberly: [wind
pouring] Yeah. The Malik guy that
we used to find him.>>Jason: What’d he want?>>Kimberly: He said
he was there to make sure his friend wasn’t
hooking up with a nutcase.>>Jason: Mm-hmm.>>Kimberly: Mr.
Reed, are you jealous?>>Jason: Should I be Mrs. Reed?>>Kimberly: No. Because I only have
eyes for you.>>Jason: Mm-hmm. [Background Music] Then I’m not. [ Music ]>>Kimberly: But I like it.>>Jason: Then I am. [ Music ]>>Kimberly: Babe? Would you have a problem buying
feminine products for me?>>Jason: Is this your way of telling me this
can’t go any further?>>Kimberly: No. It’s just a question. Would you have a problem buying
feminine products for me?>>Jason: No. I guess not. [ Music ] Where’d that come from?>>Kimberly: Just a question.>>Jason: Okay.>>Kimberly: Do you think
children complete you? [ Music ]>>Jason: Kimmie, I don’t
need children to complete me. Baby you complete me.>>Kimberly: You
don’t want children?>>Jason: I’m not saying that. I’m saying that if it never
happens I still feel like…>>Kimberly: Jason,
it’s going to happen.>>Jason: I know baby. It’s just that I love you
with or without children.>>Kimberly: You
don’t want a family.>>Jason: We are a family. [ Music ] What? [Background Music] Kimmie. What I — Kimmie? Kimmie? [ Music ] [ Music and Phone Ringing ]>>Kimberly: Hello?>>Shy: Hey girl.>>Kimberly: So how did it go?>>Shy: It was nice. He’s funny, charming. I like him.>>Kimberly: That’s good girl. So he’s a keeper?>>Shy: I’m not sure
yet but who knows.>>Kimberly: Well, I liked him and I think you guys
look cute together.>>Shy: Thanks Kimmie. That really means a lot.>>Kimberly: You’re my
girl and I got your back. I just want to see you happy.>>Shy: Speaking about backs,
I did not know Malik was coming and I just want to say…>>Kimberly: It’s not a problem. He was there as a
friend, just like I was.>>Shy: So you’re not mad?>>Kimberly: No. It’s cool.>>Shy: Okay. What did you do with
my best friend?>>Kimberly: I don’t know. I think I just maybe
prejudged him a little.>>Shy: What do you
mean prejudged? You thought it was a booty call.>>Kimberly: I don’t know Shy.>>Shy: You don’t know?>>Kimberly: Yeah, well I
saw him at the drug store.>>Shy: What? What the hell was
he doing there? Following you?>>Kimberly: No,
nothing like that. I just — he’s cool.>>Shy: Kimmie, what
the hell are you doing? Not falling for his bullshit.>>Kimberly: Please
Shy, I said he’s cool. Not that I want him. And he really loves
his wife [laughter].>>Shy: And how do
you know that?>>Kimberly: I just know. And I admire that.>>Shy: Okay, but
admire his ass from afar.>>Kimberly: Trust me girl, next time I see him it
will be at your wedding.>>Shy: Then you will never
see him again [laughter].>>Kimberly: [Laughter]. [ Music ] [ Music and Television ]>>Need anything else bro?>>Jermaine: No.>>No problem.>>Jermaine: Mm-mm,
mm-mm, mm-mm. [ Music ] There’s got to be
something more interesting than that Blackberry.>>Jason: What was that? [ Music ]>>Jermaine: Wow, is that what
I have to look forward to?>>Jason: I’m married man. And you will be too. Soon.>>Jermaine: Yeah, you right. Boy I’m going to
miss being single. [ Music ] [Background Music] My goodness
I’m going to miss being single. So what’s you going to do man?>>Jason: Don’t know.>>Jermaine: Have
you been tested? Can you have kids? [ Music ] Has she been tested?>>Jason: No. I don’t know.>>Jermaine: Think
she can have them?>>Jason: I don’t
think anything man. Because it doesn’t matter. I love Kimberly. No matter what.>>Jermaine: But she wants kids.>>Jason: In the worst way.>>Jermaine: My advice,
change a little.>>Jason: Change?>>Jermaine: Yeah. Too just predictable. You always dress like a lawyer. Your face is always
in that Blackberry. Do you even play
basketball anymore?>>Jason: Do you? You’re a professional
football player, not a basketball
player little bro.>>Jermaine: Same thing.>>Jason: No it’s not.>>Jermaine: It is.>>Jason: And what
does that have to do with having kids anyway?>>Jermaine: I don’t know. Maybe your sperms
a little too tired from working swimming
upstream [laughter]. [Background conversation]
How about a pet? [ Music and Inaudible
Conversations ] [ Music and Singing ] [ Phone Ringing and
Inaudible Conversations ]>>Kimberly: No.>>George: Kimberly,
you have a second? This is Mr. Anthony
of M.A. Construction. [Telephone ringing] [Typing]
His company will be handling the developing of our new building.>>Malik: It’s good to see
you again [telephone ringing].>>George: Oh? You’ve met?>>Malik: Well, we have
some common interests.>>George: Great. Then working together should
prove to be an advantage.>>Kimberly: Working together?>>George: Yes, I’d like
you to assist Mr. Anthony in the construction as
our point of contact. You know, relocating everyone. Funding issues, whatever
he needs of course.>>Kimberly: Of course.>>George: Great. Mr. Anthony please,
right this way. I’ll show you the
rest of the building.>>Malik: Good seeing you again.>>Kimberly: Yeah. Okay [telephone ringing].>>Terry: Mm-hmm, he’s going
to be fun to work with.>>Kimberly: He’s
married, Terry.>>Terry: [Background
talking] Still going to be fun working with him.>>Jason: Hey.>>Kimberly: Hey. Jason.>>Jason: Hey. You go first.>>Kimberly: No, you talk. I’ll listen.>>Jason: Okay. [ Music ] Baby, I know how
wonderful it’ll be when we finally have
children [sigh]. But I just want you to know
that you mean everything to me. No matter what. [ Music ] [Background Music]
There’s something else.>>Kimberly: How long?>>Jason: One or two weeks. I’ll be partner soon. Come with me.>>Kimberly: I can’t. I just got a new assignment.>>Jason: Well, that reminds me. I got you something.>>Kimberly: A gift? What is it [laughter]?>>Shy: So, that’s your gift?>>Kimberly: Yep.>>Shy: Well, you said
you wanted children. What? You did. She’s cute.>>Kimberly: It’s
a boy [barking].>>Shy: Whatever [laughter].>>Kimberly: Yeah.>>Shy: What it her name? What’s his name?>>Kimberly: Company.>>Shy: I like it. All right. So, I met Company. Now, what’s the real news?>>Kimberly: Malik Anthony.>>Shy: What? You saw him again? Is he following you?>>Kimberly: No, he’s
not following me. But, yeah, I saw him again. New contractor we hired.>>Shy: Girl, wait a minute. You got to work with him? Ooh. You tell Jay yet?>>Kimberly: It’s my
job, Shy, not a date.>>Shy: Speaking of Jay,
where — where is he?>>Kimberly: Phoenix. Two weeks.>>Shy: Long time.>>Kimberly: Tell me about it. But I got Company. I got my girl…>>Shy: Sorry. I’m going to Jamaica with
Darryl for a few days. Which reminds me, got to
pick up a new bathing suit.>>Kimberly: But when
was you going to tell me?>>Shy: I’m telling you now. Besides, I was not
trying to hear…>>Kimberly: But you
barely even know him.>>Shy: …that right there.>>Kimberly: Well, be safe.>>Shy: I will, girl. I’ll bring you and
Toto something back.>>Kimberly: His
name is Company.>>Shy: Whatever. [ Birds Chirping ] [ Door Closes ] [ Beep ]>>Terry: Mrs. Reed?>>Kimberly: Yes, Terry?>>Terry: Mr. Anthony’s
here to see you.>>Kimberly: Show him in.>>Malik: Good morning.>>Kimberly: Good
morning, Mr. Anthony.>>Malik: Please. It’s Malik.>>Kimberly: I’m
sorry, Mr. Anthony. I would prefer to keep
this professional. Please, have a seat…>>Malik: Right.>>Kimberly: …and we’ll begin. [ Music ] [ Music and Singing ]>>Malik: [Laughter] I really
appreciate you this week.>>Kimberly: Thank
you, but it’s our job.>>Malik: And a fine job you do. How about dinner tonight? My treat, to show
my appreciation.>>Kimberly: I’m sorry, not me.>>Malik: Why not? I could sure use the company.>>Kimberly: Company?>>Malik: Because of the
long hours at the beginning of a contract, my wife
normally takes vacation.>>Kimberly: I don’t do dates.>>Malik: It’s not a date. And we’ll invite Terry. It’s a business dinner
with the three of us.>>Kimberly: Okay. Sure, why not?>>Malik: Great! I’ll call you with
the arrangements. [Phone ringing] See you later. Terry, how about dinner tonight? [ Door Closing ] [ Music ]>>Terry: This place is nice. [Background conversations]
Wow, he is too fine.>>Malik: Sorry I’m late. Had some last minute
items come up.>>Terry: You chose a
lovely place, Mr. Anthony.>>Malik: Thank you, Ann. Please, we’re out of office. It’s Malik.>>Terry: Malik it is.>>Kimberly: Okay. Malik.>>Malik: Great. Let’s eat. [ Music ]>>Terry: So, tell me
something about yourself, Malik.>>Malik: Well, I received my
engineering degree from UM. I started my own business
two years after that. One year later, I
started a family with the woman of my dreams.>>Terry: Right. You’re married.>>Malik: Yes. Happily.>>Terry: Excuse
me for a second. I have to make a phone call.>>Malik: [Laughter].>>Kimberly: I’m so
sorry about that.>>Malik: Oh, no
need to apologize. Well… [ Music and Glasses Clinking ] Thank you. This looks great. They serve the best steaks here. My wife and I come here often. Think you’ll enjoy it. [ Music ]>>Malik: It’s been a long day. Think I’ll finish the rest
of this in my trailer. You don’t mind if I
call it a night, do you?>>Kimberly: Sure.>>Jason: Hello?>>Kimberly: Hey, Mr. Reed.>>Jason: Hey, baby,
what time is it?>>Kimberly: Not sure. Are you asleep?>>Jason: Busy day and
even busier tomorrow. Something wrong?>>Kimberly: No. I just wanted to
hear your voice. I’ll just let you sleep. And I will call you tomorrow.>>Jason: Okay. I love you.>>Kimberly: I love you, too. [Background Music] Today, I learned that your presence
is tangible to my touch and I’m able to see
with my sight. For as long as I lived, you
have always been my light. I’m just saying. [ Music ] [ Knocking ]>>Malik: Yes.>>Kimberly: Good morning. [ Door Opening ]>>Malik: Hey. What’s up?>>Kimberly: I had to… [ Door Closing ] …you have a lot of tattoos. I shouldn’t have interrupted.>>Malik: No, it’s okay. I often stay here when
the family’s away. Working on a project.>>Kimberly: But I
shouldn’t have bothered you.>>Malik: Nonsense. Would you like some coffee? I just made a pot.>>Kimberly: No, no. I just saw your truck
outside and just wanted to come by and say hi. So, [laughter] hi. I should leave.>>Malik: Please, really. No bother. Say, what do you have
planned for this morning?>>Kimberly: Just a little work. Nothing, really. But why?>>Malik: I got to
check out a site for an up and coming contract. I think you might like it.>>Kimberly: I don’t…>>Malik: It’s not a date. Really, it’s work for me. Please?>>Kimberly: Sure, why not. So, where is it?>>Malik: That’s a surprise. But I think you might like it. Trust me.>>Kimberly: Trust me.>>Malik: Give me about
an hour to get dressed and I’ll meet you
in your office.>>Kimberly: Okay. [ Door Opening ] [ Door Closing ] [ Music ] What are you thinking, Kim? Jason would not like this. Can’t go anywhere with this man. [Phone ringing] Shy, pick up.>>Shy: Hey, this is Shy. Leave a message at
the beep [beep]. [ Music ]>>Kimberly: It’s not a date. [Phone ringing] Just
two people hanging out.>>Jason: Hey, Kimmie. Now’s not a good time.>>Kimberly: Jason, I just
want to see how you feel about me hanging with…>>Jason: Baby, are
you all right?>>Kimberly: Yeah, yeah. I just have to…>>Jason: Baby, I
have to call you back. Really. It’s not a
good time for me.>>Kimberly: But I
have to ask to see…>>Jason.>>Kimberly: …how
you will feel if…>>Jason: I love you, Kimmie,
and I really have to go. Love you. [Dial tone]
[Knock] [Door opening]>>Malik: You ready?>>Kimberly: Sure
[door closing]. [ Silence ] [ Music ]>>Malik: This is the part
of my job I really love.>>Kimberly: Do you
bring your family here?>>Malik: All the time. Try to share everything
with them. You and Jason ever come here?>>Kimberly: No, not really. Work only give us
seconds to share.>>Malik: Sometimes, sharing
seconds is more than enough. It’s getting late. Let me take a few more
measurements, and we can go. [ Music ] [ Door Closing ]>>Malik: Sorry I
kept you so late.>>Kimberly: It’s okay. Thank you for the museum. I really enjoyed it.>>Malik: Drive safe. See you Monday.>>Kimberly: [Background
Music] Hey, Malik! I’ll be in the park
tomorrow after church, just letting Company
get some exercise. You should join us.>>Malik: Company?>>Kimberly: My puppy. That’s his name.>>Malik: Sure. Why not.>>Kimberly: I’ll see you there. Okay.>>Malik: All right. [ Phone Ringing and
Door Opening ] [ Phone Ringing and
Door Closing ]>>Kimberly: Hello…>>Jason: Hey, baby. You okay? I’ve been
calling you all evening.>>Kimberly: Yeah. I’m fine. Just been out.>>Jason: Okay, just as
long as you’re all right.>>Kimberly: I’m fine. Really.>>Jason: Good. What was so important earlier?>>Kimberly: Nothing, really. How’s work?>>Jason: It’s work. I’m just missing you.>>Kimberly: I miss you, too. Jason, when you get
back, how about we go to a museum or something?>>Jason: A museum? Sure, but why a museum?>>Kimberly: I just want
to spend time with you. Somewhere different.>>Jason: Okay. Well, get some sleep, baby,
and I’ll call you tomorrow. Love you.>>Kimberly: Love you, too. [ Music ] [ Children Playing
and Birds Chirping ] So. Tell me about your family.>>Malik: Melissa, she’s
strong, smart, beautiful. A lot like you.>>Kimberly: And your son?>>Malik: Tyler’s wonderful. He’s funny, loves to play. Draws, hammers. Just like me.>>Kimberly: You
love being a dad.>>Malik: He means
everything to me. They both do.>>Kimberly: [Children
laughing] So, you have any plans
on having any more?>>Malik: Melissa — we discovered she had
cancer after Tyler’s birth. With operations and — I’ll never put her
through that again.>>Kimberly: I’m sorry, Malik.>>Malik: And you?>>Kimberly: [Park
sounds] Children? Yes. I want lots and lots…>>Malik: Lots.>>Kimberly: …and lots
of babies [laughter]. I come from a big family. Three sisters and two brothers. They all have children,
and I am the last one, so we’re trying,
but — someday soon.>>Malik: But, in the meantime, you can practice
with this little guy.>>Kimberly: Who, Company?>>Malik: Yeah! They need love, affection,
little care. Just like children. [ Music ]>>Kimberly: You know what? This here has been
a long time coming.>>Mrs. Ellison: …said he
was going to pay for my lashes! [Laughter] That’s what he said!>>Shy: Hey, girl! Have a seat. I’ll be right with you. What’s going on, girl? You’ve got that glow. Jason must be back.>>Kimberly: No,
he’s not back yet.>>Shy: Mm-hmm, well, only a man
can have me glowing like that. Kim! Have you been hanging
out with you know who? Lord. Let me cover this chick’s
ears before all your business is in the street. Miss Ellison, you know how
your ass like to gossip! Now, put the headphones
in and lay back, before I mess your eyelashes up. Thank you. Now. What the hell did you do?>>Kimberly: Nothing! I just went to dinner with him.>>Shy: Dinner?>>Kimberly: But,
but, Terry was there, and it was just a
business dinner.>>Shy: Business dinner my ass. It was a coochie dinner.>>Kimberly: Really, Shy? A coochie dinner? Only you have those. And he loves his family.>>Shy: Mm-hmm. And you learned that
over dinner, right?>>Kimberly: Not dinner. At the museum and park.>>Shy: The museum and park!>>Mrs. Ellison: Yes! That’s what she said!>>Shy: The museum
and park, Kimmie? You are really screwing up here.>>Kimberly: He’s
just a friend, Shy. And, like I said, he loves
his wife and his son.>>Shy: And he wants
to make love to you.>>Kimberly: You don’t get it! He’s just a friend.>>Shy: No, you don’t get it. You have to be friends
before you’re lovers. Think about it, Kimmie! This is not right. Stop playing with fire
before you get burnt. Look, girl. Just be careful. And think about Jason
when you do stuff like museums and parks and shit. And my coochie dinners
are expensive.>>Mrs. Ellison: Mine,
too, girl [laughter]! [ Music ] [Footsteps and Moving Around ] [ Dresser Slamming Shut ]>>Kimberly: Jason?>>Jason: Yeah, baby. Sorry, I was trying
not to wake you, but…>>Kimberly: No, no. How was your trip?>>Jason: What is this?>>Kimberly: Company.>>Jason: Yeah, but
he’s in the bed?>>Kimberly: He was
lonely in the cage, and I didn’t know you
was coming home early.>>Jason: Kimmie…>>Kimberly: What? He’s a — like a baby.>>Jason: He’s a dog. I’m tired, baby. Please, just put
him in his cage.>>Kimberly: Wonder if you
would treat our baby like…>>Jason: He’s not a… [ Door Opening and Closing ] [ Music ]>>Kimberly: [Background
Music] I’m sorry. I did miss you. I put Company in his cage. You can…>>Jason: No!>>Kimberly: No?>>Jason: Let’s just
— just lay here. [ Music ]>>Terry: [Beep] Mrs. Reed?>>Kimberly: Yes, Terry?>>Terry: Mr. Anthony is here
to see you [phone ringing].>>Kimberly: Show him in.>>Malik: [Door opening]
Good morning, Mrs. Reed.>>Kimberly: Good
morning, Mr. Anthony. How can I help you?>>Malik: It’s what
I came to do for you. [Door closing] I have a gift. It’s for Company. I thought you could use it.>>Kimberly: Thank you, Malik. This is very nice.>>Malik: You’re welcome. Hey, I almost forgot. Would you like to
have dinner with us? D is bringing Shy
over to meet Melissa.>>Kimberly: I don’t know. Jason just got back…>>Malik: He’s back? Bring him. It’ll be nice to meet him. Melissa’s a great cook and I’m
sure Shy could really use her best friend there
for moral support.>>Kimberly: Sure. We’ll be there.>>Malik: Great! Here’s my address. I’ll see you tonight
[door closing]. [ Phone Ringing ]>>Shy: [Background
talking] You what? Are you crazy?>>Kimberly: What? I thought we’d go give
you moral support.>>Shy: Moral what? I’m having dinner, Kimmie. Not giving a eulogy. But I will be. Yours, if you keep this shit up.>>Kimberly: Keep what up?>>Shy: Museums. Walks in the park. Now dinner? What are you thinking, Kim?>>Kimberly: Please, Shy. He’s a colleague and a friend.>>Shy: He is a contractor. And he is not your friend. Look, I’m your friend,
and I’m telling you, end this schoolgirl crush
before it gets ugly.>>Kimberly: Just dinner, Shy. What’s the worst
that can happen?>>Shy: Famous last words. Look, I got to go, girl. See you tonight, I guess.>>Malik: Hello. Welcome. Jason, it’s a
pleasure to finally meet you. Heard so much about you. Please, come in. Everyone’s in the dining room.>>Jason: He’s heard
so much about me?>>Shy: [Laughter] Dinner
was wonderful, Melissa.>>Darryl: Mm-hmm.>>Shy: Darryl was right,
you can really burn, girl.>>Melissa: Thanks, Shy. So how was Jamaica
with this guy? Was he a perfect gentleman?>>Shy: Well, only when
the situation required he be [laughter].>>Melissa: You’re amazing, Shy. Kimberly, I hope you
don’t mind sharing her?>>Kimberly: Not at all. She’s not my child anymore.>>Melissa: Speaking
of children. Baby, would you mind checking
on Tyler for me, please?>>Malik: Excuse me.>>Melissa: Kimberly, I hear
you really love children.>>Kimberly: Yes, yes, I do.>>Melissa: Malik’s told me about the conversations
you guys have at work. He believes you’re going
to be a wonderful mother. And after finally meeting you,
I believe you will be, too.>>Kimberly: Thanks.>>Melissa: He told me you
guys went to the museum. Isn’t it amazing? We should meet there. Tyler loves it.>>Kimberly: Yes,
that would be fun.>>Shy: Well, I’d
love to stay longer, but got to call it a night.>>Darryl: Yeah, thanks
for the dinner, Mel.>>Shy: Melissa, would you like
help with anything before I go?>>Melissa: No, no. Please, you’re a guest.>>Shy: Okay, cool.>>Malik: Everyone’s leaving? Hey, it’s really a
pleasure meeting you, Jason. Everything okay?>>Kimberly: Yeah. Yeah. He’s just jet-lagged. He just got back in last night.>>Malik: Right. Right. Well, see you tomorrow.>>Kimberly: Yeah.>>Malik: Thanks for coming out.>>Kimberly: Mm-hmm
[door closing]. [ Music ] The value of togetherness equals
the value of loneliness only if the value of your
marriage is weak. I’m just saying. [ Music ]>>Kimberly: [Door
opening] Jason.>>Jason: I really
need to get some sleep. [Door closing] I have a
debriefing in the morning.>>Kimberly: Baby, I
[door slamming] love you. If you were here, I’ll
send you to your room. Love may help you
to learn, but today, there’s nothing but gloom. But it wouldn’t be,
if you were here. I’m just saying. [ Music ] Are we at least going
to talk about it?>>Jason: What’s
there to talk about?>>Kimberly: There’s
nothing going on.>>Jason: Is that what
you think this is about? Kimmie, you lied to me! You didn’t tell me you built
a relationship with this man!>>Kimberly: A relationship?>>Jason: When you tell
someone intimate details about your life, you
build a relationship! [ Music and Door Opening ] And the worst part is,
you didn’t trust me to understand [door slamming]! [ Music ] [ Birds Chirping and Footsteps ]>>Shy: [Background
conversations] Can you at least take those “I got
my ass whipped” shades off? He’s right, you know.>>Kimberly: I know. I should at least told Jason
that I worked with him.>>Shy: I’m talking
about the relationship.>>Kimberly: It is not
a relationship, Shy.>>Shy: You keep
telling yourself that, and maybe you’ll believe it. What is about this guy
that’s got you tripping? Is it because he’s fine? Or is it because he’s
fine and a daddy? No, wait. I’ll leave. But listen. I would not come at you like
this, if you wasn’t my girl. But end whatever this end,
before it ends your marriage. [ Music ]>>Kimberly: [Beep] Yes, Terry?>>Terry: Mr. Anthony
is here to see you. Mrs. Reed?>>Kimberly: Show him in
[phone ringing] [footsteps].>>Malik: Hey. Didn’t see you here
yesterday and…>>Kimberly: With Jason coming
home, I decided to stay home.>>Malik: Good. I’m relieved it wasn’t
Melissa’s cooking. You sure you okay?>>Kimberly: Why wouldn’t it be? I’m just busy.>>Malik: Sorry. I didn’t mean nothing by that. Just thank Jason again
for me for — coming out.>>Kimberly: Mm-hmm
[phone ringing].>>Malik: See ya [footsteps]. [ Phone Ringing ]>>Kimberly: Hey.>>Jason: Hey.>>Kimberly: Baby, I’m sorry. For everything. I really wasn’t thinking
about us.>>Jason: Do you like this guy?>>Kimberly: Like? I think I admire the love
he has for his family.>>Jason: And what about
the love I have for mine?>>Kimberly: We don’t
even have a…>>Jason: Kimmie! We don’t have a child.>>Kimberly: What is so
wrong with me wanting a baby?>>Jason: Why can’t you just
recognize us as a family? Is it you can’t? Or you won’t?>>Kimberly: Jason, you
don’t want children?>>Jason: What if you
can’t have children?>>Kimberly: You
can’t have children?>>Jason: What if you
can’t have children?>>Kimberly: You think
I can’t have children? What makes you think it’s me? You got tested?>>Jason: Kimmie, that
doesn’t mean anything.>>Kimberly: So it’s me?>>Jason: Kimmie, we
don’t know anything.>>Kimberly: I need some air.>>Jason: Kimmie, we don’t know
any — [door slamming] Kim!>>Malik: [Door opening]
Kimberly? What are you — what
are you doing out here? Sit down. Take a seat.>>Kimberly: Shy’s
out with Darryl. And I had nowhere else to go.>>Malik: What’s wrong?>>Kimberly: Nothing,
everything. I can’t have children.>>Malik: How do you know?>>Kimberly: Jason got tested.>>Malik: That doesn’t
mean anything.>>Kimberly: Means
it’s not Jason and…>>Malik: And it
means just that. Nothing more. Kimberly, you have
to have faith.>>Kimberly: Faith?>>Malik: Yes. Look, I just know you’re
going to have a child someday. Have to be patient. It’s going to happen, mommy.>>Kimberly: Thank you, Malik. You know, you really understand. I’m glad you’re my friend.>>Malik: I’m glad
you’re my friend, too. [ Music ] [ Music and Singing ]>>Malik: [Crickets
chirping] What did I do? I shouldn’t have. I’m married. I — I wanted this to
happen, but I’m married. Married…>>Kimberly: Malik, I’m sorry.>>Malik: We cheated. I cheated. Can’t take it back. Family. You should go. [ Music ] [ Door Opening and Closing ] [ Music ]>>Jason: Kim? [ Music ] [Doorknob rattling]
Kimmie, can we talk? Okay, then just listen. I got tested because
I wanted to make sure that I could have our children. And I do want children. But only with you. [Quiet crying] And if we
never have any it’s okay. That’ll never diminish the love and the joy I have
being with you. I — I love you, Kimmie. So much. We’re not incomplete. [Crying] We are a family. [ Music ] [ Music and Singing ] [ Music and Shower Running ] [ Music and Singing ]>>Jason: [Tearfully] I
love you, Kimmie, so much. We’ll be okay. [ Music and Singing ]>>Harold Pryce: Ms. Reed?>>Kimberly: Yes?>>Harold: I’m Harold Pryce. I work for Mr. Anthony.>>Kimberly: Okay?>>Harold: I’ll be
taking over the site.>>Kimberly: What? I mean, for how long?>>Harold: For the
remainder of the contract. But, I assure you, I’m
pretty good at what I do. You won’t even know he’s gone.>>Kimberly: I’m sure.>>Harold: Well, if
there’s anything you need, you know where to find me. Good day, Ms. Reed
[door closing].>>Kimberly: I had partnered
in creating this life by partaking in an act. Pretending he was already
my husband, and I his wife. But now I enjoyed the ride on
what soon became soothing waves. I was able to hang ten
on my boogie board. I’m just saying. [ Music ]>>Jason: Hey, you all right?>>Kimberly: I don’t think
I’m going to work today. I’m not feeling well.>>Jason: Baby, is
everything okay?>>Kimberly: Mm-hmm,
I’ll be all right. Just something going
around work. And I finally have
my turn at it.>>Jason: [Background
Music] I’ll call you when my plane lands.>>Kimberly: In my womb, I knew there was evidence
of what did exist. Yet I walked through the doors
of Planned Parenthood, scared, but willing to dismiss. Oh my God. I’m just saying. [ Music and Airplane Noises ]>>Here you go, Mr. Reed.>>Jason: Hey, I’m sorry. We got to go back. I forgot the Blackberry.>>Right away, Mr. Reed. [ Music and Singing ] [ Birds Chirping and
Inaudible Conversations ]>>Malik: How you been?>>Kimberly: Malik I
— we have a problem. I’m pregnant. Did you hear me? I said I’m pregnant! And I don’t know if
it’s Jason’s or yours.>>Malik: You’ll be fine. I…>>Kimberly: Fine? What do you mean by fine? How am I going to tell him
this shit when he gets home? “Jason, I’m finally pregnant. Oh, but by the way,
cheated on you. And the baby may not be yours.” Yeah.>>Malik: You didn’t
tell your husband?>>Kimberly: No, I didn’t. I’m not hurting him like that.>>Malik: Kimberly, you
should have told him. He deserves to know.>>Kimberly: Well, I didn’t. What is this about? Me and you?>>Malik: What?>>Kimberly: If this baby is
yours, you think we’re going to be together or something?>>Malik: You got it all wrong.>>Kimberly: Well,
you can forget that! I don’t love you
and I never have. You were a fling. And just because you lost your
little marriage doesn’t mean I’m about to lose mine!>>Malik: Wait a fucking minute! Me telling my wife had
nothing to do with you. Nothing! I told her
because she deserves better in a marriage and a man. I failed her and my family. You don’t see that because
you too bust worrying about Kimberly’s
wants and needs. I lost my family and all you can
do is come at me with this shit?>>Kimberly: What
am I supposed to do?>>Malik: Go home. Talk to your husband. And leave me the fuck alone. [ Music ] [ Inaudible Conversations ]>>Shy: [Doorbell] I’m coming! I am coming. Least that’s what I’m
going to be doing. Hey, what’s going on?>>Kimberly: [Footsteps]
I screwed up, Shy. And I screwed up bad.>>Shy: Kim? What — what happened?>>Kimberly: I’m pregnant.>>Shy: [Quietly] Yay! Aren’t we supposed to be happy?>>Kimberly: I don’t
know who’s it is.>>Shy: Malik?! And you didn’t use a…>>Kimberly: It just happened…>>Shy: Kim. What happened here?>>Kimberly: I don’t know.>>Shy: I take it
Jason doesn’t know yet? Well, when you going
to tell him?>>Kimberly: I’m not.>>Shy: You’re not
going to tell him? I think he’s going
to know something in three or four months.>>Kimberly: I’m not
going to have it.>>Shy: What?! What are you saying?>>Kimberly: I don’t know. This is…>>Shy: You can’t do this. You’re being selfish.>>Kimberly: Shy, I
can’t have this baby. And I can’t hurt Jason.>>Shy: Now you’re
thinking about Jason? Please.>>Kimberly: I didn’t
come here for this shit.>>Shy: But you came
here for my help! And this shit [door
slamming] comes with it. Kim, I love you. But you’re wrong. And you owe Jason the truth.>>Kimberly: I can’t. I can’t. I can’t.>>Shy: Then, what about me? I’ll be lying to Jason
every single time I see him.>>Kimberly: Shy, I
can’t have this baby. It’s funny. I’ve been waiting
for a child so long. And I can’t believe
the words I just said. But it’s true. I cannot have this child. As my best friend, I need
your help, and I’m going to do this with or without you. I’m doing this to
save my marriage.>>Shy: I’m going to help
you because I love you. But let’s just get this
one thing straight. I think you’re wrong. And you’re not doing this
to save your marriage. You’re doing this for you. And, if you continue to
do things just for you, there won’t be a marriage
or a friendship to save. [ Music ] [ Children Playing
and Car Door Closing ] [ Music ] [ Waves ] [ Music ]>>Malik: Hello, Kimberly. I don’t know where to begin,
but I’ll start with I’m sorry. I was wrong for blaming
you for my divorce. I screwed up my marriage, not
you, and I do accept that fact. You have a good marriage, and I’m sure you’ll
make a wonderful mother. Don’t worry. The child is yours and Jason’s. Melissa had complications
after the birth of our son, and I promised her I would never
see her go through that again.>>Kimberly: [Sobbing].>>Malik: I had a vasectomy, so there is no way
the baby can be mine. Good luck with your
child, your marriage, and the completion
of your family. Malik.>>Kimberly: What did I do? What did I do? [ Music ] Unknowingly, I was
already complete. Whole. A family. Defining my wholeness by my
yearning to bring forth a life from the death of my womb. He gave me that. He gave me love. I’ll continue to climb great
heights for my offspring, just so they’ll have a
chance to see a brighter day and enjoy a warmer night. Don’t worry. I’ll fight. I’ll give you love!>>Shy: Was mommy’s baby a good
girl for Auntie Kimmie today? Yes, she was! I know you were, baby.>>Kimberly: You
won’t be incomplete, even if that offspring
is not of me and he. [ Music ] I’m just saying. [ Music ] [ Music and Singing ]

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